Lazy town stephanie and sportacus relationship marketing

Can't Fight This Feeling Chapter 3: Sportacus Reveals His Feelings, a lazytown fanfic | FanFiction

lazy town stephanie and sportacus relationship marketing

Play the best LazyTown games, watch free videos and download fun things from Cartoonito. LazyTown. Stephanie Colouring In. Sportacus Reveals His Feelings. It's been a few days since Sportacus kissed Stephanie. Stephanie can't stop thinking about Sportacus's kiss. I wasn't sure they'd really follow the story, but now they totally do push-ups like " Sportacus" and sing and dance like Stephanie. Lazytown has 3 real people on.

Stephanie started to watch Sportacus. All of a sudden there's a knock on Stephanie's bedroom door. Stephanie jumped a little than walked over to her door and opened it to find her uncle standing on the other side. Stephanie followed her uncle downstairs to find her mother Susanna sitting on the couch in the living room.

Stephanie ran back upstairs and got dressed for the day. Stephanie sighed than ran outside where Sportacus. Sportacus smiled a little than followed Stephanie to her house and inside. Susanna looked at Sportacus than at Stephanie. Susanna got to her feet and shook Sportacus's hand. Sportacus started to beep and sighed. Sportacus goes to leave but Stephanie stopped him and hugged him.

Stephanie nodded her head and blushed. Sportacus ran off to save Ziggy. Susanna took Stephanie's hand and lead her out of earshot of her uncle. Stephanie ran out of the house. Sportacus saw Stephanie running. Stephanie sat down on the bench outside the wall of the sportsfield. Sportacus backflipped over and sat down next to Stephanie.

Sportacus smiled than backflipped to Mayor Meanswells's house. Sportacus knocked on the door. Milford opened the door. Susanna walked into the hallway.


Sportacus smiled than backflipped to where Stephanie is. Sportacus sat down next to Stephanie. Sportacus grinned than put his arm around Stephanie's shoulder. Stephanie looked in Sportacus's Icelandic blue eyes. Stephanie looked at Sportacus. Stephanie smiled as Sportacus started to sing. Sportacus moved closer to Stephanie and put his arm around her. Lazytown - New Superhero [VHS]: Lazytown: Movies & TV

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lazy town stephanie and sportacus relationship marketing

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lazy town stephanie and sportacus relationship marketing

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lazy town stephanie and sportacus relationship marketing

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