Krishna and vishnu relationship memes

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krishna and vishnu relationship memes

We usually remember the 8th avatar of Vishnu as the cute little butter The Radha-Krishna relationship was used to legitimize premarital sex. Radhe Krishna, Incredible India, Community, Lord Vishnu .. Birth and Marriage of Rukmini - the wife of Lord Krishna. Though born of earthly. The Book of Mormon can help you build a relationship with God. Now for the sake of devotion Bhaagwat says, Krishna and Vishnu are same, After describing the prominent incarnations, Suta Goswami quotes the following verse (Bhag.

Ltd Hey there, are you 18 years or above? Login to verify your age. Connect with This will not post anything on Facebook or anywhere else. Ltd Advertisement Aug 25, at I mean, one of his many names was 'Mohan', which literally means 'bewitching' and 'a charmer'. We usually remember the 8th avatar of Vishnu as the cute little butter thief, or as the charioteer guide of Arjun in Mahabharat, who helped the warrior find his path in the midst of battle.

But Krishna is so much more than that. Here are some things about the legendary mythological character that most people probably don't know. Krishna has names. Krishna had 16, wives. He rescued 16, women from the clutches of a demon Narakasura who had forcibly kept them in captivity in his palace and freed them. However, they all returned to Lord Krishna as none of their families were ready to accept them back and so he married them all to protect their honour. However, it is said that he never had any relations with them.

Krishna was cursed by Queen Gandhari, which led to his death and the destruction of his dynasty. The Kurukshetra war left all of Gandhari's sons dead.

11 Interesting Things About Krishna That Most People Don’t Know

It took Parvati years of religiously motivated suffering and deprivation, and unwavering loyalty. After one insult too many, Sati threw herself into a sacrificial fire and died. Kali Once, Durga fought a demon who could create new demons whenever his blood touched the ground.

The more she fought, the more demons were born, and the more demons were born, the angrier Durga got. Eventually Durga, a goddess who was literally created from anger, got so angry that her anger turned into yet another goddess: No goddess has ever been so bloodthirsty — literally, she drank all the blood, killed all the demons, and saved the gods.

But then she kept going and going, killing and eating everything in her path in an unstoppable torrent of destruction. Shiva finally managed to stop her, by lying down in her path. As soon as they started, Kartikeya sped off over the horizon.

Ganesha, meanwhile, walked in a circle around his parents, on the grounds that Shiva and Parvati together are, more or less, the world. Ganesha was declared the winner. Ganesha Ganesha might be the most well-known Hindu god. He has a bunch of birth stories, but my favorite says he was sculpted by a Parvati. While Shiva was out one day, Parvati took a bath, and decided to create someone to keep her company.

She collected some of the dirt and molded it into a boy, and then brought the boy to life and had him guard the house. So, he cut off his head. Riddhi and Siddhi Some myths give Ganesha two or three wives, named Riddhi prosperitySiddhi spiritual powerand sometimes Buddhi wisdom.

11 Interesting Things About Krishna That Most People Don’t Know

But thousands of years ago, it was the other way around — Shiva was a name for Rudra, a ferocious god of storms. Vayu Vayu is an ancient god of wind, sometimes associated with the breath of the fire god, Agni, I guess because hot air rises?

Mitra Mitra is a relatively minor god in Hinduism, but I find him totally fascinating. The Indian and Persian Mitra is the oldest version of him we have record of, as a god of light, order, and agreements, especially those between humans. His worship died out when the Roman Empire converted to Christianity. Varuna Varuna is another ancient god, by some accounts the twin brother of Mitra, and with similar roles and powers.

Aryaman is a sun god. Bhaga Yet another sun god, associated especially with wealth. One of the books I flipped through said he was the brother of Ushas, but another claimed Ushas was the child of Dyaus and Prithvi.

Daksha When I first started trying to map out a Hindu God family tree, Daksha confused the heck out of me. One thing they all agreed on was that Shiva cut off his head to avenge his wife Sati in a really rancorous family dispute.

Thanks to Debasis for explaining that there are ten Prajapatis, born of thought from Brahma, and that Daksha is one of them.

Tvastar The artisan of the gods, who in some stories created the giant demon, Vritra, that Indra famously defeated see Indra.

krishna and vishnu relationship memes

Pushan Pushan was especially associated with travel, livestock, and herds. Saranyu Saranyu is an ancient cloud goddess, mostly known for her children, including the Ashvin twins, and Yama, Yami, and Manu not pictured. Yama Yama is the Hindu Lord of Death, and ruler of Naraka, which is an underworld place where souls suffer temporary but severe punishment for the crappy things they did on Earth.

Yami Also called Yamuna, yami is most famous for asking her twin brother Yama to marry her. In that story, Yama refused, on the grounds that incest is gross, but other, later myths seem to consider them married.

The Ashvins The Ashvins are the twin sons of Surya and Saranyu or, in another version, Surya and a horse and the best doctors Hindu mythology has to offer.

krishna and vishnu relationship memes

There are also depictions of them as human-headed gods who merely ride horses. But as a reward for extreme actions of penance, Brahma granted him incredible boons: They might even predate the rest of the Hindu gods. One arrow did the trick, but Shiva was so angry to be awoken that he vaporized Kama with a glance.

But hey, anything for love, right? Also, a lot of pictures show him riding a parrot made of women. Rati In most respects, Rati is the female counterpart to Kama. It was Rati who convinced Shiva to return him to life after the whole vaporization thing.