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Cersei and Jaime Lannister's relationship is about to get even weirder of King's Landing after confessing to adultery with her cousin Lancel. Cersei as a character is obsessed with sex as a controlling mechanism. In the show, we only see Lancel Lannister. He is a weak willed. Eugene Simon has been with Game of Thrones since Season One. As Lancel Lannister, we saw him as Cersei's cousin-turned-lover who then.

This scenario takes place before the birth of Robb Stark, so there's none of that "I marry for love" nonsense So, the armies of Lannister and the Iron Throne meet in King's Landing. Lord Tywin sees King Rhaegar on the battlefield Tywin Lannister, dead at the age of This means I am now Tyrion, the Imp. His elder brother Jamie remains part of the loyal Kings Guard. And Jamie's twin, Cersei, becomes Tyrion's heir and regent.

I have the option of rethinking the Westerland's role in Robert Baratheon's rebellion upon Tywin's death.

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I check out King's Landing Stannis Baratheon, younger brother of Lord Paramount Robert Baratheon, is sitting in prison, having been captured in battle.

Long story short, it's time to check out of the war against King Rhaegar Targaryen. The Mad King is dead, the Starks have run away Lannisters are officially neutral yet again. And, as I said, with young Tyrion ruling in Casterly Rock, that meant Cersei Lannister age 18 was his automatic heir as the remaining eligible child of Tywin Lannister.

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Young as she was, Myrcella Baratheon was a princess born. And a Lannister, despite her name, Tyrion reminded himself, as much Jaime's blood as Cersei's. To be sure, her smile was a shade tremulous when her brothers took their leave of her on the deck of the Seaswift, but the girl knew the proper words to say, and she said them with courage and dignity. When the time came to part, it was Prince Tommen who cried, and Myrcella who gave him comfort.

Myrcella smiled and waved from the deck. Behind her stood Arys Oakheart, his white cloak streaming. You may be pleased to learn that Myrcella has arrived safely at Sunspear. Ser Arys Oakheart writes that she has taken a great liking to Princess Arianne, and that Prince Trystane is enchanted with her.

I see no harm in it. Tommen's been lonely since Myrcella went to Dorne. He likes having Margaery and her ladies about. Myrcella had taken to Dornish food as quick as she had to her Dornish prince, and from time to time Ser Arys would try a dish or two to please her.

The food seared his mouth and made him gasp for wine, and burned even worse coming out than it did going in. His little princess loved it, though. He had left her in her chambers, bent over a gaming table opposite Prince Trystane, pushing ornate pieces across squares of jade and carnelian and lapis lazuli. Myrcella's full lips had been slightly parted, her green eyes narrowed with concentration. Cyvasse, the game was called.

Prince Trystane had taken to the game at once, and Myrcella had learned it so she could play with him. She was not quite one-and-ten, her betrothed three-and-ten; even so, she had been winning more oft than not of late.

Trystane did not seem to mind. I tried to teach her, but she said the rules were too hard. Myrcella never shed a tear, though it was she who was leaving hearth and home to seal an alliance with her maidenhood. The truth was, the princess was braver than her brother, and brighter and more confident as well.

Unfortunately for me, I full-heartedly believe Cersei is destined to live until the last minutes of the series. Ultimately, she will lose. But before we discuss Jon and Daenerys Targaryen, or the other forces of the world that want her dead, consider this: Tywin was murdered by Tyrion, Lancel was technically murdered by Cersei with the shank assist by an 8-year-oldand even the deaths of Geoffrey and Myrcella resulted from strategic and diplomatic failures and terrible parenting.

This family has been helping itself kill itself since before the show began.

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Tyrion Lannister, of course, is destined to have another run-in with his sister and brother. Jaime and Cersei serve as pseudo-foils of each other; he has become increasingly more likeable while she has elevated herself to the ranks of most devious character in the world. For Jaime to actually turn on his sister, two specific actions will occur in some order: While the exact relationship between Jaime and Brienne is still vague, this is not: