John the savage and lenina relationship goals

John, used to the Savage Reservation, is thrown into "civilized" London. Helmholtz, accustomed only to hypnopaedia, is introduced to Shakespeare. The pattern. Lenina remembers her sleep-teaching while talking to Henry Foster: first shock of fear; doubts, questions; she supposes that Epsilons do not. Along the way John develops several relationships, but three are of special note. John attacks Lenina, meaning that she locks herself in the bathroom out of.

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Unfortunately, John cannot find a place where he is allowed to express his own views about these things and be heard. It is warning on Huxley's part about the dangers of a brave new world that refuses to acknowledge individualism.

Mustapha Mond, the Controller Mustapha Mond is the perfect symbol of the brave new world and the Savage's chief antagonist. He is a man of middle-height, with black hair, a hooked nose, full red lips and very piercing dark eyes.

John the Savage in Brave New World

Intelligent and learned, Mond has an acute sense of irony and even a certain sense of humor. A physicist by training, he understands and accepts the principles of the new conformist totalitarian society.

Although he knows the limits of the brave new world, he accepts them for the benefit of social stability. Mond and the Savage are the only two truly complex characters in the novel, for they know both the old world and new world. Since both of them can read, they have been exposed to outside thoughts, especially those of Shakespeare; both of them find the playwright fascinating. The Savage, however, accepts the human emotions expressed in the Shakespearean plays as worthy, while Mond denies them on the basis of science and world order.

Ironically, the Controller also represents Huxley; he expresses the author's view about science and philosophy. Bernard Marx Bernard Marx is an important character in the novel and is present from the very beginning until almost the end. Amongst the Alphas of the new world, he is thought to be different because of his small size, caused by an error in his decanting process; unfortunately for him, in this upper caste largeness is valued and smallness is ridiculed.

As a result, he has an inferiority complex, which leads him to pose behind a superior air. As a result, he is not popular, his only friend being Helmholtz Watson. Bernard is individualistic enough to defy some of the rules, though not too blatantly.

The Director of the Hatcheries, however, knows of the infractions and threatens to exile him to Iceland. Bernard is, therefore, delighted to discover Linda and John on the Savage Reservation and learn that John is Tomakin's illegitimate son.

In order to assure that the Director will not deal unfairly with him, Bernard arranges to take John and Linda back to London with him. When Tomakin again threatens Bernard with exile, he produces the two people from the reservation, totally humiliating the Director. For a while, Bernard serves as John's guardian and basks in the limelight that he receives from this position.

Having a false sense of superiority because of John, he begins to openly criticize some of the things in the brave new world; but he lacks the courage of his convictions and when put to the test, he always fails. In the end, Bernard chooses to leave the mainstream of the brave new world and go with Helmholtz to an isolated rebel island in search of greater individual freedom.

Helmholtz Watson Helmholtz is mostly distinguished in the novel as Bernard's only friend. He is a powerfully built man, who is deep-chested, broad-shouldered, huge, yet agile; in sharp contrast to Bernard, Huxley says that physically he is "every centimeter an Alpha-plus.

Even when Bernard deserts him for awhile, Helmholtz eagerly renews the friendship when Bernard is ready. He sees in Bernard a fellow Alpha who questions the brave new world. In truth, he is much more of a rebel than Bernard. That is why he is finally banished to an island of his choice. Helmholtz is attracted to the Savage and befriends him.

Bernard is clearly jealous of their easy relationship, but Helmholtz is a much more trusting and intelligent individual than Bernard. Because of his knowledge, Helmholtz has no fear of the Controller and even dares to question him, just like the Savage.

Lenina Crowne Lenina is important in the novel because of the affect that she has on Bernard and the Savage. She has bought into philosophies of the brave new world; although intelligent, she prefers to submit to her conditioning and not cause waves. There are moments of non-conformity in her, but she resolutely curbs such tendencies, preferring to be a silent member of the social stability. When her friend Fanny suggests that she is seeing too much of Foster and is destined to get herself in trouble for it, Lenina heeds the advice and turns her attention to Bernard.

Not only was his mother an outsider, but he doesn't have a father and Linda has a reputation for being willing to sleep with married men. This means that everyone hates Linda, and everyone hates John.

As a result, John contents himself with reading, especially an old copy of Shakespeare brought to him by one of her mother's lovers. John expects that a perfect society would look something like the societies of Shakespeare. However, the World State is definitely not such a society. Here people have no regard for love, family, or romance, all things that John has taught himself to value.


Just as much as he was an outcast at the Reservation, he makes himself an outcast in London. Relationships Along the way John develops several relationships, but three are of special note. First of all is his relationship with Linda. John tries his best to be a good son, but never succeeds in getting more than passing approval from his mother.

She rejects the title of mother than John so desperately wants her to have, and in her dying moments calls out for a lover instead of her son. Second, John falls in love with Lenina.

However, Lenina only wants John for sex.