Ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals

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ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals

Economic management is passing out of Ishaq Dar's hands into those of into public view given the nature of the working relationship they need to build Pak Suzuki reaches a new milestone with 2 million cars produced in Pakistan . action for achieving the goals, is neither looked into nor sought after!. PM Muhammad Nawaz Sharif one-on-one meeting with Prime Minister of . Nawaz Sharif has said that Pakistan attaches high importance to its relations with . Minister for Defense; Mr. Muhammad Ishaq Dar, Minister for Finance; Mr.. . to wage coordinated efforts for the realisation of their common economic goals. Names & Addresses of i) Muhammad ishaq Dar sló Mian the accused riot . In order to achieve this goal, an unscrupulous method was adopted .. illegalities in this connection under the directions of Mian Muhammad Nawaz..! Sharif & Mian .

ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals

None of the family's over seas assets was declared on electoral or government returns. Sources close to the investigation have disclosed that the Sharifs, who have extensive property in Britain including four Park Lane apartments, have hired top public relations firms in London and New York. The family denies any wrongdoing. Last week Sharif, his brother and five others were formally indicted on charges of hijacking and conspiracy to murder.

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The charges, which carry death sentences, relate to events on the day of the army takeover last October when a plane carrying the army chief of staff, General Pervez Musharraf, and other passengers was allegedly prevented from landing despite running low on fuel.

The jet eventually put down after the army stormed the airport in Karachi. The prosecution say Sharif and his aides wanted it to crash. Sharif's trial is due to start a week on Wednesday.

Preliminary hearings have provided a spectacle of farce, histrionics and incompetence. Though prosecution lawyers say proceedings will be over within four or five weeks, many believe the trial may last more than a year. There have already been a series of delays. It took the military authorities five weeks to frame the charges, and there have been dozens of hearings to establish the exact composition, procedure and jurisdiction of the court.


Ironically Sharif will be tried in one of the anti-terrorism courts he set up, in the face of opposition from the judiciary and human rights activists, to streamline the conviction of his own political opponents. Despite Pakistan has extradition treaty with US, Haqqani cannot be brought back. International law expert Ahmer Bilal Soofi informed the apex court that former ambassador to the US Husain Haqqani could not be brought back to Pakistan on charges of contempt of court.

Pakistan does not have any extradition treaty with UK, hence Hussain Nawaz and Dar cannot be extradited In the context of bringing back Nawaz brothers and Dar, government of Pakistan is as quickly geared up as it has been seen in the case of Hussain Haqqani, and also set to take the assistance of Interpol. There are some conditions which obligate in bring back them under this treaty.

The request will be refused if the purpose of the request is deemed to be to prosecute or punish the person on account of race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or political opinions, or if extradited the person might be prejudiced at his trial or punished unfairly for any of these reasons.

ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals

Though Pakistan being the common wealth state is part of bilateral treaty which to some extent enable Pakistan for extradition but it has some restrictions which may imply in the cases of Haqqani, Hassan Hussain Nawaz and Ishaq Dar. As Nawaz brothers and Ishaq Dar both have the political affiliations and the cases against them may hint towards the political victimization of them, it seems quite difficult that any of them would be handed over to the government of Pakistan If the government of the country to which the accused is sought, finds the case trivial and if it thinks that the surrendering of the person is not being made in good faith or in the interests of justice or for political reasons, it can deny the request.

ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals

As Nawaz brothers and Ishaq Dar both have the political affiliations and the cases against them may hint towards the political victimization of them, it seems quite difficult that any of them would be handed over to the government of Pakistan, said the UK law expert. Can Hasan Nawaz be approached through Interpol?

ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals

Earlier over the complaint filed by the government of Pakistan, Interpol had issued the notice against Husain Nawaz to which he replied with a page explanation submitted to Interpol. Fearing the political victimization, the explanation sought relieve from extradition in the light of political background of his family and the judicial activism against his family.

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Interpol accepted it and even removed the notices from website, explained UK law expert. Many nations will not extradite persons charged with certain political offenses, such as Treason, Sedition, and Espionage.

The rise in airplane Hijacking, Terrorism, and hostage taking in the late twentieth century led many nations to enter into multilateral conventions in which the signing countries mutually agreed to extradite individuals who committed such crimes.

Last year, the former minister Ahsan Iqbal expedited the process to finalize crucial extradition treaties with key global powers including the United Kingdom UKChina and other important states situated in the Gulf, Middle East and adjoining belt.

ishaq dar and nawaz sharif relationship goals