Hosea and gomer relationship

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hosea and gomer relationship

So God spoke again, this time through the prophet Hosea whose name out of Hosea's relationship with Gomer, sandwiched as it is between. I can't tell you why God chose to have a special relationship with this people, .. So while Gomer was living in her adulterous relationship, Hosea was behind. Hosea chose Gomer, and their story became the metaphor God used to describe His tempestuous relationship with His people.

The stocks were wooden idols.

hosea and gomer relationship

The staffs were divining rods, instruments used to foretell the future, to find lost or hidden objects, and so forth. Thus, instead of seeking counsel from the living God, they looked to the idols. Why Avoid Gilgal and Bethaven? She is an unmanageable animal and will not pull together with the other ox yoked with her, nor will she submit to the guidance of the driver.

A lamb in a large place suggests a helpless animal lost in a large open area with no protection. Because they were the two dominant tribes, Judah came to represent all the Israelites in the Southern Kingdom, and Ephraim came to represent the Israelites in the Northern Kingdom. The metaphor depicts the rulers and priesthood in the bloody role of the hunters who spiritually killed their prey, Israel.

A Call to Return Hosea 6: The former or first rains softened the earth so that he could plow it and plant the seed; the latter or second rains gave the crop its growth. See also Joel 2: It lacked the steadfastness, the trustworthiness of true covenant love. This word is exceedingly difficult to render into English. Such covenant love has the quality of constancy, firmness, steadfastness.

Hence Yahweh [Jehovah] scorned the existing forms of worship: But clearly he was opposed to forms that were devoid of the spirit of true faithfulness to the God of the covenant. Jesus twice asked his hearers to go and reread Hosea 6: Anderson, Understanding the Old Testament, p. The meaning of this figure is explained by ver. As the fire will burn an ash-cake when it is left unturned, so have foreigners consumed the strength of Israel, partly by devastating wars, and partly by the heathenish nature which has penetrated into Israel in their train.

In desperation the people alternately sought aid from Assyria and Egypt, paying tribute to both, with the result that they lost their independence and national autonomy, being forced to accept vassalage to Assyria. Hosea warned the nation of its folly in seeking alliances with foreign nations.

hosea and gomer relationship

Political alliances would not remedy the real cause of their trouble—moral disease and rebellion against God. Hosea doubtless believed that God would protect His own if they but trusted Him.

Let the big nations fight their own wars; little nations that elected to mix up with them were sure to be worsted. The big nations, furthermore, had religious practices that were utterly opposite to prophetic ideals.

Their immoralities, added to those already prevalent in Israel would, in time, wreck the nation. So Israel would spread the net of destruction over herself.

Gomer, Hosea, & What They Show Us About Our Relationship With Christ

When hardships come, some cry upon their beds. Rather than pray to God with all their heart, they look for corn and wine—something to take away the hurt.

In either case, the archer can be wounded. A Wild Ass A wild ass is one of the most independent and unreliable beasts on earth. Because Israel wanted to go her own way and be alone, she was likened to a wild ass. She would go alone into Assyria and be swallowed up by the Gentiles.

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Egypt was the land of the first captivity—between the times of Joseph and Moses. The word here refers to captivity or bondage in general; thus, Assyria is the new Egypt. Hosea was referring to false prophets who were saying that all was well in Israel and that their enemies would not come against them.

The Imagery of Hosea Hosea used several figurative expressions that ancient Israel would clearly understand but which are not clearly understood by modern readers. Grapes in the wilderness; first ripe fruit of the fig v.

Both grapes and figs were viewed as choice fruits by the people anciently. Jehovah found Israel, at first, a delightful thing.

Another way of saying the people were committing immoral acts see Numbers The Northern Kingdom shall see no conception, no pregnancy, no birth—Ephraim will be left totally desolate. Have children but be bereaved v. Even their grown-up sons shall be cut off. Ephraim and Tyre Tyrus v. Tyre was renowned for its glory and splendor.

A Marital Lesson from Hosea - Doing Life Together

God had chosen Ephraim for similar blessings, but because of their wickedness they would be barren. The princes are revolters v. See Notes and Commentary on Hosea 5: Rather, mercy is granted because of the grace, love, and condescension of Godas it is with all blessings, to those who comply with the law upon which its receipt is predicated.

That law is the law of righteousness; those who sow righteousness, reap mercy. There is no promise of mercy to the wicked; rather, as stated in the Ten Commandmentsthe Lord promises to show mercy unto thousands of them that love him and keep his commandments. If one plants wickedness, he reaps iniquity. What one gets is the result of what one does. We can trust God, or power, or friends, or money; but what we receive will depend on what we trusted see also Hosea 8: So, in order for the promises to be fulfilled, it will be necessary for Israel, as a nation, to be regenerated, because the fulfillment of the promises involves an intimate personal relationship with God.

So, not surprisingly, the theme of the Bible is how God is working in the lives of his people, Israel, to bring them to faith in him, his word, and his Messiah, without which, they cannot be born again cf. The story of the book is about how God, who found Israel to be stubbornly faithless and spiritually rebellious, had to allow them to experience the consequences of their waywardness.

hosea and gomer relationship

Obviously this is not a passage we should use for advice on how to find a mate. We can find that kind of advice in the book of Proverbs, as well as in the New Testament. So, with regard to marriage, this is a special case, with a special purpose. God said there was no faithfulness, or kindness, or knowledge of him 4: Virtually every hill and shade tree in Israel had become a place for the immoral revelries involved in the worship of Baal and Ashtarte the male and female fertility idols, cf.

He married Gomer, and in the course of time three children were born. The first child was named, Jezreel. This name comes from two Hebrew words: It would not be long after this prophecy that Israel would be invaded by Assyria; that invasion happened in B.

hosea and gomer relationship

The Assyrians were undoubtedly one of the cruelest people in history. In fact, you may recall that the prophet Jonah was sent to proclaim judgment upon the city of Nineveh, the ancient capital of the Assyrian Empire.

Gomer (wife of Hosea)

When the Assyrians invaded a land, they had no mercy on the people they conquered. When they conquered a city, they were known to throw the children off the city walls, or if there were no wall, they would take them to a nearby cliff and throw them onto the rocks below.

Conquered people they thought would not make good slaves, or anyone they particularly disliked, they would impale on large pikes set upright in the ground. They were experts at making their victims suffer as much, and as long, as possible. Those that survived had metal hooks driven through their jaws and were connected to chains and led away into captivity.

If God had continued to shield Israel from the consequences of their sins, they would have never understood the true nature of their choices.

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If we were to put this into modern terms, we might imagine God saying something like this: Of course the prophetic symbolism is that just as Gomer had brought forth a child born of her harlotry, so Israel had brought forth its children in spiritual harlotry by going after idols.

Israel, having been unfaithful, is about to experience the full effect of being cut off from God. When a person persistently sins and never has to pay a penalty, what happens? Well, often they develop a distorted view of reality.

The Ministry of Hosea: A Call to Faithfulness (Hosea)

They begin to think they can sin without consequences. So even though it can be very painful, having to deal with the consequences of sin can be a positive thing if it leads to repentance. I will also take away My wool and My flax given to cover her nakedness. Some other man might have been happy to see his wayward wife fall on such hard times, but not Hosea. So while Gomer was living in her adulterous relationship, Hosea was behind the scenes making sure she had clothes, food, and money.

In time the consequences she had been protected from began to roll in. Now even though Gomer deserved what she got, this is a sad story. You shall not play the harlot, nor shall you have a man; so I will also be toward you. Gomer may have been sold into slavery, but Hosea never forgot her and never stopped loving her, and when God revealed to him that the time was right, Hosea went and redeemed Gomer out of slavery.

hosea and gomer relationship

Their relationship needed a lot of mending before they could again live together as man and wife. We notice that Gomer, though purchased, was not immediately restored to her former status as a wife, and things would remain that way until her heart changed.