Gd and top relationship concerns

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gd and top relationship concerns

All couples run into relationship issues. If your comments are blaming and hurtful, it's best to take a deep breath and change your strategy. A troubling post from Big Bang leader G-Dragon is creating concern among dedicated VIPs. Is this a cry for help from one of Kpop biggest stars? Just recently, dating rumors surrounded 2NE1 singer Sandara Park, with. Declining to divulge details, T.O.P. shared that he refrained from approaching G- Dragon about his relationship problems since then, Koreaboo.

So they push the second problem under the rug. At some point, they explode over something that seems stupid and silly.

gd and top relationship concerns

Our sex life fizzled out, and so did any intimacy. What it boils down to is life has gotten in the way and there is no longer a connection between spouses. Even more than sex, it has to do with a lack of communication and lack of intimacy.

I know it sounds trite but it is important to connect with and check in with your spouse on a daily basis whether you are sharing a meal or walking the dog.

T.O.P. Reveals What He Hates About G-Dragon, Big Bang Leader Conveys Sadness In Cute Way

My spouse reconnected with an old flame on Facebook. We feel more like roommates than spouses. My spouse is selfish. The exact form of selfishness varies from case to case, but the theme is always there in divorce cases. We speak different love languages. Find out your love language: Cohen, an attorney and mediator in Marina del Rey, California 8.

gd and top relationship concerns

I feel taken for granted. But once the deal is done, once the relationship is sealed with vows, many feel safe and worry less that their partner is happy.

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Rarely do I encounter a couple getting divorced because of a sudden or one-time event such as a one-night stand or one ugly argument. For most Gd chelates, the excretion via liver is negligible, even in patients with severely decreased renal function Two exceptions are gadoxetic acid disodium and gadobenate dimeglumine, which have These adverse events can be classified into two groups: Adverse reactions, while rare, are more common in patients with a history of asthma or allergy, in patients who received the contrast agent injected at a faster rate, and in patients with history of allergic reaction to a Gd-based or iodinated contrast agents There may be cross reactivity among different Gd chelates.

BIGBANG G-Dragon’s relationships and dating rumors since 2008

Cochran et al 24 published an adverse reaction rate of 0. Murphy et al 25 have reported an overall adverse event rate of 0. Neindorf et al 26 have reported severe adverse event rate of 0. InKnopp et al 27 reported that the adverse event incidence following 45 million intravenous administrations of gadopentetate dimeglumine over the 15 years of clinical use was less than 0.

Shellock et al 28 evaluated the safety and tolerability of gadobenate dimeglumine relative to that of gadopentetate dimeglumine in patients and volunteers undergoing MRI for various clinical conditions, and reported that the safety profile of gadobenate dimeglumine is similar to gadopentetate dimeglumine in patients and volunteers. In various comparative studies of Gd chelates, similar overall incidences and type of adverse events have been noted between the different contrast agents 7.

The safety profile of Gd-based contrast agents in the pediatric population under two years of age and in pregnant women is not known. While data supports the use of Gd-based contrast agents in pregnancy and lactation 29agents can cross the placenta into the fetal circulation to subsequently be excreted by the fetal kidneys into the amniotic fluid.

Consequently, in our practice Gd-based contrast agents are only used after a case-by-case analysis of the potential risks and benefits.

Contrast administration site and injection rate are important. In animal models, the effects of the rapid intravenous administration of the Gd chelates on the cardiovascular system have been quite extensively studied. Gd chelates injected directly into the central circulation have been reported to cause transient blood pressure disturbances, nonspecific electrocardiogram ECG changes, prolonged PR interval, tachycardia, atrioventricular conduction defects, and atrial and ventricular arrhythmias 30 — While Muhler et al 3132 have concluded that injecting an ionic, hyperosmolar contrast medium at high dose as a fast bolus probably induces more transient disturbances in the cardiovascular system than low osmolar, nonionic agents, Idee et al 30 have suggested transmetallation as possible mechanism of the cardiovascular depressive effects of the Gd chelates.

Transmetallation is discussed in detail below. It is important to note that the data from these animal studies may not predict those effects in humans. Pirovano et al 34 could not show a difference between the gadobenate dimeglumine and placebo. However, regardless of the translation from animal studies and the actual interplay of mechanisms, it is advised to avoid rapid administration of the Gd chelates directly into the central circulation, particularly at high doses 33 Although Gd chelates are not considered nephrotoxic in clinically recommended doses 35 — 40increased off-label use of Gd chelates at high doses e.

In fact, the experimental data in animals suggest that some Gd chelates may be more nephrotoxic than iodinated contrast agents at doses required for equivalent X-ray attenuation 43 There is also supportive human data Despite reports of negligible nephrotoxicity with clinically recommended doses, Gd chelates can cause acute renal failure in patients with underlying chronic renal insufficiency Therefore, some authors do not recommend Gd chelates for radiographic examinations, particularly in patients with renal insufficiency 334547 Contrast extravasation into tissues may cause edema, inflammation, and necrosis.

Tissue damage appears to be more severe with Gd chelates that have high osmolality 33 Early in vitro studies have shown that deoxygenated sickle erythrocytes align perpendicular to the magnetic field In theory, increased local magnetic moments following contrast agent administration may increase the perpendicular alignment, and thus may induce vasoocclusive complications.

However, later work in patients with sickle cell anemia has not provided supportive evidence of this To date, vasoocclusive complications induced by Gd chelates have not been reported in patients with sickle cell anemia, and as such the proposed risk in contrast agent package inserts has never been a clinical concern in routine applications.

Gadolinium chloride inhibits phagocytosis in normal and activated Kupffer cells and decreases the total cytochrome P content of hepatocytic microsomes 6. Free Gd ions forms complex with hydroxides and phosphates that are insoluble at a pH higher than 6. Phagocytosis of these complexes might depress the reticuloendothelial system 5960and might lead to foreign body reactions and fibrosis by inhibiting certain enzymes in the dermis 36 It has been shown that the linear compounds exhibit more toxic effects on the reproductive functions and the skin than the cyclic compounds 36 ,