Hope and lightning relationship counseling

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hope and lightning relationship counseling

The Hope Couples Project is a resource center for couples, pastors, and professional therapists using the Hope focused approach for couples counseling or. Find Marriage Counseling Therapists, Psychologists and Marriage behaviors and gain hope in experiencing the joy of relationships and to have a life .. perseverence it will take to put up the protective lightning rod for life's stormy weather. I therefore believe that Hope will NOT be paired with Lightning in this game, aside from the way their relationship works I also think that the only.

Future lover Yes, Hope is 14 in the story, while Lightning is I don't like shota, and the thought of a 21 year old dating a 14 year old is disgusting. However, Hope will not always be a 14 year old boy. By the time he becomes an adult, that 7 year age gap is going to be less important, especially since he has the ability to mature quickly, as shown in the game. What started out as a platonic relationship of emotional support could easily become a romantic relationship in the future.

hope and lightning relationship counseling

You can't just build something up like that, then abandon me. This evidenced by his eidolon, the holy fortress Alexander, which represents the strength within him. Furthermore, even as a kid, he's able to hold his own and be a valuable member of the l'cie.

Hope Estheim

Lightning is a tough person to connect with, yet Hope was able to build an intimacy between them in short amount of time. She has referred to him as her partner and thinks that they are similar in the grief felt after losing their parents.

The trust they have for one another makes for a good foundation for a relationship, and it is likely this trust will continue to grow as they both will keep in contact as they continue maturing individually. But how does Hope see Lightning?

Stronger than Fear

Let's look at his situation. He's young and impressionable. You are expected to as as maturely as an adult, but clearly do not all the resources and wisdom from past experiences as adults do.

To make it worst, Hope just lost his mother and a sense of normalcy. Regarding the Alexander battle "This is not an ordeal, this a gift!

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Hope, this the kind of power you got inside. Out of concern for their safety, Snow has Hope and Vanille accompany him deeper into the structure.

They meet with Lightning and Sazh and find Serah outside Anima's Throne, who crystallizes with Hope explaining it happens to l'Cie who complete their Focus. The army attacks the Vestige and when Lightning, Sazh and Snow awaken the sleeping fal'Cie, Hope tries to run away, but his path is blocked off. Anima brands everyone in the group a l'Cie and the damaged Vestige destroys the Hanging Edge and falls to Lake Bresha below, crystallizing it on impact.

They decide to work together to solve their Focus and identify the legendary beast Ragnarok from a shared dream vision, believing their Focus is to destroy Cocoon. The group finds Serah's crystal form stuck in the crystallized lake and Snow remains to dig her out while the others continue on. Hope tries to tell Snow about Nora, but Snow tells him to hurry or get left behind. In the abandoned ruins at the edge of the lake the party finds an airship.

Lightning plans to get revenge against the Sanctum by destroying the capital city Eden 's namesake fal'Cie that runs the government.

Drawn by Lightning's determination and strength, Hope follows her to gain battle experience and toughen up. The two are separated from Vanille and Sazh, and decide to go through the Gapra Whitewood and Hope's hometown of Palumpolum to catch a train to Eden.

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Against Lightning's orders, Hope takes control of a Pulsian Dreadnoughta relic from the war between the two worlds centuries ago, and clears a path for them. Lightning's patience runs thin as Hope fails to keep up with her and she threatens to abandon him, inadvertently summoning her Eidolon Odinwho attacks Hope.

Lightning saves him and his aid in defeating the Eidolon persuades her to have faith in the boy and help him "toughen up.

hope and lightning relationship counseling

In the Gapra Whitewood, Hope asks to take the lead and Lightning lends him her survival knife to boost his confidence. Hope reveals his reason for following her: Taking Lightning's advice to form a plan, Hope conceives "Operation Nora," his plan for revenge. To dissuade Hope, Lightning suggests they see his father and tell him about Nora. When Hope mentions the fal'Cie treat humans like their pets, Lightning realizes they have been fal'Cie pawns since birth, and fighting blindly to make up for doubt and confusion is not the answer.

She tells Hope to abandon Operation Nora and talk to his father to find a new reason to keep fighting. On a wireless communicator the groups agree on Hope's place in Felix Heights as their rendezvous point, but Hope still intends to complete Operation Nora.

hope and lightning relationship counseling

Snow's optimism and obliviousness continue to anger Hope, as he unknowingly insults Nora and the events surrounding her death. Hope asks Snow a series of personal questions to justify his desire for revenge, only to be further aggravated by Snow's answers. After making their way through the Rivera Towers after an encounter with an angry mob, they are attacked by an Ushumgal Subjugator.

hope and lightning relationship counseling

She was my mother. And she died because of you!