Houki and ichika relationship questions

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houki and ichika relationship questions

The OVA seems to reinforce that of everyone, Houki's love for Ichika seems to be the saved by the original Ichika, the network problems just magically go away. along with their relationship with Tabane's attack on the school's network. Houki and Rin are Ichika's childhood friends, Cecilia and Charlotte have their of the girls worry that Ichika and Chifuyu might have this kind of relationship (as He also enlists the help of several other girls to fix the problems in her IS suit to. At home, the relationship between the two is more casual, as Ichika does all the Houki loves Ichika to the point she managed to muster up enough courage to . Afterwards, she questions herself why she asked him in the first place and.

But a plot is being brewed in the shadows and it will culminate once a heavenly opponent is sent to Ichika's door. New chapter again, it's down time for this chapter but the next chapters will be the start of the battles. Thanks for those who gave their reviews, a really big help. I don't own Infinite Stratos, it belongs to Izuru Yumizuru. Nothing beats a hot shower after a long day.

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It's been two days since I was discharged in the infirmary. Ever since he got out of the infirmary the five never even spoke to him once. He sighed heavily wondering why are the mood swings of his friends are very fast these days.

houki and ichika relationship questions

He immediately went to bed since he was dead tired. The classes are becoming more crammed together and the practical lessons are happening more often. If the students are this busy, the situation of the teachers must be worse. Has Chifuyu-nee been eating, I hope she's not overworking herself.

His sister must be staying up late at night or not even sleeping at all. I can't continue making my sister worry about me all the time.

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Scene Change Laura tossed and turned in her bed, thinking of a certain boy she just ignored for two days straight. That Ichika, he really fails as a wife. He didn't even approach me this last two days because I ignored him. Ichika you failure for a wife! In a bed next to Laura lays her roommate, Charlotte. She on the other hand was being pricked by her conscience for her pettiness over Ichika. Of course she was angry when she saw Ichika being friendly with Tatenashi.

But this happens often now and Ichika doesn't really take Tatenashi's advances seriously, but still being a girl in love, she can't help but feel jealous at the sight of Ichika being intimate with another girl. She already thought of Ichika ignoring them completely just because of their violent reactions whenever he does something they don't like.

So, like Laura she can't sleep either and continues to drift through her thoughts. Scene Change "Ichika, you big idiot. She was sleepless because she thought Ichika was mad at her. He always does things like this, he always l-l-l-l-like this, eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

She was sitting on her bed while holding a cup of tea that she never sipped even once; she was occupied by her thoughts about a certain blockhead. Ichika-san how can you be this cruel, it obviously your fault but you're the one who ignored us!

houki and ichika relationship questions

I guess we overreacted again, so Ichika-san has the right to be angry at us. Scene Change Houki Shinonono, like the other four was sleepless as well. But instead of being angry she was a bit worried about the growing divide in her relationship with Ichika. I took another subconscious action again, not even thinking that Ichika is still recuperating that time.

Houki is now becoming more and more concerned about the situation; she got up in her bed silently, trying not to wake up her roommate. Back to Cecilia "Well, as a lady I should be forgiving and I know Ichika-san won't easily be swayed by women and maybe I should apologize to Ichika-san too because of my unladylike behavior. Maybe tomorrow, but I can't do that in front of that many people. In particular, even though the dialogue is minimal during each of the simulated moments, the use of environments and visuals conveys how each girl views Ichika.

Conversely, Charlotte sees Ichika as a guardian of sorts and as such, is his maid in her virtual reality. The fact that each of their simulated realities succumbs to external influence from Chloe suggests that they desire to be close to him for less nobel reasons compared to Houki: Screenshots and Commentary This puny collection of screenshots only numbers twenty-five. First, some moments in this OVA are, unsurprisingly, not suitable for all audiences. However, this peace is broken when an unknown faction compromises the systems at the Infinite Stratos academy and forces each of the girls to enter the network in an attempt to fix it.

This makes absolutely no sense from a technical perspective: I might just check out the light novels, but that remains something to be decided in the future. The novel will be required here to clarify things. Take note, this is not how to build things in general. While the VR segments might be a little hard on the eyes and mind, the combat sequences retain all of their glory from the original TV anime, and while the incursions appear as an excuse to give the girls a reason to enter the virtual reality environment, they are nonetheless quite well done.

In particular, it was entertaining to see Chifuyu hold off against an IS with nothing more than a quartet of swords. How Ichika manages to sense that the others were in trouble is never explained: Alternatively, once the source of the intrusion was removed, Kanzashi and the others would have worked towards repairing things. Cecelia and Rin react moderately well after Ichika recovers them from the simulated worlds, but Charlotte gives Icika the old-fashioned eye poke.

Despite being a virtual world, there must be plugins or components for pain simulation, although one would wonder what would happen if anyone had actually died inside the simulated environment.