Lalu and nitish relationship counseling

Lalu Prasad Yadav to return to Patna from Mumbai on Sunday | India News

lalu and nitish relationship counseling

On Tuesday, Bihar Chief Minister gave Lalu Yadav 72 hours to rescue their alliance from collapse. He has told media that he will not tolerate. Nitish may retain the chair of CM of Bihar for a while, but it's only a opposition is in bad shape: Lalu Yadav and family may end up in jail (or at. Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav, who was RJD, Congress and Chief Minister Nitish Kumar-led JDU ahead of Bihar.

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For many years, Dr Mukerji has been increasingly meeting couples, who are either unable to resolve certain issues or who have concerns before tying the knot. He infers that the main concern that most couples have come forward with is whether getting married is the right decision for them. Other concerns include fears that their relationship may change after marriage and questions about possible lifestyle restrictions.

lalu and nitish relationship counseling

On the other hand, the doctor shares that women may fear their husbands will suddenly stop treating them well, make demands on them regarding housework or putt restrictions on them. Shane Warne and Liz Hurley, who got engaged inhave been facing issues in their relationship once again. She adds that for others, it may be the fact that relationships are now discussed more openly and they recognise the usefulness of an open discussion about what married life really means.

lalu and nitish relationship counseling

Experts inform that there are occasions when couples realise their incompatibility during a session, which changes the trajectory of the discussion. Dr Mukerji clarifies that whenever such a situation arises, counsellors try to make them understand that this feeling can be changed.

lalu and nitish relationship counseling

There is a process by which the past experiences can be released, and the beliefs and the thinking patterns can be changed. For the better For advertising professional, Rajshree Dabade, pre-marriage counselling was a blessing in disguise.

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Initially, I was sceptical but then we took the plunge. Indeed, the entire morality play of Nitish being holier than thou was meant for the audience of intellectual pundits outside Bihar and necessary only as long as the CM had national ambitions. Clearly they are over and he has metaphorically fallen at the feet of Modi and thanked him for tweeting in his support. True, he has worked harmoniously with the BJP for decades. I was in fact present at the modest ceremony in the courtyard of Rashtrapati Bhavan when the process began as Nitish was sworn in as a minister in the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government of Subsequently, it was the BJP that actually enabled his growth in terms of money and resources and helped position him as an alternative to Lalu, when the latter ran out of the social justice steam and got embroiled in the fodder scam.

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In campaign after campaign it would be junior partner BJP that would pick up the logistical costs such as paying for hired helicopters used for electioneering. Nitish finally got his chance in and excellent administrator that he is, in alliance with the BJP, ran the state for two terms. But the BJP of that era gave great room and respect to allies as it never imagined the party could get a simple majority on its own.

Vajpayee was an amiable sort of individual, lacking in ruthlessness, while L K Advani, the real strategist, believed in the process of incremental growth with the help of crutches in the form of allies in the states.

lalu and nitish relationship counseling

The BJP today is vastly different. It holds every constitutional office, determines the mainstream media narrative and it does not lean on allies but gradually takes over their space, as has happened with the AGP in Assam and is happening with the Shiv Sena in Maharashtra.

lalu and nitish relationship counseling

From toNitish kept his ally in check and determined the narrative of the state where he did indeed improve the law and order situation.