Father and daughter relationship pictures instagram

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father and daughter relationship pictures instagram

Dad Takes Hilarious Father-Daughter Photos With His Baby The dad posts his costume photos on Instagram, where he's . Relationships. Dad recreates daughter's selfies on Instagram, gets twice as many followers. but a lot of people have IM'd me saying they are hard to find in all my photos. But the snaps that capture a seemingly normal relationship hide a One of Katie's Instagram photos, posted in July last year, shows her.

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What inspired you to share your relationship with your daughter on social media? My inspiration to share my very personal relationship with my princess on Instagram was my vision of life.

I find the majority of my inspiration from children. I want to bring that feeling of family and fatherhood back to the forefront of the mind how we used to feel when we watched the Cosby Show or Julia. Social media had become the new nightly show so I want to put positivity on the mind of our fathers. We are the foundation behind the future. What do you aim to teach your daughter as a young black girl?

Meet the Instagram star, Everleigh Soutas, Savannah Soutas' daughter

There are so many lessons to be learned as a growing lady, however, some are specific to the mother and others necessary for fathers.

I aim to make sure she knows to love herself and to pat herself on the back. As a woman she needs to know how to believe in herself first before anyone or anything. How did your hair journey begin?

Heartwarming Illustrations About The Love Between Dads And Their Little Girls

My hair journey began at a very young age, simultaneous with the growth in my life. I am an Artist and I will continue to flow in creativity when it comes to my personal style. The sky is truly the limit! How do you maintain your hair's health as well as your daughter's? Health is my lifestyle. I believe that being healthy mind, body and spirit allows my hair to reach beyond its peak.

Dad Takes Hilarious Father-Daughter Photos With His Baby

I maintain a very clean diet and I drink a ton of water both very important factors in the longevity of healthy hair. What are your daily hair routines? A daily routine is necessary to maintain anything great.

father and daughter relationship pictures instagram

I use plenty of natural products witch over time have nourished my hair the best. Since I am in the habit of dressing and cleaning my hair, my daily routine is very simple of hydrating and styling. First feeding, firstsolidfood baby fatherandson. Instagram Steven Pladl with the son his is believed to have had with his daughter Image: Collect Unknown The first post was a black and white photo of her heavily pregnant stomach, underneath she wrote: Or if your my mom sic. On August 31 she shared an ultrasound photo of her unborn child at 35 weeks.

Posted just eight days, a photo captures Steven cradling the new baby in his arms.

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Collect Unknown Katie captioned this photo 'Double trouble' Image: Collect Unknown Kate reportedly first contacted her biological parents through social media when she turned 18 years old. The family arranged her to come and visit them in Richmond, West Virginia, in August and she met the Pladl's and her two younger siblings. Within months, Steven's wife, who has not been named, had moved out of the family home and they legally separated.

father and daughter relationship pictures instagram

Steven Pladl left his wife and told his children they should start calling Katie "step-mom" Image: Wake County Sheriff She has told police that Steven had begun "sleeping on Katie's floor", according to court documents. Then in Maythe wife read in one of her other children's journals that Katie was pregnant and Steven was the father. It was around this time that Steven and Katie moved around miles together to Knightdale, North Carolina.

Wake County Sheriff Steven told his other children they should start referring to Katie as their "step-mom".