Fang and lightning relationship questions

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fang and lightning relationship questions

It isn't, Hope is/was a 14 year old boy, Lightning, a 21 year old woman, when she took Hope under her care she It is basically the same with Fang/Vanille. It is fun to watch the jaded relationship topics about them tho. The characters of Fang and Vanille are based on the Ragnorok myth of Lif Their relationship is definitely not one of big sister, little sister. Community dedicated to the precious pair of Fang and Vanille! [Vanille, Fang]. Simple Questions by EverDreamer reviews. Sometimes it Fang and Vanille stay awake and talk about their relationship but things keep in the way Better then.

Implied sexual themes, but it's very tame. Follows more or less closely the events of the XIII series.

Fang and it canon?

The tighter and more constricted her body becomes as she runs farther away from her truth and the problems she causes. However despite knowing she was a soldier, she was not at all what he expected her to be. Definitely different from Serah, that was for sure. But he is determined to make a good impression. With her sister finishing up Highschool, she is set on attending the University of Eden to major in History.

Lightning just has to accept that her sister is growing up.

fang and lightning relationship questions

And now she has to start thinking about what she is going to do with her own life. The hard part is done, she raised Serah. K - English - Family - Chapters: However, events on the island make them question their relationship T - English - Romance - Chapters: First chapter up and short.

fang and lightning relationship questions

We start out our story 4 years after the events of ffxiii with Hope out in the woods on a recon mission searching for the group behind a set of new attacks in the city. He later has a run in with the one person who plagues his mind constantly; Lightning. Will be rated T for now.

fang and lightning relationship questions

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Satu-satunya kesalahan yang dilakukan oleh keenam orang ini adalah mereka berada di tempat dan waktu yang salah. Sekarang, mereka harus berjuang bersama untuk bertahan hidup dan membuktikan kepada dunia bahwa mereka hanyalah korban dari rencana jahat seseorang yang tidak pernah mereka duga.

Before this whole mess started. She thinks of the happier days they had together in their youth. But with a command by others of being chosen for a significant deed, will their love still be eternal even if it means they will possibly, greatly be separated?

fang and lightning relationship questions

War Blossoms by E. Szyslak reviews Thirteen snippets about Vanille and Fang, from the day they meet to the moment they wake up five hundred years later. Inspired by Episode Zero.

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Set pre-game, written in present tense. How does one find a successful conclusion? You cannot find one in reality. However I do not think I will win it so it is posted here Unlikely, because despite a few lines you can read between about how important their friendship is, it never explicitly comes up aside from Chie's weird boss form.

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There's no answer and all of Persona 4's attempts to deal with homosexuality are surface at best. I think this is by far the most likely answer, given how things with the rest of the cast go.

fang and lightning relationship questions

Fang and Vanille aren't ever said or shown to be in any sort of relationship and never will be, because even the deepest subtext is pretty surface level. That's the weakest thing about P4. The moment they start going into deep dives about any character's personalities, they backpedal super hard so they continue to fit traditional anime stereotypes. Kanji and Naoto's lack of character development beyond their respective dungeons, which really bring up more questions than answers, is a real bummer.