Jake weber and patricia arquette relationship

Exclusive Interview: Jake Weber channels the end of MEDIUM Assignment X

jake weber and patricia arquette relationship

Hours before we meet, I watch Patricia Arquette club Tony Soprano to death she had a son Enzo, now 17, from a relationship with musician Paul Rossi). and has great chemistry with Jake Weber, who plays her husband. Jake Weber of canceled Medium, exclusive interview. with Medium star Jake Weber he talks about the end of the series starring Patricia Arquette. The best part of Medium was the relationship between Joe and Allison. five years," said Patricia Arquette of her successful television series "Medium. Arquette and her on-screen husband Jake Weber talked about their doing a long-term project is it's like a long-term relationship; like you run.

They don't really allow you to just check in once in a while; you have to follow these shows. I think that is working across the board in both men and women's favor.

Speaking of doofus husbands, Jake, what will Joe be up to this season? Oh, Joe's in a good spot; he's got this investor who's putting up the dough for him to run his own company. And he's working in a big fancy warehouse. He has some problems finding people to work for him because he's had some bad luck with that. But he's in a good spot; he's in a big pot of honey this year. Any favorite episodes or scenes so far this year?

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I really liked [an episode that Arquette directed]. I thought it was a really good storyline. There were some directorial problems She's got this weird fixation with food. She makes her actors eat food all the time. Every fing scene that I was in I had to be eating an apple or a piece of pizza or I don't know what else. You haven't even seen my cut yet, Jake, so just zip it.

Exclusive Interview: Jake Weber channels the end of MEDIUM

Any interesting guest stars coming up? We have some great guest stars: Do you have any pie-in-the-sky guest-star casting fantasies? I've always wanted to explore Allison's relationship with her mom, which we've never seen. She alludes sometimes to how lonely she was in discovering her abilities and how she wants it to be different for her daughter.

jake weber and patricia arquette relationship

I was always hoping that we could get Gena Rowlands. That's one of my little private fantasies. I have a fantasy They are all justifiably passionate about the result, and watching it is an odd experience: More and more of the business is run by bankers — the smaller movies are gone, pretty much.

jake weber and patricia arquette relationship

And there is no obvious demographic for this film: Arquette in the television series Medium, with Jake Weber REX There was the wild call girl of True Romance who literally had to fight for her life, and the fragile bombshell of Lost Highway made to strip at gunpoint.

I was still trying to find my way. I remember when I was six or seven asking my mom why people were looking at me. And yet I put myself in a business where people have to look at you. I think I learnt to block it out. He passed the test, but ruined everything by throwing an almighty tantrum at the airport on the way to get married. So it's sort of what I struggle with sometimes and yet I also see the value in it and I see the realism in that also.

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And certain scenes my back was to the camera because I was doing this secretive work I was working on. So I couldn't even see Jake's face. But I had to depend on a lot of other people. So it was really neat working with him but nerve wracking and exciting.

And it was interesting to see how different our visual language was and our emotional language with cutting choices. How do the actors think the relationship between Allison and Joe has stayed intact? And I think that that's a hard thing to do in relationships, you know, if you have a strong willed individuals and I think both of them are fairly strong willed especially probably Allison more so than Joe.