Fai and kurogane relationship

Is KuroFai Canon?

fai and kurogane relationship

Personally, I am a huge Kurogane x Fai fan. Canon, epic, and beautiful. There's just so much to their relationships. I also think they make great. Aside from Kurogane and Fay now having (according to CLAMP) an "eternal . Ok, then what speaks against for the Kuro/Fai relationship?. Kurogane hurts himself to hurt Fai, as he must, to keep Fai alive. their relationship is now and how Kurogane's lost all access to Fai's affection.

I suppose if it scares you enough to think that there is a "Gay-Love" theme in everything then you can ignore it and pretend that they are just really good friends. Who have to live together for the rest of their lives. And who have sacrificed limbs for one another. And call themselves "Daddy" and "Mommy". Answer I personally have to agree with the first answer. I am probably not as versed as you guys, nor have I been into the series for long as can assume the others here have. However, from what I do know at this point, I wouldn't place them as homosexual.

In love, definitely, that can be called a given, but not canon. I might even venture that their characters were designed with a platonic philosophy in mind. Of course though, as I stress, I am a newbie and will submit to popular opinion I think that basically Fai and Kurogane will never find other lovers. They will be together for the rest of their lives, romantic or not.

Fai will never leave Kurogane's side, and will someday follow him to Nihon. Could it not be a strip tease? Answer I agree the first and answer before me, I know that they are "stuck" with each other forever but Fai and Kurogane may just be very good friends that could truly sacrifice and see through each other's feelings but I don't think they are canon, even if they are, ;I just think that Clamp should give up all the stupid sexuality thing that's going on, I've seen card captor sakura and it's too gay for young people and even if they are Gay and canon, I just wish they aren't because I love Fai It may just be Fai teesing Kurogane because he's too serious??

Not all people can accept gay relationship. They leave the story canon and let the reader have their own fantasies. Yaoi fangirls can imagining what they want to happen to the end of fye and kurogane relationship, and the ordinary people can just simply think they will remain friends. The only one who knows what kind of relationship fye and kurogane have is you.

CLAMP simply put their relationship mysterious, cuz they want you guys to have your own imaginary unless CLAMP make another syaoran-sakura with fye-kurogane series from another world. So in the end there is no exact answer for this question. You have your opinion and that's the answer. For me, fye and kurogane relationship just the same like Touya and yukito relationship. Answer If you read carefully, the words Two unlikely fellows cross paths, Is this a joke played by fate Or an unavoidable destiny Now you all can take these words as you please, but I believe that these words foreshadow Kurogane and Fai's romantic relationship.

It doesn't have to be about blatant sex or yaoi. Kurogane and Fai, in my opinion have a bond deeper than that. I mean, who cuts off their ARM for somebody who they don't love? I mean I love my friends but I don't think I would ever give up one of my arms for them. Those are not the typical actions for a platonic friendship am I correct? I myself wasn't a yaoi fan until I read TRC. And I am not talking about the smutty yaoi kind either. I am meaning the deep, love like no other kind, of yaoi.

Because there are many yaoi writers that don't just use the smut part. I personally feel that KuroFai is even more canon than InuKag. Inuyasha reference Just take the thoughts above as a brain motivator. And please check out the link. Maybe not sexual, but they definitely love each other. Seshieru and Subaru in Tokyo Babylon, Touya and Yukito in Cardcaptor Sakura and Tsubasa, Tomoyo in Cardcaptor was actually in love with Sakura it actually had her confess in the manga and i think the anime as well not sure about the latter though Doumeki and Watanuki in xxxHolic, Subaru and Kamui in Tsubasa ooh Twincest lol and if you read Legal Drug you won't need more explianation.

Fai used nicknames such as Kuro-rin. Rin is used to refer to a lover. Fai told Yuuko that his and Kuro's relationship had "crossed the line" There was also an interview in which CLAMP admitted to making a relationship between them. I doubt that there is anything between them more than friendship. One last thing to add: All of the phoenix and dragon imagery. Has anyone studied mythology before?

The phoenix and dragon are supposed to be complete opposites, but the most dedicated lovers. So the above comment about how Card Captor Sakura is 'too gay' for kids is bullcrap. DDD Do they kiss? Is it all up in everyone's faces? I mean, they can have more than one loves before BUT in each continuity and universe and such they still only have One True Love.

fai and kurogane relationship

For example, Sakura and Syaoran. This would also apply to Chi. Yes, I admit to having no life and knowing far too much about silly things but, hey, I'm not even that huge of a supporter and I'm not going to pretend it isn't canon.

AnswerContaining Spoilers Kurogane and Fai's relationship is far too substantial to disregard, whether you support the pairing or not. I'm sorry, but they were never friends. They didn't trust each other until Nihon, and even after that, their relationship never revolved around trust. CLAMP themselves said that they have "an eternal bond", so that at least makes them heterosexual life partners.

Please be respectful and mindful of other people's opinions. I'm not telling you to like yaoi or KuroFai. You can like or support whatever pairing you want. Just remember that they are definitely not "friends" or "best friends".

They were fated by hitsuzen to meet and changed the course of each others' lives forever. You can't deny that fact. Fai is associated with the Phoenix his tattoo, his staff, his kudanand Kurogane is associated with the Dragon his attacks, his sword, his kudan.

If you ask any Asian person, they'll be able to tell you this, unless they're completely non-traditional and are so apart from their culture that they might as well be American. It's so obvious that it hurts.

They specifically represent long and happy marriage, not to mention that it's the ONE symbol used for the unity between a man and a woman. The Dragon symbolizes male vigor and fertility, while the Phoenix symbolizes yin splendor and female beauty. Standing alone, each symbol is hugely powerful.

Put together, the Dragon and Phoenix is the symbol of ultimate balance and perfect feng shui. Together they represent a power-packed union of success, prosperity, friendship, love, and enlightenment. They represent fruitful marriage blessed with a great deal of success and prosperity as well as many offspring, and the beginning of a dynastic family.

In some Asian cultures, they even use a dragon and phoenix candle to light a unity-type candle, to symbolize the merging of the two in marriage ceremonies. I've known about the Dragon and Phoenix ever since I was little since I'm Vietnamesebut it never occurred to me about Kurogane and Fai until someone pointed it out. CLAMP would absolutely not, under any circumstances, allow Kurogane and Fai to be associated with the Dragon and Phoenix unless they intended for them to be in love.

The dragon-phoenix symbolism is specifically present here. There have been numerous incidents between Kazahaya and Rikuo, like the condom incident, chocolate incident, hand-holding incident, screaming-in-the-dorms incident, lap-dancing incident, sleep-in-my-bed incident, schoolgirl uniform incident, confess-my-love-under-the-cherry-blossoms incident, and the numerous people-think-we've-had-or-are-going-to-have-sex incidents I could go on and on.

fai and kurogane relationship

Not to mention Rikuo constantly flirts with Kazahaya, whispering "You look sexy" and "Stop writhing all over me" into his ear. And the fact each of them have repeatedly given up many things in order to save the other show the true depths of their feelings for one another. And if you were to look back at CLAMP's many other works, you would realize that they have a reoccurring theme of soulmates and people over-coming many obstacles to be together.

Even Sakura and Syaoran, an obvious canon couple, never got the chance to come out right and say that they love one another though the clones did have a child together and wanted to be reincarnated so that they may be together.

Even canon ones hardly even kiss, let alone actually directly state their feelings. So are they in love? Please, if anyone could point me to one scene, in which Tomoyo blushed around Kurogane, then I might consider this pairing being romantic.

She's like that, she's very mature for her age, and she can clearly sense the feelings of others, as Eriol pointed out in CCS. If Kurogane loved her, she would know.

But what she's done so far, contradicts the possibility of her feelings for him being romantic. Tomyo, for starters, is the one, who sends him away, to find a meaning of true strengh.

While this like ShirubiaLamperouge said probably isn't something you can teach easily, it's something you can never discover alone. So, how does he find it? In sacrificing himself for Fay.

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And then, it's Tomoyo, who tells him "If you want him to go with you, if you wish for it with all your heart That's not something a person in love says about their potential "rival". It's just that they haven't shown any kind of romantic inclinations towards each other. They act like friends, not at all like how touya and yukito acted together, for example. It's mostly the opposite. Subaru and Seishirou were trying to kill each other numerous times.

Taishakuten killed Ashura-ou, because his lover wished for that. Kazahaya and Rikuo are bickering like an old married couple, while Saiga and Kakei are definitely not just hugging all the time. Kendappa killed Souma, and then herself with Souma's weapon. Saya died for Tohru. All of them never kissed, but all of them are canon well, maybe Kazahaya and Rikuo aren't, yet. What Kurogane and Fay have done for each other is more than Touya and Yukito ever could. It doesn't seem like anything more than another ship from yaoi loving fangirls who will leap on anything at all and turn it into a couple.


Oh, to the contrary. While there is a vocal group of yaoi loving fanbrats, this ship has fair amount of fans, that never ever liked anything shounen ai-ish in their lives before.

And there's, of course, fans that just love a good chemistry of two characters, no matter what gender they are.