Glee tina and blaine relationship trust

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glee tina and blaine relationship trust

From then on, Blaine was insistent on earning back Kurt's trust and getting Klaine back together. Since Klaine happened, their relationship became a big deal in the fandom and in the media. .. Is Blaine Tina's only friend in the glee club?. Rated: Fiction K - English - Friendship/Romance - Blaine A., Kurt H. - Words: A shocked look overtook Tina's features, "maybe he's a serial killer. . Blaine was not here to divulge misgivings over his relationship with Kurt, or. Although it has only been three years since Glee last appeared on TV, there are 20 Mercedes and Puck's relationship didn't make sense . Glee Blaine Tina and Sam . Fans will have to decide if they want to take Sam's word for it or to trust what they've actually seen him do throughout many episodes.

The attendees play spin the bottlewhich results in Rachel and Blaine kissing.

glee tina and blaine relationship trust

In the aftermath, Blaine wonders whether he might be bisexual, and goes on a date with Rachel. When she kisses him again while they are both sober, he concludes that he is indeed gay, which relieves Kurt.

At a subsequent group meeting, Kurt arrives late and announces that the group's mascot canary is dead; he sings " Blackbird " in honor of the bird.

While Kurt is singing, Blaine has a revelation, and later tells Kurt that he reciprocates his feelings and kisses him. At Regionals, the two sing a duet of "Candles" by Hey Monday.

glee tina and blaine relationship trust

The Warblers lose to New Directions, but while Kurt is very disappointed, Blaine tells him that even though they lost, in reality, they won each other which makes losing Regionals worth it. Karofsky, the Prom King, leaves to avoid dancing with a guy in the traditional dance between King and Queen, and Kurt dances with Blaine instead.

Kurt and Blaine meet up with Sebastian at a gay bar, Blaine gets drunk, and afterward tries to get Kurt to have sex with him in the car. Kurt refuses, they have a fight, and Blaine decides to walk home. After the West Side Story opening night, they apologize to each other, and decide to go to Blaine's house. They are later shown in bed together, apparently having just had sex for the first time. Blaine becomes conflicted, believing that he does not belong in New Directions.

He ends up going to the Sadie Hawkins dance with Tina Cohen-Chang Jenna Ushkowitzwho has developed a crush on him, but as friends only. Jan offers to be a mentor to him, and Blaine and Kurt later have dinner with Jan and Liz, where Jan and Liz explain how their relationship evolved over the years and their experience with the growing mainstream acceptance of gay people. Blaine is shown, after the ceremony is over, holding a jewelry box behind his back.

Blaine still wants to marry Kurt, and stages an elaborate and successful marriage proposal at Dalton Academy where he and Kurt first met, accompanied by New Directions, and all their rival show choir groups, including the Warblers.

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New Directions comes in second at Nationals, and is disbanded by Sue for not being champions. Blaine graduates as class valedictorian, and then moves to New York to be with Kurt. They start off living together, but though they remain engaged, Blaine ultimately moves out because the two of them realize they still need their own space. The relationship between them goes through rocky patches, including Blaine's insecurity when Kurt becomes popular at school, and when an influential socialite and NYADA supporter hears Blaine perform and takes an interest in his future career, though she is not impressed by Kurt and ultimately tries to break them up, though she fails and ultimately supports them both.

Their engagement is strengthened by having weathered these storms, and Blaine moves back in with Kurt. Season 6[ edit ] Blaine returns to Lima after Kurt ended their engagement, having become so despondent that his schoolwork suffered and he was cut by NYADA. He becomes the coach of the Dalton Academy Warblers, and begins dating Dave Karofsky after a chance encounter at the local gay bar.

Unfortunately, by the time he arrives, Blaine and Karofsky are already a couple, and there is further strain between Kurt and Blaine as coaches of rival show choirs.

Glee Tina 'vapo rapes' Blaine 4x13

In " The Hurt Locker, Part Two ", Sue, who "ships Klaine" and is desperate for Kurt and Blaine to reunite, locks them both in a fake elevator and refuses to let them leave until they kiss.

After resisting for a great many hours, Blaine and Kurt share a passionate kiss, but do not reunite afterward.

The following day, Blaine, knowing that he is still in love with Kurt, breaks up with Karofsky; however, Kurt is still seeing an older man, Walter. In " A Wedding ", Kurt tells Walter that he is going to Brittany and Santana's wedding with Blaine, not him, and on Walter's advice, returns to Blaine; the two again become a couple.

At the wedding, Brittany insists that Kurt and Blaine get married alongside her and Santana. Though skeptical at first, Kurt and Blaine agree and get married, with Burt officiating the joint ceremony. The episode jumps ahead toand Blaine and Kurt are shown to be actors and a celebrity married couple; they also visit schools to entertain and talk about acceptance.

Rachel, who is married to Jesse, is pregnant with Blaine and Kurt's child. Darren Criss pictured auditioned for Glee several times before being cast as Blaine. Casting and creation[ edit ] Blaine is portrayed by actor Darren Crisswho had auditioned for Glee several times for several roles before the character Blaine was created.

Although the series writers have seen them, he considers them supplemental to his main audition, which was for series creator Ryan Murphy.

But could that change as the season progresses? He explained, "He sort of becomes Kurt's mentor and then maybe love [ I think there's a hunger for him and a positive relationship role model. I think the option is there and that they want to keep Blaine around.

I'm happy to serve whatever story they want.

glee tina and blaine relationship trust

When other shows present the gay character thing, it's typically been in much more adult situations, like gay men living in New York or closeted men who are married and struggling with that ordeal, or having sex on the subway, but never really the core of the journey of defining your sexuality. Blaine offers a beautiful counter to that and makes such a great addition to the many-colored palette that is Glee.

Due to similarities which stem from their shared sexuality, Blaine "sees a lot of himself in Kurt, in terms of experiences and the way they feel about the world around them. He feels the need to impart his knowledge, be a source of strength for him, and really help him through what he's going through.

He explained that he grew up among the "gay community", being with theater performers, so was raised without a concept of sexuality being an issue.

Criss stated that, although he identifies as straight, "it really doesn't come into play with me in this role. As an actor, your objective is always to play the scene.

glee tina and blaine relationship trust

And this in case, he happens to be a gay teen. Heather 10 February at At least not much. This entire situation reminds me of Heart and Karofsky and Kurt apologizing and being understanding because Karofsky was in a bad place. There can of course be a difference in how the characters respond and how the narrative tells you you should respond.

Blaine Anderson

I know in real life people respond to this issue by not taking it seriously like that, but TV is not real life. It teaches us about real life.

And so it has certain responsibilities, to be inclusive, to not send bad messages, to not encourage rape culture. With this bedroom scene I think the narrative will again take this as seriously as Blaine and Kurt and others do. It sends the message that the victim in such situations should just accept what happened, be understanding, think about how the perpetrator must feel, etc. I expect them to be on friendly or okay terms at the end of this storyline and for Tina to face no permanent consequences for what she did to Blaine.

I think this storyline is meant to be about Tina and her feelings, and I think the writers just miscalculated how far they could take her actions to show her pain. That includes topics like consent, suicide, teen pregnancy, adoption, etc.