Kamui and kagura relationship help

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kamui and kagura relationship help

Kagura is all about the bonds and friendships forged around her, in the shadow of someone else (Hijikata for Okita, and Kamui for Kagura). That I think , is an important dynamic of their relationship later on and is an interesting aspect . .. (when Okita didn't even shit in his pants) to help them escape. Kamui saves the gintoki's relation with kagura. Lại về Kagura và dàn hậu cung của em:) -Cá a.k.a Shu-. More information. More information. Important Relationships ☂Sakata Gintoki - Kagura and Gintoki share a to pick up Gintoki's habits, such as picking her nose, and also repeats what he says as advice. Kamui is Kagura's biological older brother, whom she calls 'Aniki'.

She closed her eyes again and focused on the heart beating behind her. It was the only thing left of him that she didn't hate, it calmed her and made her feel safe, just as when they were children. Within minutes, she was lulled back to sleep and the arm pulled her closer.

X Who is he? She was here and he was there and her blood was boiling. She couldn't make out his features, but she did notice his surprised look as she punched him hard enough to make him spit out blood. Finally getting rid off that annoying fake smile. He came back at her angry and spitting, but she was ready. She met him punch for punch, kick for kick. His anger went away and his smile came back, she could tell that this time it was real.

For the first time, he looked at her, really looked at her. His eyes turned blood red. His gray eyes turned red when they fought She was happy, because she knew who he was now. That pretty face, his soft brown hair.

kamui and kagura relationship help

She remembered his smell, of candy and gun powder, and she could see cherry blossoms and festivals. She called out to him, because she loved seeing his smile. And then she was flying, and she hardly had time to get up. He wasn't pretty, or had brown hair and alarms went off inside her head. She wanted to stop, but he was everywhere and was everything and nothing at the same time. He was looking at her, and she felt dirty. You like this as much as he does.

She heard her name, and she knew that voice. She could see him, the man with the silver hair and brown eyes, he was holding her - he smelled of aftershave and sake. She remembered lazy afternoons and happy winters and many many dreams and hopes. She clung to him, like a limpet to her rock. But she didn't hold hard enough, because they were easily ripped apart. Her attacker was furious and took his anger on the silver man.

He was screaming and she was screaming, -Stop, Stop, Stop! She loved him too much. She could feel his hands ripping her body to pieces and taste her blood on his lips. He was biting and sucking and grabbing, ruthlessly, mercilessly. She needed to see his face, needed to know who he was - the one responsible for her pain and nightmares.

Were his eyes brown or gray? And when she finally saw his face, twisting perversely so close to hers, she screamed. X Kagura woke up with a start, breathing hard and sweating despite the coldness of the room.

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Slowly she recognized her surroundings, she breathed a sighed of relief and willed her heart to calm down. The sound of rustling brought her attention to the man laying next to her.

In the darkness of the room, his eyes glowed eerily bright. Like a cat, sneaking in the dark.


And she could almost pretend, almost, that they were kids again and not living this farce they had created. X A knock on the door woke the sleeping couple, and a meek voice came from the other side of the door. There was another knock, more insistent. He stretched languidly and lazily made his way to the door. The light coming from outside blinded Kagura a little, but not enough to miss the man trying to get a peek inside.

Kagura watched him scratch his head while cursing to nobody in particular. An amusing sight taken that he was still naked. An unexpected giggled escaped her mouth at his discomfort. He gave her a dirty look that suddenly turn mischievous at the realization -She is smiling- He walked up to her and was about to take her face in his hands to kiss her.

He grabbed something that was lying on the floor and disappear inside the bathroom. Kagura didn't move from her spot on the big bed, she wasn't sleepy anymore, but she didn't really feel like getting up. Besides, two nightmares in one night?

kamui and kagura relationship help

His annoyance was soon replace with smug satisfaction as she finally donned his clothes. She had never worn them willingly. The man's laugh made Kagura turn, face red, and was startle to look at the smiling man. The young man just kept on smiling.

His innocent face did nothing to cover his suggestive tone. She could almost feel two pairs of disapproving eyes staring at her. The sudden realization making her angry but she was most definitely not stomping.

kamui and kagura relationship help

Kagura knew that if anybody were to look at her right now, they would think that she was one block away from sharing the corner with that man that liked to talked to squirrels. But she wasn't that crazy, not yet at least.

He still hadn't managed that. She was just lonely. There were no friends here. People were either too afraid to talk to her or so nasty that she wouldn't want to start a conversation anyway. The closest thing to a friend was Abuto, but he wasn't exactly a source of consolation. The man was as harsh and brutally honest as he had been when she first met him, but it was probably thanks to him that she had survived this far.

She had ignored his advice at first, when she had just arrived.

kamui and kagura relationship help

Her denial too great to see what to them was not only obvious, but nothing out of the ordinary for their leader's behavior. Because surely he was joking. There was no way in the seven hells that his insinuations were real. That the whispers regarding their relationship were not accusatory, but expectant. It occur to her later that Abuto had been actually trying to prepare her.

She wasn't exactly sure why, the man was completely loyal to his leader. Maybe from the very beginning he had pitied her. Kagura stared at herself in the mirror, his black changshan contrasting sharply with the almost ashen color of her skin.

The angry marks painfully obvious on her neck and breast. She didn't need to look down to know that there were more decorating her body. There were bruises too - and scars. Some old, some new, some from battles and other ones from Not so long ago, this was usually the time when she would break down and cry.

But as time went on, and the bruises and the marks and the scars kept on coming, her will to cry had died. She had begged him to stop, she had tried everything in her power to make him see how wrong this was.

Because she couldn't wouldn't believe that his psychopathy was so strong, ran so deep, that he had completely disassociated himself from his own family. He had calmly pointed it out that she had no right to deny him, that she had come to him of her own free will and that he had kept his end of the bargain.

He hadn't killed anybody. She had cried and screamed and kicked and punched and tried everything in her power, but he was too strong. She had cried all night as her body ached and the blood trickled down her tights, staining the sweaty and dirty mattress.

kamui and kagura relationship help

She cried that night, and many nights after as the bastard held her in his arms. Still, it didn't make her feel any better. If she hadn't been so out of it, she would have probably ripped his other arm out for that comment. How far away do you think we are from earth? Do you really believe somebody is gonna come and save you now? X With her bladder empty and mouth fresh, Kagura made her way back to the room.

She was about to lay down on the bed again when something caught her eyes. Kamui usually took all of the house responsibilities and took care of his infant sister ,Kagura, as their mother,Kouka, fell ill. He was the only 'man' in the house since his father,Umibouzu, was absent for large amounts of time. Kamui really loves for his mother and sister even if he doesn't show it. The love he had for them was something he should have had held very deeply and no matter what should he had abandoned them.

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Love is the ultimate power that everyone should know. Love can make you want to protect, betrayal Kamui may have loved Kagura And Kouka but he hated his father.

He put the blame of his Mother's illness on his father. Because of that he challenged Umibouzu to a fight so he could prove that he is strong enough. In that fight Kamui manages to torn off Umibouzu's hand while the old man giving in to his instincts almost killed Kamui. But before Umibouzu could kill Kamui Kagura stepped in. She pleaded her Dad not to kill her brother. That particular doing of Kagura shows exactly what kind of bond they shared.

Kamui would always protect Kagura while Kagura would always protect Kamui. And that broke the relationship they had. Please also take note of the time when one of the Character Books described Okita as a hero who saved Kagura when she was in a pinch. If he truly hated or disliked her, he would not give two shits if others beat her up but no, he gets kinda possessive once someone else attacks her. Kinda reminds me of a boyfriend, but in a rival kind of way. I think that says something for sure.

But Kagura takes advantage of it all and hits both of them at once. I feel like Okita lets Kagura humiliate him sometimes, and he rarely lets others do so. How seriously the both of them take each other is depicted in the next scene when Kondou and Shipachi found Nishino and Okita, knocked out cold. Their rivalry is so intense that even when Kondou and Shinpachi thought it was the work of a Yagyuu, it was already extreme.

Surprisingly for Shinpachi, it was just Kagura. But I think something that is noteworthy is how they seem to be totally in sync, also something the voice actors have pointed out. They then merge together and become a black ball. Also, in this arc, Okita apologizes to Kagura! He puts his pride down. The Gintama wikia states that Okita has only apologized to two women in his whole life, that being Mitsuba and Kagura. Why are you agreeing now of all times?

Again, they play dress-up on the Shogun, working together. Many things are established here: She may see a bit of Kamui in Okita, perhaps unconsciously, and this annoys her. I think she was disappointed in him and did not expect him to act this way, she expected better. This is confirmed when she asks if he was hiding something later on. We definitely see how Kagura actually understands Okita on a pretty damn deep level.

She knew he was hiding something and knew that his behavior was suspicious, and it was later confirmed that he was. Also, at the end of the arc, Kagura makes a speech to Kirie, and she really showed us how much she understood Okita. Her impression of him at the end of it all was pretty good for him anywayas she rambled about the responsibilities he had to shoulder and the things he had to protect.

He has always felt it no matter what he does. Look at them struggle; it is the bane of foolishness, yes? If he were to apologize even if he were to beg for your gratitude, the fact does remain, for your father, he tried his best to take his secret with him. He understood his feelings, and went forward without turning back… Can you still say you hate him? She also refused to be a burden on Okita and even offered to stay while they escape. I dearly remember the day when Chapter came out and every OkiKagu fan, young or old, freaked the fuck out.

Okita is the one who truly understands her in this arc. He understood them pretty specifically even. My favourite though, has gotta be this panel which was huge for emphasis: His rivalry with Kagura is something incredibly special and he knows it.

Actually what score is there even to settle? Does he just like to fight her? Making up excuses again huh.