Jake gyllenhaal and kirsten dunst relationship

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jake gyllenhaal and kirsten dunst relationship

that while his relationships with Reese Witherspoon, Kirsten Dunst, Related: Watch the Trailer for Jake Gyllenhaal's New Movie 'Southpaw'. Kirsten Dunst, Jake Gyllenhaal Their relationship would last for at least another year, but after this moment things would always feel just a. Beefy Jake Gyllenhaal lets out a HUGE yawn after Howard Stern told . been referring to his relationship with Kirsten Dunst, whom he dated.

As we've already stated, the paparazzi were particularly aggressive with Jake and Kirsten, and perhaps in response to that, Gyllenhaal has put the clamps on any kind of discussion of his personal life in the media.

While Kirsten has been quoted again and again about the relationship, as she opens up at least a little when asked about it, Jake keeps a firm closed door policy.

Gyllenhaal maintains it to this day, as in a recent interviewhe deadpanned a simple "I would love to not talk about my personal life" when pressed. He likes to deflect with jokes, saying that for that "kind of interview," he'd have to be lying down on a couch. One quote from that interview has Jake say he likes to enter a space "with an open heart and a mind that's strong enough to protect it.

To this day, Jake doesn't discuss his personal relationships, and there's a solid chance that the policy began back when he was getting hounded by the press over his romance with Kirsten. You're a rising star, and a hot commodity.

You have your pick of attractive roles and attractive men. Would you be thinking about settling down and getting married? If you said no, then you understand Kirsten Dunst in While there were plenty of other causes of tension between the two that led to the breakup, perhaps the simplest explanation for why the Hollywood couple split is just the fact that they were very young. They were looking at decades-long careers in Hollywood, and they had their whole lives ahead of them. It's not really shocking that they didn't stay together forever.

Still, Kirsten would go one further. But she didn't stop there, as she would add that she and Jake "couldn't last. Perhaps one of her reasons for thinking that was due to the fact that she just didn't want to get married at the age of and it turned out she was definitely telling the truth, because while she is currently engaged to Jesse Plemons, she has not married to this day!

While Kirsten Dunst did say that she and Jake had never been right for another in the days following the split, she appeared to go back on that opinion in the years following the relationship. While she acknowledged that they "couldn't last," she also said that Jake was the love of her life.

jake gyllenhaal and kirsten dunst relationship

Not content to just say that, she kept going: Maybe one day that will be with Jake. Well, it wasn't, as both Kirsten and Jake have since moved on. Still, though, it's somewhat comforting to know that underneath the entire media circus, the public displays of affection and the fights over the dog, there was some genuine feeling to the relationship.

At least it wasn't just a big hubbub over nothing, Kirsten really did care for Jake. As it turns out, the behavior from Jake that read as snobbery to some was actually what Kirsten loved about him. In Jake I believe I found that. We've already talked about how creative Kirsten and Jake got, but Jake's dorky side was also part of what drew Kirsten to him. It's worthwhile to note that this quote also came after the relationship had already ended, yet Kirsten uses "love" in the present tense.

These quotes clearly came at a time when Kirsten was looking back at the relationship fondly, thinking about Jake's dorkiness with the rosy glow of nostalgia. Jake liked to stay in and watch movies, and he's been known to give intensely intellectual answers to common questions in interviews.

It sounds like his mind was as much a part of the attraction for Kirsten as his looks, given that he's still known to be one of the smarter celebrities around.

jake gyllenhaal and kirsten dunst relationship

While their spokesperson was telling the media that Jake and Kirsten had broken up, he also dropped another bombshell on the press: Naturally, this came as a bit of a shock to the paparazzi who had been covering the couple, since it had apparently gone unnoticed up until that point. Then again, Kirsten and Jake had evidently done a good job faking it in the preceding months.

Kirsten Dunst and Jake Gyllenhaal Split

It was never clarified exactly when the breakup occurred, merely that it happened "some time" before the announcement. Media outlets were quick to note that just a month prior to the announcement, Kirsten had spoken to the media to tell them how in love she was.

Her exact words were "I am really happy and in love. Gyllenhaal doesn't discuss the specifics of his personal life, but he did give a hint or two when he appeared on the Howard Stern Show, prompting media outlets to take their pick of the best quotes.

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Speaking in broad terms about his romantic history, Jake was asked exactly what went wrong in his previous relationships where he was in love. I probably just got scared. Gyllenhaal is a guarded person by all accounts, and his fear of commitment has likely hurt several romantic entanglements over the years. Coupled with the fact that Kirsten didn't want to get married, is it any wonder they broke up? In the same interview with Howard Stern, Gyllenhaal was asked if he had ever been in love.

As with most of his interviews about his personal life, Jake remained cryptic. That didn't stop media outlets from speculating, of course, poring over his previous serious relationships to see which two would be the ones he actually loved. Getty Images; AP Plemons' personal life is a fairly closed book well done, sir!

jake gyllenhaal and kirsten dunst relationship

Here's a look at how she got from way back when to here But hey, just a couple of kids. Dunst had a few things she needed to do first, before devoting serious time to romance—such as finish high school. She graduated from Notre Dame High in L. Well, actually, she looked back once. In she and Hoffman were spotted cuddling during a Tribeca Film Festival event.

Neither of them ever expressly talked getting together, dating or, inevitably, breaking up, but word got out thanks to a couple of very close observers.

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Columbia Pictures "I actually had some worries about [their breakup]," Sam Raimi, who directed the pair in all three of the O. I was concerned they wouldn't get the same chemistry back, but it was just me worrying.

And that relationship probably just added to their ability to trust each other. Tobey was mad at me for a while. By the second film, we were cool, but that's another reason I felt hurt, with you [Raimi] giving Tobey all the attention You were the father who wouldn't give me the love I needed. Photos Movie's Most Frequent Co-Stars Once he was single, Maguire became known as a bit of a party guy, a close cohort of Leonardo DiCaprio and his pack of bachelor pals—a rep he didn't bother to shake until he got married in Maguire and Jennifer Meyer separated last year.

They are still very close.