Gon and killua relationship advice

Words by the Ramble. — Why do you think Killua and Gon are toxic for each

gon and killua relationship advice

I had been craving a new show to watch, so I took their advice and So let's get to the first question: What's special about Gon and Killua's relationship? Gon was Killua's first friend, he has a bright and bubbly personality. and the literal worst: “Killua and Gon should have been rivals like Naruto and Sasuke! I wanted to do an analysis of the Killugon relationship. Killua looked up from the paper to Gon. mentioned leopika; Additional Tags: Relationship Advice, Feelings Realization, leorio is killua's dad.

Their types and abilities are determined by their personalities. These abilities are often not about overt strength, i. To be fair, there are a lot of battles in Hunter x Hunter. But these battles are not about overpowering your opponent through brute strength or speed. It is more about using your unique ability to the fullest. Lurking in the background of this complicated Nen system is the world of Hunter x Hunter itself.

This is a world full of properties, institutions, assassins, games, bandits, and creatures that are so disparate and creative that it is nigh impossible to explain all of them in this review. This is further amplified by the nearly endless amount of details that turns everything in this whacky world into a coherent network.

Last but not least, the animation is superb. I was and I am still surprised by the quality of the animations for a show that spans over a hundred episodes.

gon and killua relationship advice

How is this possible? I am not so sure. More on this later. Gon tells Killua that he can look inside his binder anytime Killua wants.

Note the overt cheeky romantic tone to the exchange, especially the blushing of Gon and then Killua. In Chapterthere is a blend of HxH and Naruto, where Killua is dressed as Naruto and is seen hugging a Gon doll, with a Leorio doll nearby, and a Kurapika chain wrapped around one hand.

After acquiring a lot of new cards, the trio heads to a casino town. Killua proceeds to get carried away with gambling until Biscuit knocks him out and Gon ends up carrying him away on his back; as Killua will often do for Gon in the future.

The symbolism of this is too much: Hisoka takes them to a romance town. Biscuit becomes smitten with a male NPC.

gon and killua relationship advice

The group quickly leaves, going outside. Biscuit recovers from her diversion with the NPC almost immediately and sides with Killua that they must get going. This seems off as there really is not a time factor at play during this day. There is no immediate danger, other than Hisoka, so what gives? Hisoka is bored and looking for entertainment, no doubt thinking this romance town could cause all manner of trouble for Gon and Killua.

This same reaction happens a second time in another Hunterpedia entry regarding the Gold Dust Girl. This shows their bond and understanding.

gon and killua relationship advice

Despite Killua trying to keep his injury concealed, Gon knew exactly what was happening from the first. No discussion was needed, they both knew what they had to do. Still, Killua is grateful for this recognition of his dedication by Gon.

Manga ChapAnime Ep? After leaving Greed Island they are taken to Kite. This is one of many scenes in the series where we see Killua staring at or giving Gon a look of adoration. Kite thinks to himself that they will find Ging soon. It would have been interesting to see additional Kite thoughts on the two as he got to know them better. Note the opening scene of Chimera Ant arc, the profile shot of the boys standing back to back.

An artistic expression for the arc with highly romantic symbolism.

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When Kite and the boys encounter Pitou. Killua immediately attacks and knocks out Gon who is preparing to attack Pitou. Kite tells Killua he did the right thing and to get Gon out of here.

Killua carries Gon all the way back to the entrance. Even removing his shirt to keep Gon warm as they wait for a truck. Morel, Knov, and the chairman Netero arrive on the scene.

Netero gives Killua some advice about not acquiescing to an enemy before the fight has begun, how you can never be sure of the outcome until the fight is done. Killua takes Gon back to an apartment where he cares for him until Gon awakes, which we have reason to think is several days to a week.

I want to stay by your side forever. Most important and telling line in the whole series.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Killua is saying he loves Gon and is devoted to him. Aside from a declaration of love, in Western culture the only other thing we might have that comes close to this would be a wedding vow.

If Gon had not passed out from exhaustion, he would have beaten Knuckle, partially because Knuckle was holding back. While training to defeat Knuckle and Shoot, Biscuit is helping the boys. Killua also loses his fight with Shoot and runs away. Gon and Killua escort Knuckle and Shoot back to the entrance of the Ant territory.

There they must stay behind. Gon is very distraught at not being able to help Kite, he breaks down and cries. Killua never provides comfort to Gon! In this emotionally charged scene, both waiting for the truck and inside the truck, Killua should provide comfort to Gon. While in the truck, Gon is right there on the floor beside Killua, all Killua had to do was move down to the floor and put his arm around Gon.

There is a wonderful article that examines the many times Killua has cried over Gon and he never noticed, I highly recommend you search that out and read it by the brilliant Cossette ; Manga Chap — When they return to the apartment where Palm is, Gon apologizes to her for breaking his promise to win the fight with Knuckle and Shoot which entailed them [including Palm] returning to NGL ant territory where Palm would be reunited with her love Knov.

As part of this apology, Gon agrees to make it up to Palm when she requests Gon go on a real date with her. In this scene, Killua has two thoughts simultaneously following this reply to Gon.

Gon explains that most of those were with his aunt and with tourist women who came to the island. Killua way over thinks this, assuming he means adult type dating and even sex. Gon prepares for the date by searching for a special tree branch, all the while Killua keeps trying to call the whole thing off. Later in the date, Killua detects an Ant, Rammot nearby and seeks him out.

The thing can use Nen. Rammot beats Killua severely. Killua wrestles with himself, trying to force himself to fight against his instinct to run. Rammot taunts him saying that he will find and kill Gon next. Killua removes the pin that Illumi put in his mind.

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Once again Killua declares his love and devotion for Gon in all the ways that matter stopping just shy of using the word love. When Killua returns to the spot Gon was with Palm by the lake, he is scared to find them gone and their chair still there. He knows something is wrong and races back to the apartment building. There Palm is going crazy, and Killua picks Gon up and runs away with him.

gon and killua relationship advice

Gon does not seem to realize the danger of the situation. Palm attempts to track them and chase them down but is stopped by Knov who she really loves. Morel is not convinced that Gon should be allowed to join the team on return to NGL territory and take part in the battle with the Ants. The group goes to a courtyard area outside their apartment building where Morel squares off with Gon, instructing him to use his full strength against him.

Gon begins to power up his Jajaken, charging up a truly impressive amount of power that shocks everyone including Morel. In short, this is a prelude to Gon going beyond reason and control, he could easily destroy Morel and probably everyone else in the vicinity if his power were to be cast.

This is probably the purest example of how deeply connected Gon and Killua are. Gon's eyes narrowed and he turned his back.

With a flick of his wrist, he cast out his fishing line once more. When he spoke, his voice was obviously filled with irritation. Fishing was one of his favorite things to do and Gon couldn't quite grasp the fact that his best friend may not find as fun as he did. It's gonna be boring at times… But…" His voice drifted off to silence as he watched his blue and green bobber bounce on the tiny waves of the water. I wanna go climb some trees or… Do something!

He stood up, dusted the dirt off of his shorts and hands, and began walking to the edge of the woods. Killua walked slowly ahead, a small smirk on his face. Knowing Gon would never let him go off on his own, nor want to be left alone, it wouldn't be very long before he was at his side again.

He mentally counted to three before hearing Gon yell after him, along with a clack of a fishing pole being tossed to the side. Killua rolled his eyes and kept walking, filled with pleasure that he was right. The forest was dark and the sound of cicadas seemed to give the air an eerie feel.

Hands shoved into his pockets, Killua stopped to wait for Gon to catch up. Killua took this time to look over every detail of Gon. The muscular body; scars and bruises from the Hunter Exam and before, his brown eyes still holding the innocence of a child, raven hair that seemed to defy gravity.

Shaking his head, he felt more blush creep to his face. He couldn't believe the feelings welling up inside of him, for his best friend. He didn't know what to call it, love, lust, or whatever. He tried really hard at times to not think about it. Even though he hated the thought of it, he also understood that there was no changing how he felt.

Nights were getting easier to sleep through, the more he came to terms with it, however, Killua had silently vowed to never speak of this to anyone, and never confess to Gon. He decided that the words he always held at the tip of his tongue would more than likely destroy the relationship he had worked so hard at with Gon.

Killua glanced over at the darkened woods, before looking back at Gon, who had suddenly appeared in front of his face. Killua's heart raced at top speed and he knew his face was ten times redder than it already had been. While he tried to catch his breath he glared up at Gon. Gon smiled and dropped to the ground, sitting next to Killua. He hated seeing Gon sad, especially if he was the cause. He immediately regretted his actions from before.

He shook his head quickly.

gon and killua relationship advice

I wasn't bored, cuz I was with you… I was bored cuz we didn't catch anything…" He sighed and gave Gon a kind look, a rare look that had been coming out more and more recently.

Gon grinned and pointed at Killua's chest. Killua stopped any movement and stared at Gon, confused. Gon grinned wider and got closer to Killua. Killua's face flushed, the fact that he said something embarrassing became even more apparent. Killua blushed and looked at the ground.