Hart of dixie race and relationship

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hart of dixie race and relationship

Hart of Dixie review: 'The Race & The Relationship' As predicted, Zoe not only got her hopes up but she entered a relay race. Anytime you're. Hart of Dixie The Race & the Relationship Original Air Date: Apr 30, Alyssa Silva - Associate Staff Writer [email protected] Hart of Dixie The Race and The Relationship. This episode of Hart of Dixie really put fans in a piss poor mood. Over the past few days I have.

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hart of dixie race and relationship

I searched everywhere for this darn dress, why is it so hard to find the zipper dresses Zoe wears in this show? I always end up finding the super tiny, strapless animal print zip dresses that are fit for clubbing. Dan wants to know when George is gonna get interesting, grow out some stubble, and start doing Wrangler ads with Brett Favre? Here, Lavon is busting out of his polo shirt, where is Annabeth to see this?

Wade also looks like he needs to fall down in the mud catching a football.

Can 'Dixie' Ever Be Post-Racial?

I think there should be an episode where the three guys play football together and someone needs to fight over Zoe while on the field. Oh wait, that reminds me of Wedding Crashers. Is that a white crochet skirt suit? The earrings and ponytail are pretty but the bow in her hair is silly. George looks like Lemon is going to make him throw-up. Those bangly earrings are whacking her in the neck but I kinda like them and her shirt. Scouring for this tuxedo shirt with what I believe is a leather collar.

Lemon is so irritating!

Hart of Dixie Episode 20 "The Race and The Relationship"

Her hat and dress are straight Katherine Hepburn. And her laugh is awful. I think the people who produce this show decided to have Jamie King make the most annoying laugh ever.

hart of dixie race and relationship

Interesting that George and Lemon are now kinda matching their outfits here, a little clue that they are meant to be? Worn on tv found some great pieces that are similar to what Lemon is wearing here.

Hart of Dixie (TV Series 2011) - Trailer

Wade tried to ask Tom, but Wanda beat him to it how cute are Tom and Wanda? Meanwhile, George and Lemon her eyebrows were back to normal! Lemon made it clear that was not what she wanted to do and the reverend managed to convince George to give counseling a try, going as far as to throw the G-word at him God.

George was really not interested, but he agreed and Lemon was ecstatic until George lost it during one of their therapy exercises. Anyway, George and Lemon were partners for the Bluebell Battle and George begrudgingly agreed to go through with it. Zoe was not happy at all when she heard the news and barely listened as Rose asked her to talk to her mom about bending her no dating rules so she could go out with the boy she really likes. Rose was nervous, but Zoe was already thinking of how she could use the battle to get George to pick her over Lemon.

She went to Wade and agreed to be his partner and this time, he was hesitant, but readily agreed when Zoe said he could keep all the prize money for himself. Once again, Zoe told Lavon that her plan was coming together and he bit his tongue as he warned her to be careful.

As the battle began, despite George constantly rolling his eyes, he and Lemon were doing really well in the competition as were Wanda and Tom. Zoe and Wade were holding their own, but Rose and Frederick were eliminated in the first round, something neither teen seemed too broken up about as they decided to go for milkshakes instead. Zoe and Wade shared a nice moment when he told her about his bar and she encouraged him and said it was a good idea.

Wade was touched and Zoe started asking if it was hard to make a guy take a hint. This was the part of the episode where I basically started putting my hands over my eyes because I saw what was coming and I knew Wade was going to get hurt. Zoe felt bad for about 2.

Of course Wade heard the whole thing and was crushed.

hart of dixie race and relationship

George rushed off to help her and Zoe was dejected and returned to Wade. He told her that it was too late.