Line and staff relationship organization

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line and staff relationship organization

Line and Staff Relationships - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File Line and staff organization is an organization in which line managers make. Line and staff organization is a modification of line organization and it is more This relationship automatically ends up the line official to take better and. Organizational structure involves, in addition to task organizational boundary considerations, the designation of jobs within an organization and the relationships.

Some positions are primary to the company's mission, whereas others are secondary—in the form of support and indirect contribution.

Line and Staff Relationship in Organization (with Example Diagram)

Although positions within a line-and-staff organization can be differentiated in several ways, the simplest approach classifies them as being either line or staff. A line position is directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the organization, such as producing or selling a product or service.

Line positions are occupied by line personnel and line managers. Line personnel carry out the primary activities of a business and are considered essential to the basic functioning of the organization. Line managers make the majority of the decisions and direct line personnel to achieve company goals. An example of a line manager is a marketing executive. Figure 1 Line-and-Staff Organization Although a marketing executive does not actually produce the product or service, he or she directly contributes to the firm's overall objectives through market forecasting and generating product or service demand.

Therefore, line positions, whether they are personnel or managers, engage in activities that are functionally and directly related to the principal workflow of an organization.

line and staff relationship organization

Staff positions serve the organization by indirectly supporting line functions. Staff positions consist of staff personnel and staff managers. Staff personnel use their technical expertise to assist line personnel and aid top management in various business activities. Staff managers provide support, advice, and knowledge to other individuals in the chain of command. Although staff managers are not part of the chain of command related to direct production of products or services, they do have authority over personnel.

An example of a staff manager is a legal adviser. He or she does not actively engage in profit-making activities, but does provide legal support to those who do.

Therefore, staff positions, whether personnel or managers, engage in activities that are supportive to line personnel.

line and staff relationship organization

Three types of authority are present: Line authority is the right to carry out assignments and exact performance from other individuals.

Line authority flows down the chain of command.

line and staff relationship organization

For example, line authority gives a production supervisor the right to direct an employee to operate a particular machine, and it gives the vice president of finance the right to request a certain report from a department head.

Therefore, line authority gives an individual a certain degree of power relating to the performance of an organizational task. Two important clarifications should be considered, however, when discussing line authority: The head of a staff department has line authority over his or her employees by virtue of authority relationships between the department head and his or her directly-reporting employees.

Staff authority is the right to advise or counsel those with line authority. For example, human resource department employees help other departments by selecting and developing a qualified workforce. A quality control manager aids a production manager by determining the acceptable quality level of products or services at a manufacturing company, initiating quality programs, and carrying out statistical analysis to ensure compliance with quality standards.

Therefore, staff authority gives staff personnel the right to offer advice in an effort to improve line operations.

line and staff relationship organization

Functional authority is referred to as limited line authority. This gives a wide scope to the line executive to bring innovations and go for research work in those areas. This is possible due to the presence of staff specialists. Training- Due to the presence of staff specialists and their expert advice serves as ground for training to line officials.

Line executives can give due concentration to their decision making. This in itself is a training ground for them. Balanced decisions- The factor of specialization which is achieved by line staff helps in bringing co-ordination. This relationship automatically ends up the line official to take better and balanced decision. Unity of action- Unity of action is a result of unified control. Control and its effectivity take place when co-ordination is present in the concern.

Line and Staff Organization

In the line and staff authority all the officials have got independence to make decisions. This serves as effective control in the whole enterprise. Demerits of Line and Staff Organization Lack of understanding- In a line and staff organization, there are two authority flowing at one time.

This results in the confusion between the two. As a result, the workers are not able to understand as to who is their commanding authority.

Staff and line

Hence the problem of understanding can be a hurdle in effective running. Lack of sound advice- The line official get used to the expertise advice of the staff. At times the staff specialist also provide wrong decisions which the line executive have to consider. This can affect the efficient running of the enterprise. Line and staff conflicts- Line and staff are two authorities which are flowing at the same time. The factors of designations, status influence sentiments which are related to their relation, can pose a distress on the minds of the employees.

Costly- In line and staff concern, the concerns have to maintain the high remuneration of staff specialist.