Glinda and elphaba relationship help

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glinda and elphaba relationship help

I dunno. Help? So, I randomly was reading a topic on the discussion board at Or do people not see the Elphaba/Glinda because they are so trained to only process to wonder about the complexities of Elphaba and Glinda's relationship ?. @DanaPiccoli Who doesn't ship Elphaba and Glinda? an uneasy friendship is formed, which turns into the deepest relationship in the show. And the Glinda-Elphaba relationship is the heart of the show; their final . Shulamit learns her secret by accident, asks Rivka to help her find a.

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The natural question arises of how this specific demographic of Wicked fan sees the relationship between Elphaba and G a linda, as well as the queerness of the show as a whole. Seeing the Show, Questions The next set of questions concerned actually seeing the show and interacting with it through commercial channels such as those described in section two.

This set of data exemplified that just as fandom no longer seemed confined to niche forums, the show reached a much wider audience who experienced it in different settings, both geographically and through a variety of media. Almost immediately after posting the survey on tumblr, I received a question about what option to pick if the respondent had seen it internationally, a choice which was quickly added.

Why lesbians love “Wicked”

More people also reported seeing bootleg copies than on Broadway, with seeing it on tour being the most popular answer. Most surprisingly to me, 23 of the 32 respondents reported seeing the show in more than one setting.

glinda and elphaba relationship help

However, the availability of bootlegs makes it easy and cheap for fans to rewatch the show, possibly picking up on details they missed during a live performance or re-experiencing favorite moments. About six heard the soundtrack of Glee covers first.

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This fan in particular runs the gamut of pre- and post-show interaction: After seeing it my interaction with the fandom became more intense, I started creating fanart and became a fan of some of the actors who have been involved in the show. Glinda made the plans. What could possibly go wrong? Glinda's sweeping blond hair sprang in all directions, her cerulean eyes threatening to start a downpour of tears.

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After all Elphie and Yero had been through And I haven't broken up with him yet. He doesn't want to learn, he doesn't want to grow up. All he wants to do is kiss me.

glinda and elphaba relationship help

I mean, if I were a scandalicious prince like him, I'd be totally moodified. Her emerald face slid its eyes closed, as if willing everything to be untrue. I mean, I know that he's wanted to break up with me for a while.

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I looked up the "hints" that boys drop when they want to break up with you, and everything fits. She hated seeing Elphaba upset. She almost never smiled as it was. But Glinda knew Elphaba and Fiyero had some sort of magic together that could bond them.

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That sucker is always dancing in those yoga pants and tagging too many pretty girls for his own good. This was really, really bad.

Yero and Elphie were always so compatible. Why did it have to change now? Glinda walked over to the door and pulled on her favorite coat. She had to see what else was going on in the Thropp-Tiggular relationship.