Entp female and entj male relationship advice

ENTP Relationship Compatibility with Other Personality Types

entp female and entj male relationship advice

ENFPs belong to the idealist temperament group, but they often find themselves dating rational types – that is, INTJs, ENTJs, INTPs and ENTPs. So, will an ENTP relationship with an INFJ or INTJ work? connect better with intuitive or thinking personalities like ENTJ, INTJ, or INFJ. ENTP ENFP females and ENTP males are especially compatible. ENTP Dating Tips. ENTJs put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into their relationships. Even with effort , the ENTJ may have problems being aware of other's . with other iNtuitives - especially Extraverted iNtuitives, such as ENTJs, ENTPs, ENFJs, and ENFPs.

I'll view myself like a computer program where I just need to tell him what code to type in i. Basically Daddy always told me that disagreeing with a guy was a surefire way to end up a spinster So we bottle stuff up until it goes nuclear.

entp female and entj male relationship advice

The question you have to ask yourself is this He never coldly insults me - instead, he'll criticize something I say in a very businesslike "Shark Tank" way. If I sense his mind can't be changed, I drop the topic. So far we've only done this in our banter about hypothetical business ideas and such fun topicsbut I could see how this approach could need tinkering if we were talking about Big Relationship Stuff.

He is good about taking my advice in terms of Real World Stuff, and actually implemented some of it to his professional benefit. I feel ferociously insecure about where the past 3 years left me professionally. I was always, up until the end ofan invincible master of the universe. So maybe this is me projecting my insecurities onto his "OK" and reading much more into it than I should.

ENTJs are usually very successful in their careers, and usually very good with money. This is helpful in that it may remove a lot of the conflict which couples generate over money matters, but it may become a problem if the ENTJ is too much of a workaholic to spend time on the growth and development of the relationship. The ENTJ is not naturally in-tune with the feelings and emotions of their partners. ENTJs who allow themselves time to be alone, and develop the introspective "feeling" side of their natures, will be generally "softer" individuals, who are more aware of their partners' emotional needs.

However, this awareness is almost always a conscious attempt on the part of the ENTJ, rather than a naturally occuring characteristic.


ENTJs who do not make the attempt to be aware of others, and to value their feelings and opinions, may find themselves in unbalanced relationships, where real communication does not take place. These kinds of situations present a two-edged sword to the ENTJ.

They want to be in charge, but if they become so much in charge as to stifle their partners, they will eventually become bored with the relationship. Sexually, the ENTJ is robust, imaginative and enthusiastic. Their natural instinct to lead will be apparent in this arena as well as other areas of life, and they will lead their partner on creative lovemaking adventures, where the focus is on mutual learning and affection sharing.

The ENFP’s Guide To Dating Rationals

They're likely to expect sex on a relatively scheduled basis. The ENTJ does not usually have a problem with self-confidence and is not especially emotionally needy. Although they enjoy being told that they are loved and appreciated, they don't need to hear these types of avowals as often as most other types. If they are partnered with a Feeling type, they are probably not likely to fulfill their partner's needs for intimate words without conscious effort.

Even with effort, the ENTJ may have problems being aware of other's emotional needs, and they most likely won't understand those needs even if they are aware of them.

entp female and entj male relationship advice

ENTJs approach conflict as an opportunity for growth and learning. This is a very healthy outlook in general, but may be a problem in a close relationship with a Feeling type.

ENTJ Strengths

Individuals with the Feeling preference generally detest conflict and criticism, and avoid it as one would avoid a deadly snake. Otherwise, ENTJs will probably have the most successful intimate relationships with types which prefer the Thinking process naturally, or who are not extremely strong on the Feeling preference. In general, the ENTJ has a lot to offer to their intimate relationships. They're dedicated and enthusiastic, and willing to put forth a lot of effort to make things work out.

They take on responsibility and accountability, and expect to be in charge. Their relationship will be one based on mutual respect, constant growth and development. How did we arrive at this? Let your bending in the archer's hand be for gladness; For even as He loves the arrow that flies, so He loves also the bow that is stable.

They consider the task of passing on their values and goals to their children as an objective fact - it is something which will be done.

They consider it their responsibility to make sure that their child is constantly developing and learning in the most optimal way.

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The ENTJ parent is usually rather strict, and has very high expectations of their children. As a parent, the ENTJ continuously promotes learning and independent thinking.

They pass on their love of knowledge to their children, and challenge them at every turn to thoroughly understand their positions and perspectives. They expect that their children will follow their lead.

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The ENTJ is in charge - there can be no doubt about that. They expect their children to honor their parents, and to follow the rules and procedures which are set forth for the household.