Employee and employer relationship in the workplace

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employee and employer relationship in the workplace

An employer's relationship with their employees has to be nurtured and Romantic relationships in the workplace are always a bad idea, but. Work to build a strong and positive relationship with your employees, and teaches them about the ecosystem of the workplace to advance. When employees have a strong, healthy relationship with their employers, A peaceful workplace is just one of the many benefits of strong employee-employer .

Published on August 04, Melanie Haniph Recently at an industry conference I overheard a conversation between two co-workers who were sharing their frustration about how they were being treated by their managers. One of them said she hated her job so much, she had basically given up trying to make it work.

How the Employer-Employee Relationship Has Permanently Changed

She ended the conversation by saying to the other, "Let them fire me. I don't even care what happens anymore.

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  • The Management & Employee Relationship in the Workplace

I'll just go work somewhere else and be totally unhappy in that job, too. Whether because of a bad boss, a longing for more innovative and challenging work, or management decisions that have taken the fun out of their jobs, many employees today, no matter the industry or job function, have declared, publicly and in private, that all bets are off.

employee and employer relationship in the workplace

The employer-employee relationship has changed for good. The psychological contract has been broken.

employee and employer relationship in the workplace

Employees today have become demoralized by slowly rising salaries or, in some places, salary cuts. They've grown tired of being flexible and working long hours, only to get disappointed when that flexibility isn't reciprocated by their companies in the way they want.

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Employees can't be faulted for having certain expectations, and employers can't be faulted for making business decisions that are required for them to stay afloat in today's economy. Nonetheless, in many cases, trust has eroded.

employee and employer relationship in the workplace

Employees expect more and so do companies. Increased workplace competition is coming from many directions and will continue to change employee and employer perceptions about performance expectations, pay, working hours and everything in between. Not only is the work force getting older, as baby boomers stay employed longer, but the employees at the other end of the age spectrum, which make up a population about as large, the millennials, have different expectations and career motivations altogether.

More and more employees today expect greater say in how work is assigned and assessed and rewarded, and employers similarly want more from employees in the form of mobility, working hours and pay, because it will allow companies to remain nimble and productive during economic upturns and downturns. This means that both employees and employers need to be flexible. To attract a healthy balance of the strongest millennials, baby boomers and generations in between, employers must consider what they will change or highlight about their work culture in order to attract the best talent.

employee and employer relationship in the workplace

And continuously evolving markets and the exchange of certain types of jobs for others make it imperative that employees expand their skill sets and areas of focus, so that they can compete for jobs or new projects with greater success. At the most innovative companies of the future, only two- and three-trick ponies need apply.

While you may feel that, as a small-business owner, you can cozy up to your employees and have a more friendly relationship than you would expect in a traditional corporate environment, doing so often poses a risk.

Examples of a Employee-Employer Relationship in a Company

If you do not maintain an appropriate working relationship, everything from evaluation to sanctions can prove more difficult. Appropriate Distance Having a friendly relationship with your workers can be a desirable thing, as a relationship of this sort makes the workplace a more comfortable one. Being close friends with your employees, on the other hand, can be a poor choice.

If your workers view management, you included, as their buddies, they may not be as likely to respond promptly to requests that you make nor will they take threatened sanctions as seriously.

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Communication Keeping the lines of communication between managers and employees open is vital to the health of your business. If your employees feel as if they are never informed of potential changes or that they don't have a voice in the decision-making process, they may start to feel like less valued members of the workplace and, as a result, become disengaged.

With this disengagement comes a lack of focus on the job and likely a decrease in productivity, both of which will likely reduce business success. Resolving Conflicts When conflicts arise between management and employees, problems can ensue.

Instead of allowing conflicts to fester, deal with them promptly.