Federer and nadal relationship problems

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federer and nadal relationship problems

had been going through such a crisis after nearly 30 years of marriage was heartbreaking. Nadal ends Federer reign for Roland Garros, battling to overcome both my parents' separation and the pain in my knees. Nadal Mends Fences With Federer and Overcomes Knee Problem to Win. By CHRISTOPHER “I always had fantastic relationship with Roger. Federer, 36, recovered from back and knee problems in to win the Federer expanded on his relationship with Nadal at a news.

Evidently, you get more tired and frustrated with losing than anything. But winning is also tiring. It's not that you get tired of winning, but that in any given moment it's very difficult to maintain so much time on top of everything, so many weeks and so many days in a row with high adrenaline and concentration.

federer and nadal relationship problems

Tennis is a sport that very often has games decided by a few points and being good in those points is the difference between winning and losing. Everyone gets tired of the routine and in the end we have our schedules, which are long, and to be high in the ranking you have to be focused every week that you play.

federer and nadal relationship problems

Everyone gets tired of everything, winning and losing, because everyone gets tired of the daily routine. But to be honest, the compensation, at least for me because I can't talk for the others, is much more satisfactory than any tiredness that I could have.

I'm not referring to the level of titles, but the level of general recognition from people, of feeling loved and supported by so many people. They are difficult feelings to explain, but I assure you that it makes all the effort and sacrifice in life worthwhile. The world saw the moment of you shaking on the bench during the Swiss' decisive game with Nick Kyrgios, despite him being your biggest rival in the circuit.

After you were celebrating with him. How do you explain it? I know that it's different, but I have also been David Ferrer's rival for years and I've played with him in the Davis Cup and, independently, I have a great relationship with him.

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But when you play in teams you play for the teams and you have to know how to separate things. I know that when you live all the situations that Federer and I have lived through in the court I know that there are moments of pressure, moments of tension. There is a rivalry and in some moments you don't want to share some things with the other.

I understand all of that. But I am a normal person and quite open. I think that it has very, very little effect on what you can share or talk about after.

That's the truth for me. I don't know if it's the truth, but it is for me and that's how I feel. If I play against him again it will be the same as always, but honestly you have to learn to appreciate rivals and I think that it's something that he and I have always hard during our careers. I think that thanks to that we have been a good example of sportsmen and of how to live and understand the competition in the right way because, depending on thing.

Attitudes don't help and are bad to people and the young people who are watching. Federer and I have been a good example of how to conduct yourself and to be polite, in this sense. We lived alongside each other for 24 hours for a few days. The fact that we were together in a team means that you know each other better and you share situations and emotions together, which brings you together.

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In our case, having been such staunch rivals for so many years, the fact that we shared a competition like this, an innovative and attractive one, with players working hard, has united us more. To also play in doubles and what it means for us and for everyone in tennis was an unforgettable moment. When these things happen you feel closer to each other. It didn't give ATP points, but for us it was an official competition and we treated it as such from the start to the end.

I'm not going to mislead on that.

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I don't know if I will play doubles with him in the future. I haven't discussed it with him. It's complicated because we have our schedules and we don't normally play doubles on the circuit. It would have to be special circumstances, but I personally am open to it and it would be a special situation.

I have a few years more. In no interview did I say that I felt my retirement was close. What happens is that not feeling close to my retirement doesn't mean to say that I'm not. You never know what could happen. You have to respect time and be cautious about everything that could happen. You can't predict what will happen in the future. You have to have an idea, but things change very quickly and even more so in the world of sport.

I was hoping that things would go better and that I would return to a high level. I didn't expect the level that I have recovered this year, but I expected to enjoy it and be competitive.

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Then everything happened to have continuity and it was something that I hadn't had. With that, it's true that from the start of the year everything has gone well, better than I dreamed.

When talking about Nadal, Srdjan has a different opinion than about Federer, and he hopes that the Spaniard will overcome his problems and that he will play for several years more. They should all hang out and show respect to each other because they know how hard it is to reach the place where they are.

He spends a lot of energy on the court. His style is hard to play with. But, world tennis still needs Nadal, he has to go back.

I hope that he will play for several years more. That is why we are so connected. Novak was the most beloved. Four years after we got Marko, and then Djordje. When Novak was a bit over 2 years old, we moved to Kopaonik mountain. We opened a restaurant and the sport goods store. The children grew up there and learned to live. He would bring them food and drinks. He established a relation with the court.

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I saw the love in his eyes when he would see the court and that is why I bought him a small racket and a fluffy ball. He loved that toy better than anything else. When he turned 4, we visited the tennis camp in the city of Novi Sad. He started playing there, and the rest is history. He was born for this sport. My biggest wish was for my sons to become professional skiers, but I believe that this outcome is also good.

I have been saying that since he started playing. He will definitely be one of the best sportsmen in history.