Hamlet and horatio homosexual relationship

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hamlet and horatio homosexual relationship

By doing a close reading of the play, identifying queer cues, I adapted the play with Hamlet and Horatio in a same-sex relationship. Reading Hamlet from a. I believe that this adaptation developed a homosexual relationship between This is where Hamlet and Horatio take their relationship beyond. Hamlet x Horatio is such an obvious couple, I think I don't even need To be fair to Shakespeare, a homosexual relationship really seems like.

When we first see Scott Parkinson's Hamlet, he looks exactly like a Hamlet is expected to look. Leaning against an upstage wall, dressed all in black, his backlit face obscured by moody shadows, he's the very picture of the melancholy Dane.

Hamlet's Undisclosed Desires

There's even an homage to Laurence Olivier's film performance suggested by the glow of his Nordic-blond hair. But let him come closer and everything changes. The romantic prince goes poof, replaced by a spindly short guy whose drapey outfit makes him seem to be dragging a tail behind him. His features are too big for his face and the blond hair takes on a yellowish tinge in bright light.

The divergence from type becomes still more obvious when Hamlet encounters the ghost of his father, murdered King Hamlet.

hamlet and horatio homosexual relationship

Larry Yando is all square-jawed, wire-haired fierceness in the role, as if the dead monarch's soul had transmigrated into a German shepherd trained for combat duty. Next to him, Parkinson comes across as the mewling runt of the litter. I found myself feeling bad for the agitated old spirit, having to pin his hopes for eternal rest on such a misfit of a son. And there's one thing more: Parkinson's Hamlet is almost certainly gay.

hamlet and horatio homosexual relationship

You can sense it in his manner—an ironic, urban way with a line; an unmanly tendency to fold up into himself like Katharine Hepburn on a cold day. But it's also present in the way his hand lingers on the face of his friend Horatio, the taste of former intimacies accompanying the complaint of another friend, Rosencrantz—"My lord, you once did love me. Director Michael Halberstam demonstrates that it makes absolute—even revelatory—sense in his fascinating, if not entirely successful staging of Hamlet for Writers' Theatre.

Shakespeare in Southern Africa

Redefining Hamlet's sexual preference does more than provide a titillating subtext for his interactions with pals. It also does more than explain the weird, trashy, ultimately shattering way he treats his sometime girlfriend, Ophelia.

It offers a solution to the fairly huge problem of Hamlet's preoccupation with death. I mean, here's a young man whose primary dilemma is how to make good on his promise to vindicate his wronged father—a promise that carries implications for the whole famously rotten state of Denmark.

hamlet and horatio homosexual relationship

Either way, the man was a very great playwright. The rest is silence. But the main reason Hamlet is not taught as a gay man is that he never, not once, talks about being a gay man.

hamlet and horatio homosexual relationship

How can a character be gay if he does not talk about his sexuality? How can an audience know a character is gay if he does not "walk" gay or "talk" gay or "think" gay?

Myrlin A. Hermes :   Was Hamlet gay? The textual evidence

No wonder Hamlet and the actors who have played him have escaped "outing" for three centuries. But it is Shakespeare's accomplishment to have created a gay character who never once talks, walks or acts like our usual perception of one. This is probably the most stunning accomplishment of Shakespeare's entire oeuvre. No, the only thing that has made Hamlet straight is our thinking so. But in the light of the possibility of this new insight, reconsider his misogynic treatment of both his mother and his alleged girlfriend, reexamine his relationship with his best friend, Horatio, and check out his over-the-top enthusiasm for the theater and actors.

If it takes one to know one, Hamlet is one. Trust me on this. I have one hero when it comes to plays about the gay experience: Without "The Boys in the Band" there would be none of the rest of us.


It was the first play that was completely and unapologetically about gay people. Someone had to go first; Mart Crowley was that person. To me, heroes are people who do brave things. In"Boys" was a brave thing. I salute and remember them all. I believe coming out is the only significant step any of us take toward self-liberation and tolerance. If I'm willing to let you know who I am, and you're unable to accept such an essence of me then basta, finito, we are closed.