Erza and jellal relationship questions

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erza and jellal relationship questions

She is also very impatient, disliking people who don't answer her questions quickly . After the events of the Tower of Heaven, Erza and Jellal's relationship. This Shows Erza's and Jellal's relationship five years after the seven . so he would be looking at her as she recalled the seven questions Mira. Will the mangaka ever verify their relationship? Before anyone questions why we think Jellal and Erza belong together, let's go over the 5.

erza and jellal relationship questions

In the next moment a man with blue hair with a red tattoo under his right eye appeared before her. He was dressed wearing an opened black cloak revealing a dark blue shirt underneath, and a pair of black pants. The two mages simple looked at each other for a couple of moments as they always did whenever they would meet roughly every months. Over the next four minutes Erza began to tell Jellal of how Fairy Tail had been massacred where no one was killed, only beaten badly by a single mage with a little help from four other mages.

One of them is a small girl called Shoka who primarily used sealing-magic. She kept her image safe under a long black-hooded cloak. The second one had short silver hair, hazel eyes, and a cross-shaped scar under his left eye who's named Samuel Stonewall who goes by the alias of The Living Mirror in the underworld of Magic.

Supposedly he's never lost a one-on-one fight, and has learned to mimic over twenty different types of spells. One of the top 15 most feared mages in the magic underworld. For some reason he used those healing powers on us after everyone had been knocked out. Also he managed to learn Fairy Law during the fight. That's a scary thought.

He has long black hair, and blue eyes. During the fight he used earth, wind, water, and fire magic. He was strong enough to beat everyone who was present in the guild except for Makarov.

After the battle was over they took Lucy with them as a ransom for a rematch with us in three years time. From what I was told Natsu was on his knees, and Seyru went to kick his head off of his shoulders. Jellal knew what Ezra didn't want to say.

He knew that this new enemy in Shadow Angel more specifically Seyru would end up paying dearly for what they had done. For hurting the family he wished he could be a part of.

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I'll start looking into Shadow Angel. Jellal turned back to look at Erza. Erza stayed silent for nearly a minute gathering all of her courage to talk about what she was originally going to talk to Jellal about this night. See the two of us…being together?

That was of course the plan before Shadow Angel I can tell something is going on between Laxus and Lisanna Yeah I decided to make them a couple in this story.

5 Reasons Why Jellal and Erza Really Need Each Other

Cana ended up getting too drunk and is carrying Bickslow's child after a one-night stand. When there was only a foot of separation between the two the bluenette dropped down to one knee. Often, we have seen Erza and Jellal fighting as partners on the battlefield.

Erza and Jellal work wonderfully as partners without actually being partners. Outside of the battlefield, we see that Erza and Jellal are able to read the other perfectly.

Erza shows us that she can tell when Jellal is lying and Jellal shows us he knows how Erza feels. Jellal and Erza are constantly showing us how well they work together, read each other, and know about each other. We can truly see how Jellal and Erza act as two halves of one whole after their many years of friendship and turmoil. How can they not be made for each other? Even as young children, Jellal helped to ignite the fire within Erza to fight for the freedom of the slaves on the island.

Despite the complications in their initial plan, Jellal did provide strength for Erza to become stronger than the slave that she believed she could only be. Erza did not have to be weak or take on the abuse of others.

erza and jellal relationship questions

Because of Jellal, Erza was able to find strength in herself to protect her friends and become even stronger. Time and time again, even though Erza acts as if she is tough, she finds salvation in Jellal when she needs it most.

How many of us can say we have found the person who instills in us the power that we often forgot we have? Do you still need to be convinced that Jellal and Erza need each other? He is the type of person who has gone to Hell and back with very little reward except for guilt for his journey. When it seems like Jellal will be forgiven, his past forgotten, he is arrested after having helped Fairy Tail fight against the Oracion Seis for the crimes of his past.

erza and jellal relationship questions

He is willing to give himself up, but it is Erza who bears the brunt of his pain through her tears. The girl who seems to have no emotions except for seriousness actually breaks down into tears for Jellal.

Jellal has someone who will cry for him. Does that not say a lot about the relationship between Jellal and Erza as a whole? How many of us have found someone who will cry for us, regardless of whether we deserve the tears?

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What Jellal has in Erza is something clearly special. Jellal exists in her secrets.

erza and jellal relationship questions

He exists in her future. He will always be there. Even when Jellal had been controlled by Zeref, Jellal gave Erza a purpose: This may seem like a terrible purpose, but the guilt that Erza developed from being freed kept her alive, if only for the purpose of being forced to see what her freedom ended up costing her.

While others would have turned to suicide, Erza sought out more power, which allowed for her to find a family in Fairy Tail which eventually led her to find a way to save her friends at the Tower of Heaven. This is just one of the many ways that Jellal contributes to what defines ultimately defines Erza. However, the true scene in which Jellal gives Erza the most purpose is shown when Erza flashes back to the time she admitted to her friends that she does not have a surname.

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When he heard this, Jellal gives her the last name Scarlet after noticing her beautiful hair. Although this scene is quite early on in season one of Fairy Tail, it really defines their relationship throughout the course of the series. When most of us question our own life choices and our purpose of life, Erza has unwittingly found someone who gives her what everyone needs the most. Is that a sign of the perfect partner or what? Erza forgives Jellal of all his sins.