Hachiman and yukino relationship tips

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hachiman and yukino relationship tips

However, Haruno has always looked out for Yukino and wants her to be everyone can see they care for each other and both would work in a relationship. Haruno teasing Hachiman and Yukino as a couple she was quite surprised by his intellect as he was familiar with certain books and quotes that she knew. Yukino says she wants Hachiman and Yui to watch her while she sorts Haruno tells Hachiman that his relationship with Yui and Yukino is just dependency.

Hachiman initially thinks Saika, due to his appearance and mannerisms, to be female until Yui told him the truth. Hachiman has to remind himself on occasion that Totsuka is male. Sometimes he even questions if that would matter in their "relationship" before snapping out of his thoughts.

It is hinted that Hachiman may see Saika as a friend which is a contrast to others. Their close association often worries Hachiman's sister Komachi Hikigaya. Hachiman once paired up with Saika for tennis.

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Saika also asked Hachiman personally to join the Tennis Club to help raise their strength. Hachiman is hinted to have a romantic attraction towards Saika but reminds himself of the latter's gender, as shown as how he's contantly calling Saika and his actions "cute" and, as shown in the anime, always see's sparkles that indicate Saika's cuteness whenever Saika comes running to Hachiman. He has been in the same class as Hachiman for two years but was unaware of it. Saika often shows interest in teaming up with Hachiman in many occasions like the workplace trip, summer camp etc.

Saika was able to tell when Hachiman was depressed or feeling down and attempt to cheer him by taking him to the arcade. Saika was the first person to officially hang out with him, In the Light novel, they went to movies during summer vacations. Edit They had often paired together in the past for gym and similar activities, due to them both being outcasts of their class.

They appear to be good associates, although both deny they are actually friends due to Yoshiteru's eccentric personality and weird habits. Though Yoshiteru seems to view Hachiman as an acquaintance because of their time in class. Yoshiteru trusts Hachiman enough to share with him his ambitions of becoming a writer, and Hachiman cares enough or can tolerate him enough to help him out by giving him harsh and critical, yet meaningful, feedback.

They seem to have comfortable conversations and are on good terms with each other. Furthermore, after the rooftop incident, Zaimokuza is among those who know the real truth behind Hachiman's provocation of Sagami, and admires his courage as he gives a nod of approval and a smile. These show Yoshiteru greatly respects Hachiman for his ability to speak his mind and take down those who deserve it. Hachiman and Zaimokuza understand each other well, due to them having similar interests and both of them being loners.

Despite Hachiman considering Hayato irrelevant, Hayato is one of the few people who actually tries to befriend Hachiman. He has the habit of calling Hachiman "Hikitani" even though he knows how to properly say his last name. At first, Hayato acknowledged and credited Hachiman for the brilliant solution for the false chain message incident, and even thanked him for it.

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But during the Chiba Village summer camp and Sagami incidents. Hayato starts to hate how Hachiman can only do things in such negative ways.

Even though he can understand the reasons behind Hachiman's methods, he refuses to acknowledge his "successes". Even though Hayato hates Hachiman's methods he still tries to defend him from others negative opinions.

He also stops people from bullying Hachiman in front of him. Shown during the double date with Kaori, and putting a stop to Tobe's name calling. Hachiman attributes this to Hayato's "Nice Guy" persona, and feels like he isn't genuine. In Episode 11 of season 2, Yumiko requests that the service club find out Hayato's career path. Instead Hachiman gives advice to Hayato, telling him he can do what he wants, and advises him that the science courses have fewer people and he could be himself.

Hayama rejects his ideas and reveals that he hates Hachiman and says it's not possible for them to get along. Because he often feels like he's lost to Hachiman, something that Hayama can't cope with due to his inferiority complex.

In order to deal with his feelings of losing to Hachiman, Hayama attempts to elevate Hachiman to be equal so that he could accept losing to him. Hayato once revealed that he was unable to solve Yukino's bullying problem by her jealous classmates at their previous schools and believed that if Hachiman attended the same schools as them, things would have turned out differently.

Hayama also hints to know things surrounding Hachiman while he doesn't, as he says that "Now I know why she looks out for You". Later in the series Hayato refuses to help Hachiman for some of his requests. Hayato admits he has an inferiority complex to Hachiman and that he hates him.

After the school marathon Hachiman tells Hayato that he hates him too. As it stands they are opposites of each other. They have both admitted hatred and respect for one another.

Thus an unusual and strained relationship exists between them. However, he find it in him to praise Hachiman for his idea of pre-valentine event, that involves not hurting anyone. Edit Hachiman meets Saki on the roof in the Light Novel, and in the classroom during the anime.

Saki is her typical cold and aloof self, even casually insulting him when he sees her panties. After Hachiman resolves her problem Taishi's request she seems to show respect to Hachiman, even seemingly befriending him.

The interaction between Saki and Hachiman is focused on more in the Light Novel than in the anime. It is later hinted in the light novel that she may have feelings for Hachiman by her reactions to him.

While Hachiman studies people and is usually right in his deductions, he does not seem to notice Saki's feelings or seem to put thought into them.

In the haunted house during the field trip, she was seen clinging to Hachiman's blazer for protection. Saki also contributed her help to save the service club.

It is also seen that Saki knows Hachiman's leadership abilities when she considers him a valid Student Council President candidate. In episode 12 season 2, when Kaori wonders whether she has given Hachiman Valentine chocolates before, Saki seems curious. In the light novel, Saki also pointed out to Hachiman that she packed some of her own hand made chocolate along with Keika's valentines chocolate for him.

Edit Like most of the popular kids, Ebina calls Hachiman "Hikitani-kun". It's eventually revealed that she does that on purpose, but jokingly, because in episode 10 she writes Hikigaya's last name correctly on the board for her yaoi play. She also wrote Hachiman's first name correctly in the survey by service club for Love and Marriage column of a magazine. This makes her one of the two popular kids Hayato another to know his true name. She seems to like the idea of Hayato and Hachiman being a couple, due to her love for BL and she always makes a strange giggle whenever they are seen together.

Hachiman doesn't pay her much mind but seems to get along with her better than the other popular students, though he is put off by her interests. When she learns that Tobe is about to confess to her, she indirectly requested Hachiman to stop Tobe from confessing to her in order to maintain her cliques status quo. She thanked Hachiman personally when it was done. She also hints that she might like to date Hachiman, but he rejects her idea.

Ebina eventually tells him that she hates herself for always being selfish with her desires and that she is rotten. Edit Tobe is the first person to mistakenly address him as Hikitani, which becomes an informal nickname, which results in his clique members to call Hachiman the same.

After the Chiba Village summer camp incident, he started to have a very negative opinion on Hachiman, and felt that he is seriously terrible person. At the end of the cultural festival, he shared his opinion to everyone within earshot. He even made fun of Hachiman by referring him as Somethingtani-kun. In the Service Club, he refused to state his request in the presence of Hachiman as he felt the latter had "zero reliability".

As the series progresses, Tobe started to understand Hachiman better, which can be seen during the school field trip. After the field trip Tobe casually talks to Hachiman in a friendlier manner than before, hinting that all his negative opinions on the latter has vanished.

But he still believes Hachiman's name is Hikitani and even continues to address him as such, much to the former's irritation. Hachiman also begin to see good points in Tobe and describe him as a nice person in his private conversation to Hina but still felt him to be annoying. Edit Hachiman greatly admires Meguri as his senior, he views her as a cute and reliable student council president to lead the school.

She is one of the few people to acknowledge his skills, even though she can't recollect his name often at first. She is one of the few to know his leadership skills, given that she asked Hachiman to become a committee member for sports festival despite the rooftop incident. While she initially had a bad impression of his actions, this moment shows she later came to an understanding on the intent behind the event, and does not see Hachiman in a bad light because of it.

hachiman and yukino relationship tips

After Iroha was elected, she spoke with him and expressed her hope that Yukino, Yui, and Hachiman were going to take over student council instead. She would have liked to sometimes hang out with them even after graduation.

This showed she sees him as worthy of a higher status in school. Edit Iroha and Hachiman first encounter one another during the Judo tournament In the Light Novelbut it isn't until her request regarding the student council election that they truly become acquainted with one another First meeting in the anime. Hachiman's first impression of Iroha was that she was an uncute version of Komachi, in others words a person with a sly personality, but lacking in substance from his point of view at the time.

Eventually, Hachiman starts to see through Iroha's lively and air-headed persona, and recognizes her as a sly and intelligent person.

hachiman and yukino relationship tips

He also notices that her lack of confidence and vulnerability, which is the main reason she pretends to be happy all the time. After Iroha became the Student Council president, Hachiman begins to feel guilty for pushing the role onto her and volunteers to help her out. Hachiman starts to treat Iroha like a little sibling, and Iroha in turn starts to rely on Hachiman and asks for his advice and help. Hachiman always gives in to her unreasonable requests because he feels like he has a responsibility to look after her, much like Komachi.

There was a turning point in their relationship, as after she was rejected by Hayama. While being comforted by Hachiman, Iroha shifts the conversation to him, and reveals that she overheard Hachiman's desire for something "genuine", during his request towards the Service Club. Hachiman is embarrassed, but instead of mocking or laughing at him, Iroha admires his honesty and says she'll never forget it.

She declares that she also wants something genuine. Hachiman states that she is a pretty amazing person, she claims that it is his fault that she became this way. A running gag of the series, is Iroha's misunderstanding of Hachiman's words as a confession towards her and a quick rejection.

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This irritates him but very soon, he gets used to it and ignores her as he sends her on her way, which gets an irritation from her as well. In light novel Volume During the date, Hachiman suggests going to two separate movies and meeting up later, instead of agreeing to be separated, Iroha decides they should play ping pong together instead.

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After a match of table tennis, Hachiman complains to Iroha about her being "unfair" by trying to be too sly and foxy to get him off guard. She replies that being unfair makes her more of a woman, as she whispers into his ear that he is the only one she will act this way towards. After his conversation with Shizuka, Hikigaya gives into his emotions and asks for help from the service club.

This image was not modified, and unfortunately reflects on how Hikigaya is still somewhat of an outcast despite having made so much progress since season one. In spite of this, the day at the amusement park proves to be fruitful for both Christmas event planning and also helps Hikigaya learn a little more about Yukino: This invariably happens with light novels: Despite her demeanor and mannerisms, Yukino is said to lack a definitive personality, instead, striving towards an unrealistic ideal to impress her family and all the while resenting her position.

Shizuka was astute enough to surmise that out of everyone, Hikigaya would be able to help her open up and find her true self, and by the time the season concludes, it appears they are taking a step down that path.

Isshiki is turned down after asking Hayato out. Thanks to Hikigaya, Isshiki buckles down and the Christmas event proceeds without a hitch. Failing this, Yukino and Hayato merely appear to be paperweights throughout this season. It merits watching, but the ending may come off as abrupt.