Elijah and hayley relationship goals

elijah and hayley relationship goals

One of the core romantic relationships is between Hayley and Elijah (their all means (their violence) by an end goal (protecting their families). A (scathing) open letter to Julie Plec regarding the Hayley/Elijah romance These are specific, clear steps in the progression of a relationship. The relationship between the Original Vampire, Elijah Mikaelson and the Tribrid, Hope It's Sophie who reveals to Elijah that Hayley is pregnant with Klaus' baby. The goal is to drop her temperature to prevent her from cooking her fetus.

Klaus says "You hardly know him, and yet you miss him". Elijah and Hayley are reunited. In Sinners and Saintswhen Elijah returns home, he hugs Rebekah and looks at Hayley who smiles back coyly and walks out of the room.

Elijah's gaze follows her. Rebekah jokingly asks him now that he's if his first plan is to kill Klaus. A distracted Elijah kisses his sister on the forehead as he excuses himself to follow Hayley outside. He walks outside near the poolside and slowly approaches Hayley, with a small smile on his lips. She turns to face him and smiles and says, "You're back", to which Elijah replies "I'm back".

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There is a pause with the pair gazing at each other intensely, before Hayley's coy smile vanishes and whips her hand across, slapping Elijah. She then goes on to say, "Don't make promises you can't keep.

elijah and hayley relationship goals

Welcome Home," and saunters off. Elijah watches her leave and slowly touches his face where she slapped him with a subtle smile. Hayley, Elijah and Rebekah. In Fruit of the Poisoned TreeElijah is looking through his mothers grimoire and tells his sister the dead girl in front of him is about forgiveness which can not be bought and that's what Klaus was trying at.

Elijah then sees Hayley and follows her to the kitchen, where she is making breakfast and tells her good morning. Hayley tells him and Rebekah if it would kill them to buy some milk in the house to which Elijah responds he hopes his siblings were hospitable towards Hayley in his absence. Hayley addresses his absence and all the trouble that has happened since. Elijah then brings a bowl, a spoon and a bag of cereal to the counter and smiles sympathetically as he pulls orange juice and milk out of the fridge, pours Hayley a bowl of cereal and then fills it with milk.

She tells him that his siblings have been weirdly protective of her and she has Elijah to thank for that. Elijah tells her he's just glad she is in one piece and talks about the witches and that it is time both Hayley and Sophie are unlinked.

elijah and hayley relationship goals

Rebekah then comes in and drags the dead girl behind, asking who they have to kill. After Elijah and Klaus found Sophie, they made her help Hayley and Elijah took Hayley to the pool to slow the temperature until the witch Davina unlinked Sophie and Hayley.

Hayley was no longer under the spell that would've killed her child.

elijah and hayley relationship goals

When he arrived back at the Mikaelson mansion, he discovered Hayley was gone and called Rebekah if Hayley was with her, Klaus then came and told him that Marcel had been here. Elijah then knew she had been abducted by Marcel. In BloodlettingElijah and Klaus confronted Marcel at one of his fight nights, where vampires would fight for the chance to get closer to Marcel's inner circle.

Elijah threatened Marcel, saying that he and Klaus would kill everyone there, starting with Marcel, If he did not hand over Hayley to him. When Marcel revealed that he hadn't taken Hayley, he allowed a witch to perform a locator spell as a show of good faith to the Original siblings.

Elijah and Klaus tracked her to a truck where Klaus recognized the scent of Tyler Lockwood.

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Elijah found Hayley in the woods, having escaped from Tyler and she told him that Tyler had abducted her to test a theory on her baby. He had discovered that her baby's blood could create hybrids, but Hayley informed him that the werewolf Tyler had turned into a hybrid had seemed sired to her rather than Klaus. Hayley also brought up how the only reason Klaus had wanted to protect her was so he could eventually make more hybrids. However, when they found Klaus, who had fought and defeated Tyler, Klaus was furious with his brother's accusation.

Elijah ultimately stepped in, as he didn't want to lose Hayley or the baby, either. In The Battle of New Orleanswhile Elijah is fighting the wolves, Hayley's taken hostage and she goes into premature labor with Hope.

Although newly born, Hope is being protected by Klaus, Elijah, and Hayley who realize her life is already in danger. Upon learning that Hope's safety has been jeopardized, Elijah strongly encourages Klaus to go and meet with his child.

When Klaus decides that he has an equally pressing obligation to remain at the compound in New Orleans, Elijah goes in Klaus' stead. Elijah travels to a remote diner to meet with Rebekah and Hope. While waiting for their arrival, Elijah clears the dining area by slaughtering all the other diners and hiding them in the kitchen. Rebekah notices this and realizes that the murders will only draw Esther's attention to their location.

She subsequently snaps Elijah's neck to prevent him from doing anything that might further endanger Hope.

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It is assumed that Elijah is still being affected by Esther's torture and therefore did not intentionally put Hope in danger of discovery. He seems to be looking awkwardly at Hope, unsure whether or not if it was safe for him to pick her up. Rebekah notices this and tells him that she won't break, and that she knows that everything he did was to protect her Hope.

Hayley runs over, and Elijah calmly and carefully hands Hope over to Hayley. Later on, he learns for the first time the curse placed on the firstborns of every generation of Mikaelson's, and he appears to be confused and angry over it. A few moments later Rebekah goes inside and returns with an old camera, and they all take a family selfie. However, the picture had to be burn as they couldn't risk it falling into the wrong hands.

In Brotherhood of the DamnedElijah is still at the safe house watching over Hope, when Finn casts a spell to trap his brothers in the astral plane.

Elijah and Hope

Elijah fall down unconsciousness, and Cami is seen holding baby Hope, who is staring at Elijah and appears to be confused and possibly worried about her Uncle. When Finn traps his brothers in the Astral Plane, it's because he wants to find out their secret - that Hope is still alive. Elijah and Klaus say nothing, and instead break out of Finn's spell. In The Devil is DamnedCami is playing with baby Hope on the floor, while Elijah is doing the dishes and making eggs.

There is a crashing noise followed by Hope crying, and Elijah looks up worried and vampire speeds over to Hope who is crying. He stands beside her and Cami looking extremely worried, and Cami tells him that Hope yanked the tablecloth and that the knick-knack on the table fell on her, creating a cut on her forehead.

Elijah reaches forwards, and his hand hovers in front of the cut and he looks scared and sad to see her crying, and he has a flashback of the "Red Door". Cami snaps him out of it, and he apologizes and finds a band aid to put on Hope's cut. While Cami is talking, Elijah places Hope in her crib while she tells him that she wants to try a different approach to treating him, and gives him a list of things to do around the house. While she spends the day with Hope, Elijah spends it not thinking.

While Elijah is mending the house, he is attacked by Finn who has found out about Hope and has come to kill her. Elijah is staked with a piece of wood, and falls unconscious, While he is unconscious, Finn enters the safe house looking for Hope and Cami, and Elijah hears Finn calling out for Cami and awakens and removes the wood. Elijah then goes to the house and throws a knife at Finn and hits him, but Finn is able to keep fighting and throws Elijah around and through a wall.

He Elijah sees a pipe that was severed when he was thrown through the wall, and gets an idea. Meanwhile, Hope and Cami and pulling up to the house while Elijah is being taunted by Finn, and Hope turns off Cami's car using her magic. Elijah then reveals to Finn that every room in the house is laced with gas, and removes his daylight ring blows the house up to save Hope. Directly afterwards, Hope turns Camille's car back on. In I Love You, GoodbyeCami is seen driving away from the house and Hope is crying the backseat, and she tells her that it will be okay and that she just needs to find a pay phone.

They stop at the closest on and Cami takes Hope out of her car-seat, and drops all her quarters. She curses and then apologizes to Hope for doing so, remarking on how brave she is.

elijah and hayley relationship goals

Elijah, Cami, and Hope then return to the Compound as there is no other place to go and they can no longer run. Elijah then says that nothing will happen to her, and reveals that Dahlia is coming for Hope and the only question is when.

In Exquisite CorpseElijah works to keep Hope safe. The safe house is the only place where magic cannot be performed, and Hayley and Hope move to the safe house so that Hope won't be harmed. Elijah then sides with Freya instead of Klaus to take down Dahlia. However, there plans fail because Klaus is working with Dahlia. Klaus stabs Elijah with Papa Tunde's blade after killing Gia in front of him. In Ashes to AshesElijah awakens after Camille pulls out the blade, and tells Elijah that Klaus has had a plan this entire time, and that Klaus had to do it alone.

elijah and hayley relationship goals

Later on, Freya calls Rebekah from Klaus's phone, and tells them where she is. When Rebekah tells Elijah what happened and where Freya is and that she has Hope, Elijah vamp speeds there and is worried about Hope yet angry at Klaus. After they succeeded, he still appeared to be beyond angry at Klaus for killing Gia, and went to the bayou to see Hayley as it was a full moon and she would be in her human form.

Hayley asked how she Hope was doing, and Elijah replied, that she is "Safe".