Gimli and legolas relationship poems

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gimli and legolas relationship poems

Jan 28, Legolas, Gimli and other characters belong to J.R.R. Tolkien. .. not damage their strange yet powerful relationship that he had come truly to cherish. .. It was as if you had appeared from some fairytale or fanciful poem. This essay explores the friendship between Legolas and Gimli in Tolkien‟s book and chapter number in parentheses as well to help locate the quotes. . The visit to Lothlórien is the turning point of their relationship, although it is initially. Gimli may very well have had a "close relationship" with Legolas while waiting for Please provide precise quotes and information on the subject. Please tell.

We with our long seeing eyes that miss nothing…yet miss what is right before us. In our ego and self-absorption we have become blind to much. Because someone does not look like us-- does that make that being automatically a thing of ugliness? If they do not sound like us, does that make their voices rough and foul? Legolas thought to himself, remembering all the old tales and even his own lofty thoughts from earlier that evening.

He lifted his head and once again regarded the being before him leaning casually against one of the deeply driven posts, thick muscular arms crossed over a broad chest, looking just as lost in his own thoughts as he. One side of the Dwarf's body was painted in the orange and red glow of the fire, the other half was lost in deep shadow, the fire casting sparks in the thick dark copper-mane and beard. And it was in this moment that Legolas suddenly saw the Dwarf in a whole new light, as if seeing his friend truly for the first time.

Why had he truly thought Gimli homely? He had no warts or such blemishes on the skin that could be seen, he was clearly not fat-- even with all his clothes on, nor was he foul smelling, his manner was proper and polite when he chose to be politeand his wit sharp. The Dwarf was usually quiet and thoughtful and while he did not move with the elegance of an Elf, there was no denying that Gimli had a grace all his own.

Had he truly thought Gimli ugly because he was simply a Dwarf? Where all Dwarves uncomely simply because of what they where? What Legolas did see was skin that he had thought in their first meeting to be rough and ruddy, was in truth tanned and smooth.

A strong featured face with high-cheek bones, a small nose and a large pair of expressive rich brown eyes. Upon his brow was an inflamed and scabbed over cut that healed above his left eye, a wound received during the previous battle, the bloody cloth that had been around it long since disposed of.

gimli and legolas relationship poems

A thick copper mustache hid the Dwarf's top lip, leaving only the plump bottom lip to view, the rest of the thick copper beard was clean and immaculately brushed, forked and braided. It hung down only to the young Dwarf's broad chest, it would still be long years before Gimli could eventually tuck it into his belt. The Dwarf's overall face was smooth and relatively unlined and now that Legolas truly studied him he realized that Aragorn had a much more lined and weather-beaten face in comparison.

And though Gimli stood at five foot one, standing shoulder height to Legolas's own stature, his frame was thick and strong, his broad upper body shaming any Man or Elf's, his arms and legs corded with thick hard muscle. Yet his hips were narrow, his waist trim and though he might not run and leap as lithely as an Elf, Legolas knew his friend was capable of moving with shocking speed and agility when needed. Is this what Gimli truly looked like?

Is this what Eomer, Eowyn and others see when they upon this stocky Warrior? Is this what Galadrial had seen? Legolas suddenly remembered the young soldier outside before he had stepped into the tent, how he had glared at him before storming away. It now struck him, that the soldier had been planning to do the very same thing as he! Yet by Aragorn's comment and manner from earlier, clearly the Ranger also saw Gimli as most Elves would, through a tinted lens.

Which Legolas supposed only made sense since the dark-haired human was raised by Elves and in turn would unconsciously adopt many of their beliefs and biases. For all the many miles with this being, fighting beside him, being through so much together-- Legolas came to the embarrassing realization that he still knew almost nothing of his friend and now of the eager desire to learn more about this being he found himself undeniably drawn.

His thoughts turned to a memory of the past, of a day when he was on guard duty down in the dungeons of the palace where most of the Dwarves were being kept, having been assigned the tedious and unpleasant task as a punishment by his father the King for a particularly messy prank he had played on his second eldest brother.

Involving honey, flour and a sack full of cursing spiderlings. Being terribly bored, he remembered pacing the dark underground halls and silently peering in at some of the prisoners, most simply slept or paced restlessly around the cramped space of their cells. He remembered peering into a particular cell and watching a brooding black haired Dwarf sitting on the low cot as he angrily scratched runes on the wall, he now knew that this Dwarf had been Gimli's father, Gloin.

When Legolas had first meet Gimli in Rivendell he had thought he looked much like his father, or any other Dwarf he had seen for that matter. But now he could see that while he shared some common traits with Gloin, Gimli also looked much different from his sire. For long moments the air was quiet, save for the occasionally pop of the fire and the distant and muffled sounds of the celebration still taking place outside.

Gimli raised the wineskin to his lips and took another swig as he waited for Legolas to speak as he idyll watched the Elf's graceful silhouette jerk and dance with the other shadows on the far wall behind the bed.

Apparently not minding the change of topic as he ran a thick hand through his dark copper-hair, tucking a few long stray strands behind a gold ringed ear. Are you fair by your peoples measure? I see your game," He said, though there was no true heat in his voice. I seek nothing of the sort! Though there was a clear undercurrent of caution in his deep voice now. I have also heard that I am comely by the standards of Men.

My bed-partners have found me fair…Though I am no doubt quite hideous to you and your kind. Legolas gave a shake of his head before taking a deep breath and continuing. But now… I am no longer blinded by half truths and old wise-tales…" He trailed off, as if not able to find the proper words before trying again.

Gimli was no stranger to his looks and had used them to his advantage more then once. He had never had a shortage of bed mates, both male and female, but to hear he was attractive from an Elf- and this Elf in particular! Now came another dreaded another question to Legolas' mind, a nagging fear. Do you find me fair? The question hung in the air as Gimli silently gazed at him, watching the orange glow of the flames bathe the ethereal being sitting on the bed, the soft black hair pooling around those slender shoulders like a fall of shadow, green eyes glittering like stars.

Gimli closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath, allowing his sensitive nose to fill with the pheromones in the air, knowing their subtle language did not lie. At the moment they spoke of no deception, but attraction and an underling nervousness.

Gimli finally opened his eyes and stepped away from the fire, coming to stand directly in front of the Elf and for once it was now Legolas who had to tilt his head up into look at the Dwarf.

Bright, beautiful, elegant-- yet strong, sharp…deadly. You are fierce and wild, yet your smiles are pure sunlight. Your skin glows as if you swallowed the moon and your eyes are like chips of cold jade when you are angry.

Yet when you are happy… they are the green of new leaves in the blush of spring," he waxed poetically. But once again Gimli's expression became serious as he looked down upon the Elf and his words grew sober. Watching you dance across that thin railing on nothing but your toes, singing to yourself, face to the sky.

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I thought you beautiful with the voice of a nightingale. It was as if you had appeared from some fairytale or fanciful poem. But Gimli gently reached out and clasped him by the chin and turned Legolas' now frowning face up to look at him again before continuing, needing to tell all and have Legolas truly understand. Long ago I encountered Elves…on a roadside…" He trailed off as if the words would no longer come and for a moment Legolas watched as a white-hot anger and an burning sorrow flare momentarily in those deep eyes before it faded as Gimli's true gaze came back to the present and Legolas' pale upturned face.

I thought your kind shallow, petty, your pretty faces only masking cold cruel hearts within. Yet I have learned so much since being in your presence, talking with you, fighting with you- killing with you.

As well as our stay in the Lady's golden wood. I was wrong about many things," he said, watching as the frown slowly left the Elf's features. I know this very well! You made sure to tell me at every possible chance on our long quest, should I recite them for you?

Legolas couldn't deny the truth in those words, but didn't show it as he glared at the Dwarf, who was now chuckling at his pouting expression. Legolas decided not to say anything, but instead make his next move. Gimli took a step back as the Elf gracefully got up, preparing to apologize, thinking that he had offended and said too much and that the Elf intended to leave.

But he words immediately halted in his throat when the dark-haired Elf did not begin to walk away, but instead began undoing the ties of his light forest green tunic, letting the material slip off his shoulders to the floor, next came the long soft skin boots and other accessories, followed finally by his dark leggings. When he was done Legolas stepped gracefully out of the pile of clothes, leaving Gimli a complete and unobstructed view of his pale flesh.

His undeniably male form was long and slender, sculpted with muscles from years of running and leaping through forests and wielding his long white knife.

His legs were long and supple, his arms strong and tightly muscled from drawing his bow. Except for the long black hair of his head and the small thatch of downy black curls between his legs, his smooth skin was utterly devoid of hair. His frame was finer and more elongated then a Man's, his chest a little more narrow, his bones lighter. His body was made for speed and agility. Gimli was reminded of long legged deer and graceful cats as his eyes roamed over the Elf's lithe form.

His eyes followed the flat expanse of his stomach down to narrow hips and to his genitals. Legolas' arousal being much like the rest of his body, long, smooth and slender. Legolas patently waited, watching the Dwarf's eyes roam over his body, waiting for his reaction before those eyes once again turned up to look back into his.

Gimli's smile from just moments before was gone, replaced by an intense expression that Legolas couldn't read, but Legolas did not see any disgust or rejection reflected there and in fact the Dwarf took a step closer to him.

gimli and legolas relationship poems

Greatly daring Legolas reached out to touch Gimli's face, but suddenly found his hand halted by an almost painful grip of a large callused hand now holding his thin wrist. He was a bit startled and knelt back down on the bed, his wrist still held in that iron grip, the Dwarf standing taller then the Elf on his knees.

Confused green eyes quickly searched the Dwarf's face to see if he was angry or if he had somehow misinterpreted something, but he saw no anger or second thoughts. What he did see in those large eyes was a look genuine interest, heat, but also a note unease.

As if Gimli was still not entirely sure of what Legolas planned to do. Are you frightened of me? It was quiet as those dark almond-shaped eyes studied him before answering. Like the sun, blinding and bright in her grandeur, her light warming all that it touches, " he waxed, and Legolas felt a spark of jealousy as a twinkle of light came to those dark eyes at the thought of the Elvin Queen of Lothlorien.

For like the sun, she is a beauty meant to be worshipped from afar. A fire that promised to burn if touched. A fire that Legolas found himself, like a moth, undeniably drawn. The strong grip on his wrist lessened and became gentle as it was turned over, Legolas felt his heartbeat speed up as he watched Gimli then lift his slim wrist to his parted mouth, watching as a nimble tongue lazily move across the delicate skin in found.

He felt his breath hitch at that hot wet touch, as it seemed to leave a burning trail over his pale skin that all to quickly cooled. He made a small noise of disappointment when Gimli released his wrist and moved a step back.

Gimli and Legolas

But his disappointment soon evaporated as he watched Gimli reach up and undo the two thick braids in his beard, running his thick fingers through the now lose hair, leaving the braids of his mustache before stepping up and kneeling before to him again. The invitation was clear and Legolas took it, immediately sinking his fingers into the warm copper hair. The only other beard he had ever felt had been that of Gandalf's, during a visit to Mirkwood long ago.

As a small and curious Elfling he remembered Gandalf placing him on his knee and allowing him to touch it, after all he had never seen a beard before except for the Wizard's.

He remembered vividly the feeling of how course and wiry it felt as he ran his small fingers through it. The hair of the Wizard's beard had been so different compared to the rest of Gandalf's long course grey-hair, how terribly alien it had seemed. Before he had promptly grabbed a handful and yanked; much to Gandalf's cursing and pained displeasure.

That had been the first and consequently the last time the Wizard had allowed the Elf anywhere near his beard. But the beard he was feeling now was nothing like Gandalf's from long ago, this was thick and as silky as the rest of Gimli's heavy smooth hair.

It was now that he could truly understand why Dwarves took such care and pride in their hair and beards as he ran his long fingers though the rich copper strands. What would this beard feel like on my face?

gimli and legolas relationship poems

Legolas though to himself. He had never kissed someone with facial hair before, let alone a Dwarf.

The Very Secret Diary of Gimli, Son of Gloin

He finally looked up again and let his hands fall from the beard, Gimli opened his eyes to look at him, having half closed them as he enjoyed the Elf's petting.

One pale foot rubbing against the back of a muscular thigh through the material of the Dwarf's trousers. He watched through lowered lids as a smile graced the Dwarf's lips at his command. The Elf looked back at him in surprise, mouth slightly agape, his eyes wide in disbelief.

Sounding perfectly the role of miffed royalty, used to having their commands followed. Legolas now saw his game and decided to play along. Gimli let himself simply drink in the vision before him for a moment. The Wood-elf's smooth delicately featured face was flushed with passion, his emerald-green eyes flashing in the firelight.

His kissable lips glistened like some succulent pink fruit that promised sweet addiction at first taste, his slim graceful form and pale flesh bared and free for the taking. Gimli closed his eyes briefly to take in the scent of the lithe creature before him, the light perfume of springtime blossoms, sunlight and the rich smell of deep forests filled his senses.

He could tasted the Dwarf's hot breath on his mouth, the copper-hairs of his mustache tickling his face, his fingers tightened on the belt as a small moan of want escaped his throat.

It was the moan that proved to be Gimli's final undoing and this time he did kiss him, the game forgotten. For in the next moment Legolas found his lips claimed by a hot hungry mouth as he felt two large calloused hands gently cup his face, his own pale arms coming to wrap around the Dwarf's thick neck.

The searing kiss was fuelled with the flames of arousal, passion, and utter need for the other. Their tongues dueled for dominance before it began to slow to a easy pace of exploring, tasting and memorizing.

Legolas found his senses utterly filled with Gimli, his scent, the intoxicating smell of smoldering fires, metal and cinnamon, the feel of hot skin against him, his taste. As they continued to kiss he quickly found out that Gimli's silver tongue was capable of more then charm and honeyed words, feeling light-headed and dizzy with lust. He felt Gimli's big hands leave his face and move down over his body, over his ribs to then grip his waist.

Not breaking the kiss he felt Gimli partially kneel down for a moment, the grip on his waist tightening before he felt himself lifted up. His long legs instinctively tightening around Gimli's hips as the Dwarf easily lifted him up and climbed onto the bed until he knelt in the middle of it, Legolas in his lap.

Gimli now once again having to be the one turn his face up so as not to break their kiss. They continued this way until they finally broke apart again, it was then that Legolas suddenly pushed Gimli back onto the bed before coming to straddle him as he looked playfully down at the Dwarf, his soft black hair falling around his pale face.

With that Legolas picked up the Dwarf's long copper braid from the bed, marveling at the heavy thickness of it in his hands before he carefully untied the thong of leather and unwound the intricate weave.

When he was done he ran his hands through the now loose mane, which was even longer out of its braid. The hair was as thick as horse hair, but instead of being course it was soft and silky. Gimli quietly watched, his face inscrutable as Legolas then reached down and ran his hands once again through his beard before moving it to the side as clever fingers began to undo the laces on the front of Gimli's red tunic.

After the laceing was undone, Legolas steeled himself for the sight of the no doubt forest of thick hair under the red fabric. Yet deciding that no matter what, terrible dense fur or not, he would still desire Gimli before finally taking a deep breath and pulling back the material of the tunic and barring part of Gimli's chest to view.

What he saw made him pause wide-eyed. Gimli regarded the silent obsidian-haired Prince with a thick copper eyebrow raised. And in turn another ignorant story Legolas had simply believed had again been shattered. I was just under the impression of your kind being rather…" he trailed off, not finding the words he wanted.

He then let out a delighted gasp after he had thrown the red tunic over his shoulder and saw what lay beneath. The art of tattoos and piercing was nothing new to Dwarves and was quite common. While tattoos were not unknown to Men, they where not all that common either, but he knew nothing of Elven custom of such body adornment. Some times we paint ourselves with special dyes… but nothing permanent. Some of the wounds must have been truly horrific by the look of some of the larger ones.

Legolas had seen and had gotten his own fair share of cuts and injuries in the past, some pretty nasty, but his pale skin was still flawless and unmarred. Elves did not scar and even though he knew that mortals did, it still seemed terrible alien. He could not imagine what it would be like to carry a mark of every wound that you had ever received, acting as a constant reminder of the incident that had caused it.

By the sheer numbers and the sizes of the ones before him, Mirkwood was apparently not the only difficult and dangerous place in Middle-earth to grow up. He was not ashamed of his scars, they were a badge of honor by Dwarven standards, but he knew of the Elven ability not to scar and quickly heal. Would Legolas be disgusted at the sight of his many scars, would he think him disfigured in some way?

But his fears proved to be unfounded. As Legolas lowered his head and traced a particularly large scar that ran from Gimli's right shoulder to just above his right nipple, with a pink tongue.

Legolas turned his face into the touch then swooped down for another heated kiss before he forced himself away again to continue on his exploration. Trying not to shiver under the burning gaze of those intense dark eyes that watched him and his every movement.

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He caressed his hands over the broad rock-hard muscle of Gimli thick chest as he took in the Dwarf's form. Legolas could see that the Dwarf's flat muscular torso was shorter then that of a Man's or Elf's, more compact, allowing for his thickly corded arms and legs to have more length. Gimli looked as if he could carry a mountain on his back if he chose to. He ran his hands over Gimli corded arms, marveling at the heavy muscles that were as thick around as Legolas' own thigh. His forearms were tight with tendons, the skin heavily scarred and seeming tougher and more capable of taking abuse, the wrists themselves were thick, feeling more reinforce.

Gimli's hands were a marvel all their own, larger then Legolas' own long slender ones, it was almost frightening to know how much strength was in those hands. Hands that he had once seen delicately snatch a fire-bug from the air and hold it so young Pippin could have a better look at it before letting the fragile insect fly off unharmed. He had also seen those same hands crush thick orc bones and bend metal with frightening ease. Thick, calloused and scarred, yet they could move and do things with a fluidity and sensuality to rival any Elvin musician.

Legolas returned his hands to Gimli's broad chest and then lightly scratched a path down over the chiseled muscular abdomen. Watching the muscles bunched and tensed beneath that hot skin under his touch, following the trail of copper hair until reaching the barrier of a thick leather belt and the top of Gimli's trousers.

Gimli's body was a contradiction, strong yet surprisingly agile, thick yet smooth. Yet it made perfect sense in the end. Was it not said that Aule was most proud and considered his two greatest achievements the creation of the great lamps and the creation of the Dwarves? Why would the greatest smith of the Valar make his children ugly? It was clear now that he did not make his children ugly.

And while it might not be true for every single Dwarf, Gimli's body was a true blend of strength, function and beauty. Far from it, my handsome Dwarf. Though I do think you a bit overdressed at the moment," he said, tugging playfully on the thick leather belt around Gimli hips. With that Legolas moved back as Gimli sat up and pulled off his thick boots and tossing them one after the other, off the bed, then deftly undoing the buckle of the belt and finally pulling his trouser down over his hips before they too joined the rest of their clothes on the floor.

Legolas could now see that there was another small tattoo of a sickle moon inclosing a flame on Gimli's left hip, but that was not what drew his immediately attention. Gimli gave a low chuckle to that as he leaned back on his elbows. But Legolas soon wiped that smug look off Gimli's face when he leaned forward and wrapped a cool hand around that hot shaft before moving lower to fondle the heavy set of testicles he found, watching with a smirk now on his own pale face as Gimli closed his eyes and his head lagged back as he let a deep groan of pleasure.

It was soon followed by a disappointed growl when Legolas let go. Now it is only fair that you have yours," the Elf said, sitting back, watching as Gimli sat up but with a truly predatory look in his dark eyes.

But before Legolas could do or say more he was suddenly seized and dragged onto the Dwarf's lap and quickly wrapped in a hot embrace as steel-like arms curled around his waist as big hands moved over his smooth thighs and along his ribs and back.

There was such strength in those hands, such pressure, that it felt to Legolas as if Gimli could simply plunge his fingers into his very being.

Legolas arched into the touch with a soft gasp, his supple body beginning to heat up as a fire within was stoked into a raging blaze, his stiff arousal now rubbing against Gimli's own and his ridged stomach. He let go of Gimli's shoulders and began to caress his long fingered hands up and down the Dwarf's thick arms and shoulders, reaching around to stroke the broad muscular back, running his nails over the thick warm skin. Gimli heard himself let out a deep rumbling purr of pleasure at the Elf's touch.

Legolas in turn loving the vibration against his body as Gimli nibbled the underside of the Elf's jaw and neck, his beard a teasing tickle along Legolas' heated skin, causing him to sigh and make small humming noises.

The Dwarf wrapped his arms fiercely around the Elf's waist, crushing the lithe body to him more as he explored the Elf's pale throat, until finding a specific point and bit down on the sensitive juncture of Legolas' elegant neck.

It was not hard enough to break the skin, but he heard the sharp intake of breath followed by a keening wail as the Elf jumped and writhed on his lap. Feeling the pleasurable sting as Legolas dug his nails into the skin of Gimli's back and scratch a line from the middle of his back to his right shoulder blade.

Legolas's body seeming to tighten like the string of a bow before almost seeming to melt in his arms as he releases the bruised flesh and gave it a soothing and apologetic lick of his tongue. In truth Gimli wasn't sure how Legolas would react, nips and bites being a common thing in Dwarven lovemaking, so he was sure to be very gentle with Legolas.

Still kneeling, Gimli let Legolas arch limply back until the Elf's head and shoulders rested on the bed as he let his mouth wander over the rest of the Elf's body, licking the delicate hollow at the base of Legolas' throat and the artful sweep of his collarbone. A thrilling shiver ran through Legolas at the feel of Gimli's beard and teeth.

The feeling of large sharp canines scraping gently over his sensitive flesh, those teeth lightly nipping him every now and then as that hot mouth explored his skin. He gave a keening cry, arching his back as that hot mouth found its way to a pert rosy nipple, the feeling of calloused fingers tease and pinching the other.

Yet all too soon for his liking the mouth and hands moved on, leaving the nubs of flesh pebbled and swollen. Gimli continued to kiss, caress and lick his way down over the Elf's supple body, following the line of his flat stomach, pausing to dip his tongue into the navel there.

Hearing the gasp and watching as the muscles of that pale stomach jerk and tighten in response to the touch before moving lower to the sharp jut of a hip bone. Hearing the disappointed whimper when he avoided the Elf's still untouched and throbbing arousal, ignoring the tug of the pale hand now tangled in his hair as he licked and nibbled lower still to the Elf's creamy thighs. Getting into a kneeling position beside the prone Elf, Gimli then picked up one slender leg as he sat back on his heels, bring that long limb to his mouth once more as if to feast on the Elf's flesh.

Legolas had been biting his lip when he gave a surprised yelp as he felt those big hands, one behind his knee and the other under his other hip, grip him and suddenly lift his entire lower body completely off the bed as if he weighed nothing. His long flexible body now laying partially twisted, his head and shoulders still on the bed, his hair sprawled across the furs as he fisted the sheets with a groan, his other leg hanging limp as his other one was held in a strong grip. Gimli marveled once again at the complete lack of hair on Legolas' body as he licked his way down the leg.

Feeling the solid lean muscles beneath that cool skin as he listened in delight to the pants and moans in the tent. Pausing to kiss and lightly nip the sensitive skin behind the Elf's knee, hearing the sharp intake of breath and feeling the jolt in the body in his hands.

Legolas watched through half-lidded eyes as Gimli moved on to his calf, his flushed face partly pressed into the furs as his whole body strummed with arousal as he felt the hot heat of that mouth sweep across his lower leg.

He was however quite startled and unprepared when the look on Gimli's face suddenly turned from heat and desire-- to utter revulsion, his nose wrinkling and his eyes wincing as he jerked his head back and immediately dropped Legolas' leg. His green-eyes immediately snapped wide as his lower body hit the bed with a bounce while Gimli turned his head and loudly spat. Then hurriedly began wiping his tongue on one of his thick forearm before quickly looking for something else to scrub his tongue with before finally settling with the bed sheets.

Legolas quickly sat up confusion next to him, his heart pounding in his chest, thinking that Gimli had suddenly changed his mind and was revolted by what had taken place.

Was he revolted by him? His mind was awhirl with these thoughts as he watched Gimil, now done with the bed sheet, look around for something on the floor before apparently spotting it. The Elf watched with wide worried eyes as the Dwarf promptly climbed over him and leaped up off the bed before dashing over and snatched the wineskin from where it lay forgotten on the rug in front of the fire.

Ripping the cork out the Dwarf chugged a long swallow, before taking a mouthful of wine and swished it around his mouth before spitting it into the fire, causing the flames to momentarily flare. What is that foul substance on your leg?

  • The Very Secret Diary of Gimli, Son of Gloin

Who had now drawn his long legs up under him, unconsciously having pulled the rumbled sheet over himself, looking upset and almost waif-like. As Gimli's words sunk in, Legolas nearly collapsed in relief, the worry and hurt draining out of him in a rush.

He had completely forgotten that he had sustained a large scrap on his leg during a fierce skirmish with some Uruk-hai as he followed Aragorn up some stairs during the previous Battle at Helm's Deep.

gimli and legolas relationship poems

He then looked up, an amused smile now on his fair face. One large hand on his hip as he looked back at the Elf still on the bed, the Dwarf's form painted in the glow of the fire, looking like some powerful primal creature made of fire and smooth stone. The gold rings decorating his ears glittered in the light, his thick mane of hair was lose and mused from their previous activities.

Legolas watched as he then walked back to the bed, uncaringly tossing the empty skin over his broad shoulder as he strolled over and climbed back onto the bed again. Coming to knell in front of the sitting Elf, who had let the bed sheet fall. But before Legolas could say anything, Gimli interrupted. Legolas could taste the wine in his mouth as they kissed, their tongues battling once more. For many long moments the only thing heard through the tent was the occasional hum and rustle of the sheets and the muffled sounds of their kissing.

Until Gimli finally pulled away, raising himself up on his arms and looked down at the Wood-elf, eyes ablaze with arousal, his breathing heavy. His thick copper-hair hanging around his face, partially covering Legolas view of him.

For I have experience with not only my own kind but that of humans, both female and male," Gimli said, watching as a frown began to crinkle the skin between the Elf's dark eyebrows as he thought about what Gimli had just said. Seeing this Gimli quickly swooped down and gave him another searing kiss before Legolas could voice whatever it was that he was going to say, and soon it was forgotten as the Elf let out a deep moan under Gimli's skilled ministrations, letting the Dwarf take the lead.

They continued to kiss before Gimli eventually moved down to kiss along the side of Legolas's slender pale throat, moving over the sweep of his collarbone and down his chest. Stopping to suckle and pinch his hard nipples, making the archer toss his head about on the bed before following the taunt line of the pale abdomen.

Sorry, this part has been removed because of the no graphic "smut" rule. But if anyone wants to read the un-edited version, go to my stories posted under 'Gecco' thereits also post at the AxeBow ML. Now that his arousal had been satisfied his mind was a jumble of thoughts and feelings again, how had things changed so much in this one night?

He turned on his side and once again studied his lover, who at the moment now sat on the edge of the bed, combing his thick hair. His body softly illuminated by the red glow of the embers in the fire. Legolas intently watched that strong broad back, the heavy muscles that bunched and moved under the tanned skin as the Dwarf ran a bone and silver inlayed comb through the deep copper fall of straight hair.

He noticed with a tingle of heat the marks his nails had left and he felt a spark of primal territorial pride knowing that Gimli carried his mark. Showing any, if any saw, that the Dwarf was his. He could also see that there were many pale scars here too as his green eyes followed a line of intricate stylized star tattoos that ran along Gimli's spine. The largest one starting at the base of his thick neck and down, gradually decreasing in size down his broad back leading to the tattoo of a sickle moon on the Dwarf's lower back, the sharp points of it facing up.

Though Legolas did not yet know their meaning, he did notice that there was a continuing theme of stars, fire, and moons to Gimli's tattoos and he was fascinated to know why. What was the reason for them, did they have significant meaning to something? Gimli finally finished combing his hair and flipped it back over his shoulder, the thick fall of copper once again obstructing Legolas' view of his back. It was so long that the ends touch the bed as Gimli leaned back a little as if contemplating the darkness of the tent.

Sensing the prickle of eyes upon him Gimli looked over his shoulder and noticed that his lover was awake. Seeing this he got up to put his comb back in his travel pack, disappearing into the shadows before appearing again and padding back to the bed, the soft red light of the dieing embers making him look like some primal and seductive spirit called forth from the darkness by the cry of a yearning heart, like in some fantastical fairytale.

Without a word he came to lie down next to the pale Elf, on the warm furs. There they lay on their sides, facing one another, their warm breaths mingling, so close…yet not touching. A silent uncertainty now laying between them. They stayed like that, neither moving, both afraid to break the moment and face the uncertainties this night had set into motion, until the Elf reached out a graceful hand to touch the other.

Tracing over the warm smooth skin of his temple and cheek before delicately caressing a thumb over Gimli's plump bottom lip as Gimli lay still, quietly watching him with those dark almond eyes. Those mysterious brown eyes that told all, yet gave away nothing. Or the realization that a part of me feels missing when he is not at my side.

My arrows all but spent as I followed, but all the while 'he' was nowhere insight. The fear that I had lost him, more terrifying then any Orc sword or blast of Orthanc fire. Long moments passed as they continued to silently study one another, simply enjoying the close presence of the other, lost in their own thoughts.

Legolas watched as Gimli's eyes after a time took on a quality that he had seen several times during their long quest. Sometimes the Dwarf's eyes would change, the light shift and his eyes would gain such an old look about them, as if they had seen far to much already for his age. How is this possible? It was now Gimli's turn to reach out and run his large calloused fingers through the soft silk of Legolas' obsidian hair before gently tucking some cool strands behind a delicate leaf-shaped ear, then moving to caress the Elf's smooth pale cheek with the back of his thick knuckles.

Fight ended when Aragorn picked up Ringbearer and stuffed him in his trousers. May have made slight miscalculation, as it seems that cousin Balin has been dead for at least sixty years.

Suppose it should have occurred to me that has been a while since last got Christmas card from the Moria folks. Still, cannot be expected to keep track of everything.

Hobbits used as excuse to have teary cuddlefest on rocks. Suffered manly embrace from Boromir, although he kept jabbing Horn of Gondor into my solar plexus. At least, hope that was the Horn of Gondor. Does not bear thinking about if not. Sam will kill him if he tries anything. Suggested to Legolas that we might want a leader who is less of a lech. Legolas then asked if I wanted to take a bath with him.

Beginning to suspect that all that Elvish poetry about the glory of warrior-bonds between men just big cover-up for illicit spanking games. Galadriel quite the babe. While hobbits off power cuddling and Boromir chasing Aragorn, had time to show her a few dwarf tricks. On second thought, maybe that was Celeborn. Cannot much tell difference with elves.