Gemini and libra relationship problems

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gemini and libra relationship problems

When Gemini and Libra come together for love or any kind of relationship, two social butterflies have met their match! But these indecisive signs might struggle to. With Libra seeking relationships with avid fascination and Gemini being When there are problems, their effect is lessened by that fact that both have the ability. The enlightening spark of the Gemini and Libra combination. Part of why you should study relationship patterns is to know what kind of unique . The main problem with double signs is that they can both double all the great.

By the time Gemini settles in -- we've shifted away from colder temperatures. At this point, you may be ready to let go of your winter wardrobe, start wearing the sundresses, go for a swim, or wear the sandals. You don't feel as constrained to be, and you can enjoy the fruits of the hard work from previous seasons.

The nice thing about Gemini is they can be introspective about their surroundings rather than try to build up an ego, this makes Gemini able to be more objective. Gemini is one of the most intelligent and accepting signs of the zodiac.

They care greatly about being egalitarian. They don't just care about life, they want all life together, completed, and accepted. This sign coming up after Taurus shows in the life cycle that everyone is in need of being in the collective utopia. The Gemini sign cares so greatly about fairness among people, that it can lose itself unknowingly and be lost, resulting in moodiness. It is best for them to go through these mood shifts, and put a distance on people to find who they are, but people are also a driving force of the creative ideas and understandings Gemini derives its world.

This is part of why Gemini experiences such strong duality and also able to deal with opposing ideas. Let's put Gemini aside for a moment and look at who is the Libra. The Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac, so they are in the middle of the zodiac year.

They want to balance out the ideas from Aries to Pisces and see how it all harmonizes together. Libra sees a critical shift in the year, the descent from spring and summer, and the relapse and cooling period into autumn and winter.

There is a maturing of the soul and an introspective intentionality from switching seasons.

gemini and libra relationship problems

The later signs of the zodiac tend to have more sagacious, older soul qualities. Whereas the first few zodiacs have a younger, more youthful energy that can be busy, talkative, boisterous, and ambitious. Libra is perhaps the most romantic of the air signs.

gemini and libra relationship problems

I see a great deal of commonality between Libra and Pisces. They both have a certain amount of gentleness, hope, and can sputter out into cycles of oblivion.

Libra and Gemini Compatibility: The Idealist and the Communicator

Libra typically wants and desires to be in a relationship. This is part of their soul goal in going toward harmony.

gemini and libra relationship problems

They feel they can better create harmony with a partner -- not necessarily out of dependency -- a Libra doesn't see that as harmony. Libra is looking for music here -- you can have a lone melody by itself and be beautiful, but Libra wants to hear multiple notes at once and see how it works together. Libra loves the finer things of life, refined beauty, aesthetics, and figuring out how to make disparate ideas and connecting them together.

This is how Libra loves; they want to bring the impossible together. Libra at their root are hopeful for the impossible -- like eternal life and heaven -- to manifest.

The Completion of the Pairing Gemini will cover Libra in love with words. Gemini will pour its heart out by giving all this buoyant energy, keeping things fresh, and though very naturally springy, they'll want Libra to feel emotionally comfortable.

Libra will let people come more to them rather than moving so much on their feet.

Gemini and Libra - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Libra can be more apt to leisure, lounging around others, and relaxing -- or showing off their attractiveness but without making a huge display. Gemini is considered the arms -- so this has to do with reaching out, mobility, and connecting ideas. The arms in and of themselves are like twins and have duality, mirroring, and symmetry. Libra is the center of the body the kidneys.

It sees how the whole body comes together and functions. Libra process things in the stomach, it helps manage where the nutrients and waste go. Libra wants the rest of the body to move and function in order for it to contextualize and figure out the harmony in it.

This is why Libra is a relationship driven sign -- it needs the context to really get its functions in action. Gemini who likes to mirror others to show comfort will enjoy the warm, gentle, and sweet nature of Libra.

ZodiacFacts: Gemini and Libra Pros and Cons Relationship Compatibiltiy

And Libra will enjoy having this equal, fair energy shared back with them. Gemini is constantly seeing symmetry, opportunity, and knowledge. Eventually his changeability in temper will breed bitterness in your heart.

At first it's so much fun with him, going here and there, having a good ole time. But then you notice that he isn't as responsible as you would like. Even when it comes to money he can be irresponsible so if you start to share finances.

gemini and libra relationship problems

He tends to lose attraction for a woman when she starts noticing his irresponsible ways. If he can learn to hear and listen, it will be a better relationship. Libra and Gemini Compatibility, Sexual Love Sex between you will be good, because he understands turning a woman on mentally and he's good at it.

You also know how to get him thinking, which gets his libido going.

gemini and libra relationship problems

Even if either of you trips, falls and lands on another lover, hehe; you may not break up over it. You may both feel that complete and total monogamy is an unnatural state. He can come up with a lot of kink in the bedroom and you have no problem matching him in that.

Libra with Gemini, Romantic Summary This match has the potential to be fabulous. If you have an immature Gemini on your hands the relationship will take a lot of hard work.