Government and business relationship in nigeria newspapers

MTN Vs the Government: Is Poor Communications Hurting Nigeria’s Economy? - THISDAYLIVE

government and business relationship in nigeria newspapers

organizations in Nigeria, for now, are gradually stepping up an aspect of . Therefore, today's relationship between government and business is neither laissez. Africa matters to the UK: the UK/Africa trading relationship is worth over $30 The news that the UK Government's export credit agency, UK Export Nigerian businesses have found it immensely difficult to finance or sustain projects due to foreign exchange fluctuations. . Guardian Newspapers. dimensions of business-government relations under colonial rule. Although Nigerian economic history by examining an aspect of business-govern- ment relations .. The mercantile position was buttressed by the newspaper press: the.

Public bureaucracy and regulations remain the main obstacles towards a more dynamic economy and even if the CBN is correct in its claims, could it have communicated them better?

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And it is this plea that should be at the forefront of thinking for all invested parties in the matter. At a time when French President, Emmanuel Macron and UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, have recently visited the country, firmly focussed on increased trade relations with Nigeria, the timing of this internal spat could not be worse for public relations.

Nigeria is airing its dirty laundry in public, at a time when the eyes of the international investment community are firmly fixed on Africa as the next potential area of significant growth and partnerships.

MTN Vs the Government: Is Poor Communications Hurting Nigeria’s Economy?

While this seems highly implausible, it highlights the makeshift narratives that are created by the public when organisations forgo tangible communications plans. This lack of focus on serious communications is actually highlighted especially by the CBN.

The recent leak of its 4-page letter demanding repayment from MTN not only represents poor communications, but also raises red flags on confidentiality and information security, sending negative messaging out both domestically and internationally.

The bottom line is that government and financial institutions alike, as well as business giants like MTN, need to do a much better job of managing their domestic and international communications, and remember that they are not only communicating with themselves, but also to the outside world.

Coupled with greater credibility, these entities can serve more effectively as a body for informing the public and advising other institutional bodies in their decision making. In recent years, many central banks around the world have significantly changed their approach to the public.

government and business relationship in nigeria newspapers

It has been shown that through more effective sharing of information, higher transparency and improved communication of their policy decisions and forecasts, they have a greater role in economic and structural reforms and policymaking. For such institutions to garner greater trust in Nigeria, and on behalf of Nigeria throughout the wider world, they must first seek to communicate more positively not only with clients and customers but also between themselves.

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Bad business environment adversely affects everyone — individuals, businesses, communities and groups. The very important question therefore is: How has each state government and geo-political zone, fared in providing enabling business environment? How business-friendly are they?

government and business relationship in nigeria newspapers

There are four benchmarks for assessing business environment, namely: Infrastructure and utilities such as power, roads, public transportation system, water and sanitation and social welfare; regulatory services such as property registration, tax administration, designation of industrial and enterprise zone, contract enforcement, justice sector delivery, business registration; business development support such as access to business finance, entrepreneurship promotion, support for industrial parks.

The fourth but not the least benchmark is security.

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To what extent has each state and geo-political zone performed in the above spheres of business environment. Eric Eboh as its chief executive. Until the AIAE came up with this research product, most investment climate assessments were carried out by offshore rating agencies.

government and business relationship in nigeria newspapers

The assessments were cross-country comparisons based on universal set of measures. It must be stated that while aggregate indicators of investment climate at the national level is useful, it does not tell the story or present the picture of differences in business environment across the states.

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It is an indigenous initiative and focuses on sub-national jurisdictions state and local governments. BECANS scoreboard to be unveiled tomorrow, September 23,will show state-by-state performance on the various spheres of business environment. It will reveal where respective states have performed well and where they have performed poorly.