Fox mulder and dana scully relationship problems

fox mulder and dana scully relationship problems

Mulder/Scully is the main pairing in X-Files fandom. who wanted to see a romantic relationship between Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were .. April 20, ; ↑ Clarification (was Re: My problem with 'anti-relationshippers'. High on the list of the X-Files' lasting legacies is the relationship Under the influence of mind control, Mulder has no trouble aiming a gun at. More accurately, Mulder and Scully's relationship wound up transcending simple labels, and it was their connection that anchored the series.

As she lies here so helpless, those same thoughts and fears flood my mind with questions. If I caused this, how then can I make it stop?

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This was the most archaic portrait of the couple: Him hero, her victim. And throughout the premiere, you had the feeling of Scully as the Distressed Woman. And the closing scene revealed Scully as a victim of a strange sexual assault— semantics that Carter disputesbut the plot twist depended on knockout drugs and unconsented impregnation, so interpret away.

The agents begin the episode on the couch, fast asleep after a long-looking night of bringing their work home.

The Truth Revealed: A History Of Mulder And Scully's Relationship - Season 10 Ep. 3 - THE X-FILES

They go on the run from, well, everybody—Americans or Russians, government or private sector, who can tell?

Compare that quote above—imperishable thoughts!

fox mulder and dana scully relationship problems

Scully, you look so adorbs just there. The science-fiction concept feels too familiar, and haphazard.

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Scully and Mulder arrive back at their bullet-riddled, bloodstained home, start to pick up their trashed files—and then throw them on the floor, long overdue for another nap on the couch. Just a fun couple solving mysteries between naps here, boss! We have seen little evidence that they hang out with anyone besides each other.

Blokes don't talk about their feelings so much as a rule. The character of Scully drew a lot more women into the budding net fandom where they discovered that they, um, were not alone. They brought all these messy feelings with them. The "will they wont they" messed up myth-arc encouraged that at just the right moment and shipping - not quite as we know it today - was born.

Women then found that this new medium gave them freedom to explore the sexual fantasies they'd always had but had never before been able to express. Through the guise of becoming your favourite ship you can try out all sorts of stuff that you might never dream of doing in real life. Men wanting to see lesbians at it has generally been regarded as fine but women wanting to see two men getting on it Men have so much fantasy fodder provided for them, we've had to make it all for ourselves We've broadened the playground and we're obsessed by the wonderland we've created for ourselves.

It's a fantastical pandora's box we've opened with our silly little shipping It makes perfect sense that teenagers are very into this. Women are doing it all together, which is a touch weird and goodness knows what it'll do to society. I'm hoping it's a positive effect. So shippers are pushing the envelope of our human sexual fantasies, forcing them into respectability. Fandom has become less about the shows themselves and more about making friends and exploring relationships and sexuality.

Whether you perceive that as good or bad really depends on what you wanted from your fandom in the first place.


Really, a number of the individual episode's "A-plots" were pretty stupid at worst and a bit The mytharc was a complete and total mess by the series end. The reason I loved the show was the characters.

fox mulder and dana scully relationship problems

As I used to say back then, "The X-Files" was really a character driven show in a plot driven show's clothing. The couple has also been called the "ultimate OTP ". But it happened, and frankly?