Heathcliff and cathys relationship goals

Romanticised Abuse: Heathcliff and Cathy in Wuthering Heights

heathcliff and cathys relationship goals

relationship between Heathcliff and Catherine. Cathy, who is in fact the rightful owner of the “Miss Cathy and he were now very thick” (4) Nelly says. Within her mind Emily finds a hidden personality, one that has its own goal, its own. These lovers, with the possible exception of Hareton and Cathy, are ultimately The love-relationship of Heathcliff and Catherine, but not that of the other lovers, has . love addicts look outside themselves for meaning and purpose, usually in . Their relationship isn't exactly as romantic as Elizabeth Bennet and Darcy, Margaret Hale and Mr. Thornton, Anna Karenina and Vronsky, Jane.

The first problem that they run into is after Catherine is enlightened to the fact that Hareton is her cousin, she is disgusted by him.

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This quote describes how Catherine thinks of Hareton as a peasant or a servant and this devastates Hareton. The next problem that their relationship has is that Catherine is being forcibly courted by Linton, at the hand of his father. Heathcliff will do anything in order to fulfill his revenge, and thus will do anything to push the marriage between Catherine and Linton.

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An example of this is when Heathcliff literally kidnaps Catherine and refuses to let her leave Wuthering Heights until she agrees to marry Linton. It is obvious that Heathcliff is a major problem, preventing the love between Catherine and Hareton from materializing.

Catherine realizes that Linton is vastly more educated than Hareton and that she can live a more refined lifestyle with Linton. Linton causes Hareton to feel great shame about his social and educational standing.

A prime example of this is when Hareton and Catherine have run off, and Linton finds them standing below the inscription carved above the door. This is the moment where Catherine seems to push away from Hareton, and lean towards Linton.

Also not helping the situation is the declining health of Linton, as this draws Catherine more emotionally towards Linton and it completely devastates her.

All the while, Hareton is barely mentioned, and later revealed that he has been teaching himself to read and write his own name, in an attempt to impress Catherine.

Catherine & Heathcliff's Relationship in Wuthering Heights: Analysis & Quotes

The deep burning desire to be together seems to be blocked by any and every character and event in the novel, yet the connection between Hareton and Catherine is easy to see. The final way to understand this relationship is to understand how it affects the characters in the play and how it drives the plot forward. Throughout the novel there had always been a sense that the relationship between Cathy and Heathcliff never died.

And this relationship is kept alive by Hareton and Catherine. This revenge is what propelled the novel forward, and when Heathcliff sees that Hareton and Catherine are happy, things within him click and he no longer desires to fulfill his plans. This quote shows how Heathcliff no longer wants to give attention to his plans of revenge, because Hareton and Catherine are happy. This helps understand their relationship because even though Heathcliff was the mastermind behind everything, they were still able to find love and be happy, something that Heathcliff was never able to do with Cathy.

heathcliff and cathys relationship goals

Combined, these factors make up healthy and true love. If I trace back these aspects I find they bear resemblance to the fairytales of my youth.

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These examples may seem idealistic, but I believe their meaning holds true. Love inherently defies definition, but when I see two people that complete each other, that view each other as equals, that stand strong despite what the world may throw their way, how can I define it as anything other than love?

heathcliff and cathys relationship goals

Still, how can such depth of feeling that drives both lovers to the very extremes of their being, both physically and emotionally, be considered love? According to my definition, their passion for each other falls outside the boundaries of healthy, true love and into the boundaries of destructive obsession, as they do not help each other grow, are not in an equal relationship, and are only partly ready to defy any obstacles that stand in their way.

heathcliff and cathys relationship goals

Catherine and Heathcliff most definitely fail to make each other better people, or grow in any way. They are continuously bringing unrest to the house with their mischief, a feat that will only be multiplied in their adulthood. Their last conversation also highlight another vital point: How can this be seen as love, when they continuously physically and emotionally destroy rather than nurture and accept one another? Another indicator of their pseudo-love relationship is the lack of equality.

In his childhood Heathcliff is completed devoted to Catherine, a devotion that Catherine knows surpasses all else. Power should never be the dominant drive in a relationship. Heathcliff also exerts power in their relationship, if only years later when he returns: He did not raise his to her, often; a quick glance now and then sufficed; but if flashed back, each time more confidently, the undisguised delight he drank from hers.

Moreover, it is hard to consider Catherine and Heathcliff equals when they continuously refer to themselves as one person; it is impossible to be equal when you are the same. Similarly, in their last conversation Heathcliff compares Catherine to his soul, his life and his existence. How can you claim love when there is no other being to love? Finally we come to the more ambiguous aspect, the notion that love conquers all. Although Catherine and Heathcliff do have an unwavering and transcendent passion for each other, their feelings for each are not enough for them to be together on earth.

heathcliff and cathys relationship goals

If Catherine loved Heathcliff she would have relinquished her fanciful aims for wealth and status and chosen Heathcliff over Edgar. Heathcliff accuses her of this betrayal as he holds her, dying, in his arms: