Eve and roarke relationship memes

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eve and roarke relationship memes

15 quotes have been tagged as eve-and-roarke: J.D. Robb: 'For once, he slept first. She lay in the dark, listening to him breathe, stealing a little of h. Just Roarke, as far as I know. Big money there. Kind of guy that touches shit and turns it into gold bricks. Roarke's first impression of Eve During their first meeting . Has Roarke ever loved/been in love with another woman before Eve? Edit . and the character evolution, the relationship evolution of Eve and Roarke primarily.

Then Roarke walked across the page. The Irish gazillionaire with a murky past and a talent for getting what he wanted. Edit "I have to say no, I never expected the sort of response and devotion to Eve and Roarke the series has caused.

In me or the readers.

New York to Dallas

The springboards for the stories are murder and mystery, not business. Edit "I can't imagine Roarke would ever go behind Eve's back and put security on her. There's too much respect for that. If the story or situation within the story calls for Roarke to be ill or injured, then that'll be what happens. Otherwise, he'll stay healthy.

eve and roarke relationship memes

Edit "Can't say what Roarke line or policy might be regarding Eve when it comes to media. Hasn't played in to a book yet. I would think, as she does, he keeps most of his private life private.

Edit "No, I probably won't add the minute details of Eve's and Roarke's life, because minute details are usually boring and rarely move the story along or add any real interest to character. WHEN those details do either or both, their addition is a natural flow. But I figure by the middle of the century, there'll be simple, long term options for contraception, and that Eve would use what suited her.

They are who they are. Edit "I don't know that we'll get into Birthday In Death unless it plays some part in a plot. I've thought about it, but just haven't felt it worked it well as yet. I guess Eve and Roarke generally don't end their 'link conversations with I love you because it's just not part of their dynamic. Eve and Roarke might find themselves at the Derby eventually. Edit "We'll probably see Eve and Roarke in his shooting gallery again.

It was a fun scene to write back in the day. Edit "I think I did say I didn't detail Eve and Roarke's wedding because it didn't move the story along. Because, well, it didn't.

Roarke's Relationship With Eve

At the end of Immortalthe case was closed, the story was wrapped. It wouldn't have kept the book tight to add on another chapter of wedding.

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Roarke dominating Eveor her giving in to him regularly. Oddly enough I got a post just this morning from someone complaining that Eve pushes him around too much, is never satisfied, and why can't I lighten her up. I think he's a marvelous fictional hero--obviously. But he's flawed--which is a requirement imo for a perfect fictional hero. As to illustrating these flaws, external, internal, physical or whatever, it depends on the story, the scene, the need, the evolution.

With the bbq scene, I didn't plan out in advance: Oh, I need to show Roarke can't do something.

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That's not precisely how I work. They were invited to a barbecue at the Mira'sRoarke was interested in the grill. Fascinated, and naturally decided to have one of his own.

He knows machines, but he doesn't know how to cook, so the scene evolved from there. Some might find him too perfect and be irritated.

Some might find his flaws too difficult, and be irritated. Either way, he is what he is. It's really not possible to meet every reader's specific wishes, nor to sculpt a character in their individual vision. Each reader will see, or not see, details of character in a book or series that appeal or annoy. Each writer must follow her own vision, and do her very best to stay true to a character and deliver a solid story.

It was a bit of comic relief, something fun. Oops, look he burned the steak. We get a little laugh at seeing him foiled and disconcerted, and we move on to the next scene. It's rare for him to be foiled or disconcerted, that's part of who he is.

Roarke | My Romancelandia

And what makes those rare times have impact--either with humor or with poignancy. Would that scene have resonated if every book or so, or even every few books we see him screw up, or be baffled by something? Too much, impact lost. His character is compromised, and he's just another guy. I can promise, that's not going to happen from my keyboard.

eve and roarke relationship memes

Edit "Roarke may have gotten a citizen commendation. We don't see everything.

in death Eve Dallas and roarke

I expect Eve had a trunkful of commendations and medals, but unless they add some play to the story, I don't show that kind of thing.