Gundam seed kira and lacus relationship test

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gundam seed kira and lacus relationship test

A great quiz for Gundam SEED fans who want to test their knowledge about the Big four of Was Athrun and Lacus' relationship forced by their parents or not?. Kira Yamato (キラ・ヤマト) is the main protagonist of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and the Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: Never Ending Tomorrow . Her husband, Ulen, needed a test subject for his artificial womb, a device made to handle the birthing process of Coordinators. . Kira and Sai's relationship is strained after this. Focus: Anime/Manga Gundam Seed, Since: Lacus is a girl forced into taking a career against her own will while Kira's a rich and spoilt playboy. Love's Test by KL-Felicia reviews reunited under the most unwelcomed circumstances as the once childish friendship starts to blossom into mature relationships.

Before Athrun went out, Lacus pointed out the bitter expression he always has.

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Athrun replies that he can't exactly fight a war with a big smile on his face and shuts the door leaving Lacus stunned. The next day, Athrun escorted Lacus to the ship.

Lacus is disappointed that their meeting was short. Before Lacus boarded the ship she tells Athrun she looks forward to the day they'll meet again. The two then spend time walking around the garden, talking. Athrun however, is unable to stay for dinner much to Lacus' disappointment since her father is going home and wanted to see him.

Athrun reassures her by saying he'll come visit her again making Lacus' face light up with anticipation and tells him she'll look forward to that day. Athrun then leans forward Lacus surprised at first understands the gesture and closes her eyes. Athrun then kisses her on the lips on the cheek in the remastered version and bids her goodbye.

As Athrun left, Lacus tells Mr. Pink that Athrun is really a busy person. Lacus nurses Kira back to health with the help of her father and Malchio. Kira and Lacus became even closer and she assures him that he can stay at her home as long as he wants. However, when Siegel Clyne receives word of Patrick Zala 's deception - that the target for Operation: Lacus also grants Kira "her strength" by means of a kiss to his cheek, showing him that he has her support and affections. While in hiding, Lacus meets with Athrun, and her views of the war help lead to his final decision concerning who he wants to fight for.

Upon seeing Kira again, she tells him about the death of her father and weeps bitterly. When Kira discovers his origins as the product of the Ultimate Coordinator project and becomes depressed, Lacus comforts him by saying that meeting him has made her so happy, despite all the sadness she has endured up to this point. Lacus finally admits to Kira her love for him when she gives him a ring before the final battle at Jachin Due and tells him to come back to her safely.

Kira thanks her for this and seals his promise to return with a kiss to her cheek. During the battle, Lacus tried to persuade both sides to cease firing the weapons of mass destruction, but failed. The real Lacus is almost killed in an assassination attempt by Coordinators from the "Coordinator special forces".

Kira was forced to pilot the Freedom again in order to protect the woman he loves. Ultimately, Kira's old friend Miriallia Haw would take over this position.

They rejoin the crew of the Eternal and the Terminal factory satellite. In the Special Edition, the scene is edited so that Kira begs her to let him come along. Despite her personal feelings for Kira, she tells him he must remain on Earth to help Cagalli and the Archangel.

gundam seed kira and lacus relationship test

After the shuttle is found, Durandal declares that she is an impostor. Kira arrives in space via Cagalli's Strike Rouge and is nearly killed when his mobile suit is severely damaged. Aboard, Kira and Lacus are reunited and share an emotional embrace and words of happiness at seeing each other again.

Lacus then takes Kira to his new mobile suit, the Strike Freedom; once again, she wears a worried expression, much like she did when Kira wanted to pilot the Freedom to save her in Orb. To share meant it would become public property, and Athrun would rather be stranded on a desert island for a month with no food rations than share that piece of information with anyone. The particular obsession had been in the form of a somewhat skinny, brown haired, violet eyed youth — his childhood friend, Kira Yamato.

When they were younger, Athrun had looked up to Kira with a mixture of fascination and affection. From the beginning, the older boy had him tied around his little finger, and Athrun had seen no reason to complain. He enjoyed making Kira happy and got a thrill when the boy smiled in return.

Kira's smiles were like precious little treasures; Athrun kept each and every one of them filed away in his mind. After the war ended, both of them got their discharge papers; they figured that since their kickass Gundams had been blown to pieces, kicking the crap out of any dissidents using some inferior MS wasn't fun at all. Life as law abiding civilians was a refreshing change indeed.

They returned to college to continue their studies, and by mutual agreement had decided that sharing an apartment was both practical and economical. They spent the next three years watching each other grow and learning about each other's quirks.

Athrun had to bear with Kira's weird fashion sense what's with the boy and buckles, anyway!

gundam seed kira and lacus relationship test

Furthermore, Athrun could never figure why Kira insisted on wearing that girly choker at all times. He didn't mind the wooden beads necklace, but the girly choker puzzled him greatly and Kira had more than once threatened to braid Athrun's hair if he didn't keep it at a reasonable length. These good natured arguments sometimes degenerated into mock fights, which the serious minded Cagalli put down as some weird male bonding ritual.

She once caught her brother actually braiding Athrun's hair as the younger boy continued to assemble a mechanical cat. It disturbed her somewhat and she made a point not to drop in unannounced anymore. At nineteen, Athrun quickly realised that his obsession was bordering on the unhealthy.

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While most of the youths his age were out dating girls and sowing their wild oats, he had been contented to hang out with Kira doing whatever the older boy wanted to. They had by some unspoken agreement overcompensated for their forced separation. During the three years, Athrun noticed that Kira had never seriously dated anyone. Even his so called relationship with Lacus turned out to be nothing more than a deep mutual friendship. Athrun's instinct told him that Kira genuinely liked the girl, but only as a friend.

Cagalli was a female and borderline violent version of Kira, but he had Kira, so what's the point anyway? Athrun was in no hurry to find a girlfriend or to get married. He still couldn't get over the mind boggling fact that his dead father had arranged his engagement when he was sixteen. Well, no one could boss him around now. Sometimes Athrun wondered if Kira ever noticed him watching. He was besotted by the older boy's easy going nature and his kind-heartedness.

He knew that Kira often had him tied around his little finger; if Kira had asked him to jump, he'd ask how high, Kira? Their common acquaintances even joked about them being joined at the hips, since it's rare to see one without the other nearby. However, Athrun noticed that Kira had been acting quite odd lately. The boy would stare at him with an odd expression when he thought Athrun wasn't looking, and would quickly look away, flustered when Athrun caught him.

Once, Kira blushed furiously when he accidentally walked in and caught Athrun stripped to his pants. That was very odd indeed; he didn't use to be bothered if the younger boy had paraded around the apartment naked. Not that Athrun was in the habit of walking around naked, but still … It was late one evening, in mid-autumn in his nineteenth year when it happened.

It had been drizzling for days, and the grey skies dampened their moods. The room was dark, the only light came from the flat screen television that filled a section of the wall. Athrun sat on the carpet, as he flipped through the channels in an attempt to find something watchable. News, sports, reruns — nothing remotely interesting.

He selected a channel at random, a travel documentary. Kira came into the room and flopped bonelessly beside him. The other boy looked rather flustered, and Athrun wondered if Kira was having some kind of girl problems.

RADIANCE: Kira Yamato of Gundam SEED [Relationships]

He was quite popular with the girls at the college, and despite himself, Athrun was curious. Kira got to his knees and swivelled to face him, his eyes shimmering with a strange glow.

What the blazes was the matter now? Athrun wondered, as Kira looked at him oddly. What kind of dreams did Kira get to make him want to kiss Athrun? Kira was not one given to idiotic schemes like kissing his childhood friend. After telling Flay that he'll fight for them all, she gives him a kiss.

Lacus Clyne

Filled with vengeance of Kira giving him a massive scar on his face, Yzak and Kira find themselves battling close to the Earth's gravitational pull. In the process, the escaping civilian shuttle zips past them, separating them. Yzak, mistaking them for Alliance soldiers, turns his beam rifle on them and destroys the shuttle. Horrified, Kira goes catatonic as the Strike goes into freefall. The Archangel is forced to alter course to rescue Kira, not knowing if the Strike's Phase-Shift Armor can survive reentry.

Recovering, Kira finds Flay by his bedside. As he recovers, Kira's wracked with grief as he realizes that he let everyone down and let them get killed. Noticing Kira's vulnerability, Flay takes advantage of him and sleeps with him during the night.

When Kira's called back into action, his methods are much more brutal - all of it being played by Flay. Due to Kira being inexperienced in combat in the desert, he could not pilot the Strike properly. He managed to again, reprogram the Strike's operating system to adapt to the environment. Kira then is reunited with Cagalli Yula Athhathe girl he helped escape from Heliopolis, Cagalli has been worried about him and is shocked to see him piloting a mobile suit.

During this time, he and Sai have a fallout due to Sai finding out that Kira had slept with Flay. After a short flare up, Sai storms away and attempts to pilot the Strike Gundam alone, but doesn't have enough time to do so, failing. Kira and Sai's relationship is strained after this. Several resistance fighters, including Cagalli's friend Ahmed El Fasi, are killed, though Kira arrives in time to save Cagalli. Later, the two of them are sent to gather supplies.

As Kira and Cagalli sit down for lunch, they meet a poorly but effectively disguised Andrew Waltfeld. Blue Cosmos terrorists attack, targeting Andrew. In the confusion, Kira saves Andrew from being shot in the back.

Andrew thanks Kira, and he sheds the disguise, Cagalli realizes who he really is. Andrew's girlfriend Aisha takes Cagalli to get cleaned, When Cagalli confronts Andrew, he pulls out a gun and asks Kira if a war will end when all of your enemies are destroyed.

Andrew says he does not know why Kira is fighting his own kind, but as long as Kira pilots the Strike, they are enemies. He then puts the gun away stating that his home is not a battlefield and that Kira had saved him. Because of that, he lets Kira and Cagalli leave. Kira asks Andrew to stop because the battle is over, but Andrew is determined to keep fighting until one of them is dead.

Battle near Orb and the Marshall Islands While traveling on the Indian Ocean, Kira remembers his final battle with Andrew, the death of Flay's father, and the destroyed civilian shuttle and begins to cry. Cagalli hugs him and tells him everything will be okay, and finds herself holding his hand. She tells him not to get the wrong idea, as she simply wants him not to cry anymore.

She asks why he is with the Earth Alliance when he is a Coordinator, he recalls being asked that many times. Later, when the Archangel is undergoing repairs at Orb, Kira ends his relationship with Flay. It is unclear whether he realized she was manipulating him or not but he mentioned that their relationship was a mistake. He also meets Athrun face to face, who is spying to see if the Archangel is in Orb. Before he leaves Orb with the Archangel, Cagalli shows Kira that his parents are watching him depart.

Kira asks Cagalli to apologize to them for him, explaining he cannot see them right now, especially when he might say things that he may regret. Kira tells her to be safe and thanks her.

As he turns to go inside the Archangel, Cagalli embraces him and tells him not to die and to come back to see her again, which Kira promises. Athrun realizes that Nicol's death could have been prevented by killing Kira, and he vows to do so the next time they meet. Kira and Athrun both activating their SEED abilities try to kill each other to avenge their dead friends, and Kira winds up seriously injured when Athrun attaches the Aegis to the Strike and bails out before the Aegis self-destructs.