Hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship problems

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hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship problems

When Grouplove first started performing live, vocalist Hannah Hooper name had been drawn from some sort of intimate relationship situation. The last time we caught up with Los Angeles rockers Grouplove, we found last year and began a relationship with the guys at Chipotle then. On first listen, Grouplove's third and latest album, Big Mess, out now, sounds exactly like the sunny indie pop that listeners.

And I feel really safe with these guys now. This is also the first time we worked with an outside producer [Phil Ek]. It was cool to trust someone outside the band to take us through their vision and their dreams for what they want us to be.

We came to Phil with these songs we wanted to record. A lot of producers rewrite songs for bands and do things like that. That was super fun; it was the first time we got out of L. I associate your older music with Southern California so much.

The Love Story Behind The Band Grouplove

The name alone, Grouplove, that coins us from the beginning. I think a happy song is the hardest song to write. But these songs are about pain and struggle and finding happiness through that.

hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship problems

Lets talk about this huge world tour your have coming up—how does that feel? When we get on stage we become our truer selves, I think; when we get to use music as our form of communication. It feels good to connect to that person again. We definitely lost touch with that person.

Grouplove - Colours Bass Cover

There's a great thing about having old friends and being around things that are familiar, but there's also something really liberating about taking risks. That summer was just a big risk. In contrast to Zucconi, who started playing piano and guitar at a very young age, and the remaining three members of the band, who were already musicians when they met in Greece, Hooper had never played music or sang in any sort of professional setting before Grouplove.

I hope that anyone who has stage fright will take advice from me that anything comes from just doing it. Our first show, honestly, I wanted to run away.

I was totally fine with just leaving the band and running away.

Grouplove’s Hannah Hooper Moves Between Art & Music

That's what I felt like I should do. I couldn't breathe that day. I threw up before the show.

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I decided that I was going to wear a mask on stage. I got this silver mask and cut the mouth out so you couldn't see my face, and I actually wore that mask for the first like 30 shows.

hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship problems

It was very artsy, I like to think, but we were in Germany at this show and this guy thought I was a burn victim, and that's why I was wearing a mask. I sort of realized at that moment that it was time to take the mask off. Without meeting her, I'd probably be in the same boat as I was before. Depressed, and down-and-out and driving trucks to make ends meet in New York City. I'm still in shock in a way.

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There are always people at our shows, and we're on TV, and putting our third record out. I don't know why that is, but it definitely was surreal, and it's been kind of surreal ever since. It's hard to take in. That moment came when Hooper discovered she was pregnant.

hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship problems

I painted it in Seattle when we were recording with [producer] Phil Ek up there. I was working on all these different pieces, and I had this idea of what I wanted for a cover. This is the big mess.

hannah hooper and christian zucconi relationship problems

What went into that decision? We wanted to step outside our comfort zone, and we wanted to get our of L.

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It was nice to spend more time on guitar sounds. We made a whole thing about Tone Questing — we really ran with it. We bought tunics and swords and chalices and made him wear a cape. The best thing is getting off stage and having someone I am so looking forward to seeing there.

Christian and I, not to get too abstract, but after creating so much art together, we have now created a human being. Everything you see has come from us.