Heero and releana relationship goals

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heero and releana relationship goals

Heero & relena Gundam Wing, Gundam-kunst, Manga Abbildungen, Anime . Couple Pics, Beach Pics, Couple Kissing, Couple Goals Teenagers Pictures. Gundam Wing - Het Pairing - Heero Yuy and Relena Darlian "Peacecraft" - Ship: 1xR | See more ideas about Gundam wing, Heero yuy and Mobile suit. Heero Yuy being in head of security of the Vice Foreign Minister He knew that he would always need an end goal to keep living. . That was another reason that Duo was teasing Heero about his relationship with Relena.

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Relena learns her true identity from her dying adoptive father. Soon after, Relena goes with her father on another of his trips to space to negotiate with colony leaders- however under orders from Treize KhushrenadaLady Une assassinates Vice Foreign Minister Darlian with a bomb, which Relena almost prevented, thinking Colonel Une had forgotten the compact it was hidden within. When Relena tries to run back to where her father was, she and her father are taken by colonist freedom fighters who turn out to be led by the strange Doctor Jwho tells Relena about Heero's mission.

Her father, unfortunately, passes away despite the best efforts of the colonists- but not before revealing to Relena her true identity, as the lost princess of the Sanc Kingdom's Peacecraft family. Warning her not to trust OZ, Doctor J sends Relena on a ship back to Earth where she meets her mother, now grappling with the truth of her past and feelings of revenge against OZ. Relena is saved by Heero's Gundam. Discovering that Heero is transferring out of her school, she confronts him about his mission and asks him to grant her request to accompany her to the school's dance before leaving.

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However, during their dance, OZ attacks the school grounds in search of Relena. Heero uses his Gundam to fight back, believing that OZ is searching for him. Instead of fleeing, Relena chases after him, forcing him to protect her from OZ's attacking suits. However, he flees before she can speak to him. OZ then discontinued their attempted assassination on Treize Khushrenada 's orders, at Relena's brother's request. Attending a party where Une is present, Relena tries to shoot her in revenge for Vice-Minister Darlian, but misses, and escapes.

However before she can be captured, Lucrezia Noin rescues her under orders from Treize, as a favor to Zechs. Noin brings Relena to the Sanc Kingdom, reinstating her as the monarch of the country which Zechs had liberated from Alliance rule. However, Relena continues to take a stand against OZ, boldly denouncing them in front of a crowd of Romefeller members. Continuing her search for Heero, she finds information that he and Zechs are about to battle at Antarctica and pleads for Noin to take her there, in order to prevent the fighting.

heero and releana relationship goals

However, once there, Zechs' attitude disgusts her, and she tells Heero to defeat him- prompting Noin to reveal to her that Zechs is really her brother Milliardo. Relena at the restored Sanc Kingdom. It is then that Dorothy CataloniaDuke Dermail's granddaughter, comes to be a student at the Sanc Kingdom's school, where Relena is teaching pacifism to children of nobles.

Dorothy acts as something of a devil's advocate to Relena, while spying for her grandfather.

Relena Darlian

Despite negotiations, it is clear that Romefeller has no intentions of leaving Sanc untouched, and when members of the Treize Faction took refuge against the borders of the Kingdom, OZ uses this as an excuse to invade. The pacifist nation is technically unable to defend itself, however Noin had in secret created a small army of white Taurus MS to protect the kingdom, and begged the Gundam pilots to help as well.

In the aftermath of the battle, Relena sanctioned Noin and the Gundam pilots' actions. Relena as queen of the Earth Sphere. When Relena goes to a meeting with Romefeller, they force her to denounce Milliardo's status as a representative of Sanc, citing his anti-pacifistic actions in space.

When they attempt to assassinate her once she leaves, Quatre Winner and Noin rescue her, though Relena's butler Pagan is injured. When Romefeller's forces move in on Sanc Kingdom a second time, Relena eventually surrenders, rather than let Sanc be destroyed yet again. Romefeller decides to make her the new figurehead queen of their ' Earth Sphere Unified Nation ', announcing her as the leader of all of Earth and the colonies. However, Relena refuses to bend to their will and instead uses her position to further her ideals of pacifism.

Amazingly, her persuasive views on disarmament to set an example for others managed to sway the majority of Romefeller's members, outing Dermail, who desired to maintain a dictatorship over the Earth Sphere. This was enough to convince Heero not to kill her, who at first believed that she would be only bringing about a false peace as Romefeller's puppet. Now free from the political constraints of the conflict, Relena goes to space in an attempt to stop Milliardo, now leading White Fang, but is unable to sway him.

Dorothy offers a gun to end it all, but Relena refused to believe that assassination would bring about true peace, nor would she kill her own brother. The latter presents Relena with a gun, offering her a chance to take vengeance for her adoptive father's death. However, Relena refuses the tempting opportunity. In the epilogue, Relena is shown to have become the new Vice Foreign Minister of the ESUN, and Heero leaves her behind a teddy bear for her birthday along with a card, which she tears up as he walks away and tells him to hand it in person to her next time.

Endless Waltz In the aftermath of the Eve Wars, most of the world's mobile weapons are destroyed and Relena had became Vice Foreign Minister between Earth and the colonies.

She then woke to find a girl in her room, who introduces herself as Mariemaia Khushrenadathe illegitimate daughter of Treize Khushrenada. Because Relena was in the hands of the Barton Foundation, they could take over a virtually defenseless Earth without incident. However, Zechs, once presumed dead, was able to destroy the first wave of mobile suit transports but relented when Mariemaia's grandfather Dekim Barton threatened to initiate the original Operation Meteor by crashing L3 X onto Earth.

She was forced to watch as the Preventers and Gundams attempt to whittle down the Serpent mobile suits without killing the pilots. Relena quickly tried to tell the world that they must stand up for themselves, only for her broadcast to be cut off by Dekim.

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Eventually, the Gundams ran low on power, until the only one absent Heero's Wing Zero appeared in the sky, firing its powerful beam cannon at the bunker and penetrating its defensive shields; despite Heero knowing that he may endanger Relena.

Relena and Mariemaia's lives were saved by Lady Une, who had infiltrated the bunker, and dove on them to knock them out of the path of falling debris. Soon, a crowd of civilians led by Chang Wufei appeared to stand up against the remaining Mariemaia soldiers. Dekim refused to stand for this nor accept defeat and called on Mariemaia to assume her position as head of the Earth Sphere. However, Relena stood in her way and slapped some literal and figurative sense into her.

Dekim was enraged that Relena would think to poison his granddaughter's mind and brought up a gun. Relena gladly welcomed him to take the shot, as he smugly states that the public is expected to obey the victor.

However, Mariemaia takes the shot meant for Relena. But Dekim was unconcerned, for he could make another puppet. But before he could take another shot and Une could leap to Relena's defense, Dekim is shot and killed by a Treize Loyalist. Relena then rushes to Mariemaia's side, who confesses that she's sorry. She then spots Heero, brandishing a gun. But instead, Heero decides to never take a life again, for as far as he's concerned, he already killed Mariemaia.

They're actually the fastest mecha of their generation, made of Gundanium alloy so they're nearly impossible to destroy, and while they're melee focused, their beam scythes can cleave through enemies with minimal effort. However, in Frozen Teardrop, he has cut his hair.

heero and releana relationship goals

From the Latin duo, meaning "two". In Episode Zero, he lives in Maxwell Church. It was rather run downbut Father Maxwell and Sister Helen were lovely people. Too bad they're all killed off in a bomb attack. Acknowledges that he hasn't been the best father to Duo Jr. Not as notorious as Dorothy's, but still present through his waist-length braid. Lampshaded when Sister Helen wants to give him an Important Haircut since long hair like that "is unhygienic.

Constantly gets captured when usually doing stealth missions. Anything at all for the one you love Or, in the original Japanese: His Gundam's main weapon is a beam scythe, which is fitting for its Grim Reaper design. He's the snarkiest member of the cast, but this is at least partially to hide his wounded past. Will Not Tell a Lie: Though how true this claim is is debatable. Loyal, kind-hearted, and pensively droll, but emotionally stunted after spending a good portion of his life either as a soldier or, worse, outside human contact completely.

Interaction with the other pilots and Catherine Bloom helps start warming him up. In addition to Heavyarms, he served as the pilot of OZ's Vayeate while posing as a new recruit. He fires all his missiles, his chest gatlings, all the guns and missiles. It's common stock footage. Beware the Quiet Ones: The quietest member of the cast, and as a Gundam pilot he's a one-man army. His Gundam's Achilles' Heel is its tendency to run out of ammo in extended fights.

Trowa is able to remain weirdly detached whilst murdering people or contemplating a suicide strike, despite being one of the most compassionate characters in the series. Dead Person Impersonation Sort of. He took up the "Trowa Barton" name after the real one was murdered in front of his eyes, to cover up for the guy's death and help the people who killed him.

When using a Taurus, he dual wields two beam cannons. In the Endless Waltz version of Heavyarms Custom he dual-wields twin gatling guns. His recurring schtick of disguising as the enemy.

Does it to Oz, does it to Mariemaia's army. He gets his circus gig by befriending the lion and simply putting his hand in the cage.

The running theme of his mecha. The original has a beam gatling and two gatling guns hidden in its chest, the upgrade turns the beam gating into a double. The movie version doubles all of it, with four gatlings in the chest, and two double beam gatlings. He is absolutely ripped Has something of a habit of doing this. Whereas Heero will enter an enemy stronghold and destroy it, or whatever his target is, while also taking whatever information he can from their computers by force, Trowa will instead infiltrate their ranks to gain the same information.

Apparently those turtlenecks are very unflattering. He probably gained a lot more visible muscle after working for the circus. Being an acrobat will do that to you. In the extended battle scene from the theatrical version of Endless Waltz, a group of Serpents barrages him with missiles and he shoots every one of them down with his Gatlings. Looks and acts like The Stoicbut is one of the gentlest and most caring characters.

Survives the Quatre's rampage in the Wing Zero, but is amnesiac for a long while. Also gets his own theme music in the Fighting Game Endless Duel, a fast-paced techno piece which is about as different from the other two as you can get but is easily the most memorable in the game's entire quite good soundtrack.

Like Brother and Sister: With Catherine Bloom, a knife thrower in the circus he works at who care for him like a brother. Turns out it's not a "like", they really ARE brother and sister. The basic idea behind his mecha. Strap all the guns and missiles you can onto one machine Macross Missile Massacre: The Endless Waltz version of Heavyarms Kai. Tim Burtonof whom director Ikeda is a big fan. As revealed in Endless Waltz, Trowa is not his real name. He's only known as "Nanashi" No-Namebut Episode Zero implies that he might be Triton Bloom, a young boy who was thought to have been killed after an Alliance attack that killed Catherine's parents.

This is foreshadowed in episode 5: I have no name. But if you must call me something, then Trowa. Call me Trowa Barton. Earlier in episode 1: And in Frozen Teardrop it's confirmed. Only member of the Multinational Team without even a confirmed ethnicity. He's also sometimes considered "European," or occasionally Russian.

From the French trois, meaning "three". His impressive bangs almost always covers just one eye, depending on the angle. Quietest member of the team. If anyone is anyone is going to join the enemy with the intent to spy or sabotage them from within, it's Trowa. He spends a significant amount of time in the series working for OZ under Une, and enlists in Mariemaia's army in Endless Waltz, and he does such a convincing job both times that even his fellow pilots think he's turned.

Sparkling Stream of Tears: After destroying Duo's Deathscythe. The "stream" is justified as he's in zero-g, the sparking For Heero during Quatre's fight with Heero. He survived, but was left with amnesia.

He does this to save both Heero and Quatre; he knows his sacrifice is more likely to snap Quatre out of his funk than Heero's death. Sheds these in episode 20 after being forced to destroy Gundam Deathscythe to maintain his cover.

While the other pilots also qualify, he's the only one who manages to infiltrate Oz and Mariemeia's Army succesfully, probably because unlike the other four boys he doesn't have a massive case of Chronic Hero Syndrome to screw things up for him. Well, then you shouldn't be fighting at all!

He is also the co-leader of the Maganac Corps. Despite being a Gundam pilot, he is actually a very kind-hearted young man, and exhibits a form of empathy he refers to as the "Heart of Space". By being the Apologetic Attackerthen by keeping the team together when they go into space. He really wants to help everyone and anyone, which leads to him After almost killing his boyfriend best friend.

While the boy himself is too young for one, the TV version of his Gundam Sandrock is notable for having an extremely large "beard" compared to the small goatee design usually found on Gundams, appropriate to its Arabian themed design. According to some sourcebooksthe Gundams "beards" are actually coolant reservoirs for the head's various sensor and computer systems, so this would serve a practical purpose as well on a machine designed for desert combat.

He's easily the kindest member of the Gundam team, and possibly the series. He only snaps once He likely personally causes more destruction than any one pilot.

heero and releana relationship goals

Being betrayed by his colony, then losing his dad and almost losing his favorite older sister. The situation is then magnified when he gets hold of the prototype Wing Zerowhich really messes with the pilot's mind. In the Japanese version. Generally averted in the dubs except probably the Filipino dub. What happened to Quatre's mother when she insisted on giving birth to Quatre naturally, when all of the Winner children before him were test tube babies and she was a very delicate Ill Girl.

Sandrock dual wields its heat shotels. He also dual-wields beam sabers when riding a Taurus once. He seems to be able to sense feelings and "the heart of outer space. Wearing goggles inside a mecha serves no practical purpose, though justified in Episode Zero; Quatre's goggles served as a symbol of the leader of the Maganac Corps.

Of the five Gundam pilots. He's by far the most optimistic and moral of the pilots, always believes in the others, and in the last arc of the show, he's responsible for gathering the other pilots together.

Without them, they might have just stayed apart. He's pretty much acknowledged as this within the series itself too: He's an outstanding soldier. He has the ability to bring the five Gundam pilots together. He doesn't seem to think much of himself; given an interesting twist late in the series where Zechs fights the Gundam Pilots minus Heero all at once and guns for Quatre; he thinks it's because Zechs sees him as the weakest, when in fact it's because Zechs knows he's The Leader.

I'm Having Soul Pains: Often, this manifests as physical pain in Quatre's heart. Sounds creepier in the dubbed versionalthough both versions are great. Heero may be The Herobut he readily passes leadership of the Gundam Team onto the more charismatic Quatre. Not to mention Quatre has a personal army at his disposal in the Manganac Corps Leitmotif: Dorothy stabs him through the lung yet he still manages to stand there and make a very long speech at her before Trowa takes him to safety, then pilot his mobile suit out of the Libra again.

Doesn't like fighting if he can help it, but he WILL do so if he's got no other choice. Defied in the series. His father tried to avoid Quatre feeling guilty by not telling Quatre about his mother's existence at all. Instead, it led to huge self-worth issues as Quatre believed he was easily replaceable. How he regards his rampage in Wings Zero, especially nearly killing Trowa. His name almost sounds similar to Quattro Bajeenadespite not being the resident Char Clone of the series.

This came about because the names have the same numerical origin the name "Quattro" comes from the fact that it's Char's fourth alias. The kindest of the Gundam pilots. To the point when he heard that there were 4 more Gundams, he wanted to meet them all. From the French quatre, meaning "four". Real Men Wear Pink: Prefers art and music to things like sports. Still a badass in a pink shirt. Doesn't want to fight, but does it for the greater good. Aside from being a Gundam Pilot, he's also the co-leader of the Maganac Corps.

His backstory, his family is incredibly wealthy and as a child he didn't realize the implications of the wars going on around him. There are Arabian people who can have pale skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes. They are clustered around Morocco and North Africa and are collectively called Which eventually turns him into The Strategistdirecting the team in their battles.

Shown in Episode Zero as well where he leads the Maguanacs in an escape attempt. He was a child at the time. After destroying a colony with Wing Zero, and in episode 38, when he tried to meet Trowa, only to be turned away by Catherine.

In the later episodes, his role is less combat-focused and more about directing the rest of the Gundam team. The AC-verse's only known Newtype. He temporarily has a copy of the ZERO system installed in Sandrock, so that he can coordinate the three remaining Gundams in battle.

Before the finale, he removes the ZERO system More of an aristocrat than a prince, but the same basic idea. He's out there on the front lines despite or really, because of his upbringing. You Killed My Father: The reason for his Freak Out!

What Happened to the Mouse? In the anime, Quatre's older sister, Iria, gets a head bump and is knocked unconscious after their father was killed.

heero and releana relationship goals

She was never seen again after that. Subverted in the manga adaptation, in which she was killed along with their father. And now officially averted as of Frozen Teardrop, where she's shown to be alive and well in the future.

Shenlong Gundam, Altron Gundam The pilot of the Shenlong Gundam, Wufei has a strong sense of warrior's pride, which conflicts with his need to be a terrorist in order to accomplish his goals. He always refers to his Gundams as "Nataku", the name his wife Mei Lan took on shortly before dying. He tries to live up to her ideals, but finds himself chaffing under the approaching peaceful era and defects to the Mariemaia Army in Endless Waltz to fight for all the soldiers who would be "thrown away" by the pacifism espoused by Relena.

He wanted to fight and kill Treize, but didn't expect to feel so bad afterward. He considers Treize his after Treize handily defeats him in hand-to-hand combat. In Endless Waltz, he makes a point of saying he feels like he's still battling Treize even after Treize's death. Rude and condescending to those he deems weak Episode Zero reveals that before Operation Meteor, he was a scholar and still kicked ass.

Contributes relatively little to the team other than pure combat skill. He admits that he didn't expect to live in his final duel with Treize and was crying when he won.

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Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: Wu Fei goes through this a lot, which seems to be the source of confusion about his character. Initially he just follows his dead wife's ideals to honor her memory, despite the fact that he didn't believe in them himself. His role in Operation Meteor greatly conflicts with his sense of honor and fairness. Upon losing his home colony, he takes up the ideal of justice urged upon him by Master Long before he died In Endless Waltz he rejects the notion of true peace because it would destroy people like himself who can't live without fighting.

In the end he finds his niche with the Preventers, still fighting, but this time in order to protect peace and the innocent. In Endless Waltz, when he joined the Mariemaia Army because warriors like him are being cast aside in a changing world. Calls Noin "woman" in their first battle, because he doesn't know her name.

In Episode Zero, we find out why exactly he doesn't like girls in combat. He lost his Cute Bruiser wife Meiran very tragically.

This was explained more thoroughly in the Glory of the Defeated manga: Instead of letting the enemy seize the colony and Wufei's Gundam, she charges the enemies head-on, killing herself in the process. He met a former OZ soldier who believed conflict should be used to bring out humanity's best, in this case encouraging deep space exploration.

The soldier dies asking Wu Fei how far humanity will go, and as he flies off after the final battle, Wu Fei promises him that he'll be the threat that makes humanity advance.