Luffy and hancock relationship help

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luffy and hancock relationship help

As such, Ace readily believed Boa Hancock when she told him that Luffy had .. and without a doctor on board, Luffy desperately tried to help Nami the only way. Hancock has a complex relationship with her Kuja subjects, protecting them from . Because of Law's willingness to help Luffy during his time of need, Hancock. How likely do you think it is that Luffy will marry Boa Hancock later in to think that Luffy and Hancocks relationship is just some joke, and that it.

Luffy only snapped out of this sorrowful moment when Ace told him to live proudly, as Sabo wanted. Sabo's supposed death was also one of the main motivations for Luffy to become stronger. When Sabo and Luffy were reunited after twelve whole years, Luffy did not recognize him at first and even challenged him after hearing he would not let him have Ace's Mera Mera no Mi. However, he reacted in shock upon realizing the latter's identity.

Luffy quickly embraced Sabo while crying joyfully after finding out his remaining brother was alive and well. Sabo thanked Luffy for surviving the Battle of Marineford and asked for permission to eat the Mera Mera no Mi which Luffy unhesitatingly allowed. When Jesus Burgess attempted to kill Luffy, Sabo quickly intercepted him and Luffy was happy to see his brother again even more so after seeing that Sabo inherited Ace's power.

Because he is the captain and recruited all the crew mates personally, Luffy cares tremendously for his crew. As far as captaincy is concerned, Luffy sees his other crew mates as equals in contrast to other pirate captains, who mostly sees theirs as subordinate underlings.

His crew mostly calls him by name, rather than with an honorific or "Captain". In fact, Luffy is the only one that is generally beaten up and ordered around on the ship. Nami never hesitates to give Luffy a beating for his idiocy albeit, in comedic fashion. This is something of a contrast between him and his grandfather's way of commanding a group. While Garp responds by mercilessly beating up his subordinates for showing him disrespect and to keep them in line, Luffy lets their disrespect slide.

Luffy only pulls rank when he wants to go "adventuring" despite what his crew thinks, such as the time he wanted to go to Skypiea and following the swaying needle to the New World, or making the more important decisions such as giving up on the Going Merry. Much like Shanks, Luffy is the kind of benevolent pirate captain who does not seek to actively harm others unless they give him and his crew or anyone he cares about a very good reason to.

However, during the Jaya arc he was willing to start a fight with Blackbeard over a difference in opinion on pie. As the Straw Hat Captain, Luffy has utmost faith in his crew.

In fact, after the timeskip, Luffy's trust grew even more as shown when he overheard that his crew were being apprehended by the Ryugu Kingdom's guards, he did not seem perturbed at all, and was confident that his friends could take care of themselves. This is seen once more when he accepts Law's proposal for an alliance.

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When his crew confronts him about it, he claims that even if Law is untrustworthy, he is not worried because of the faith he has in his crew and the training they put in during the time-skip, eliciting a shock from them before reacting positively to his praise.

While often frustrated at Luffy's immature and impulsive nature, his crew trust him unconditionally. They also show great concern for him when he is put in life-threatening situations. Their loyalty was high to the point where all of them refused to hand him over to Bartholomew Kumaeven though the latter promised to spare their lives just for the captain's life. It can be said that Luffy has both greatly impacted and changed the lives of each of his crew members and is typically the one cited as having revived each of their dreams.

If only a certain idiot could have heard you. Luffy knew that if he let Lucci get away, he would kill all of his crew.

This focus caused Lucci to compliment him on his leadership skills. However, by the end of the day or adventurenone of them truly regret following him and generally enjoy being in the crew. He likes to make fun of others' imperfections and character traits, such as Zoro's bad sense of direction though he is barely better.

After rescuing the children that were held captive by Caesar, Smoker once again allowed the Straw Hats and their allies to go free.

luffy and hancock relationship help

However, he escaped from Sabaody due to Rayleigh and Kuma's interference. During the battle at MarinefordKizaru was a major hindrance to Luffy's attempts to rescue Ace.

He kept Luffy from his goal multiple times and even destroyed the original key to Ace's handcuffs. Kizaru also mocked Luffy for lacking in power to save Ace. Despite that, Kizaru was very surprised to see Luffy unconsciously release a burst of Haoshoku Haki and joined his fellow admirals in trying to eliminate Luffy. After hearing that Luffy punched the World NobleSaint Charloshe was enraged, wondering what was wrong with Garp's family.

His frustration reached its breaking point after hearing that Luffy had made it into and out of Impel Down and was intruding on the war against Whitebeard in an attempt to rescue Ace.

During the war, Sengoku revealed to the world that Luffy was just as dangerous as Ace, because he is the son of Revolutionary Dragon. He was very shocked to see Luffy unconsciously use Haoshoku Haki but attempted to execute both him and Ace when Luffy managed to reach Ace with a key to his chains. Sakazuki Edit Luffy faces the three admirals, three of his greatest opponents from the Marines. While Sakazuki was an Admiralhe caused the most damage to Luffy during the war at Marinefordsending him into a mental breakdown by successfully killing his brother, Ace.

Akainu then proceeded to hunt him throughout the entire battlefield, swearing to end his life no matter what, despite Blackbeard attempting to bring down Marineford. She looked around to see that she was in a the middle of a snow covered hole. Young lady, may I ask who you are, and where I am? My name is Soran. This is Tequila Wolf.

Anyway, if you don't mind, I would really like to hear more about this Luffy person. After she snuck Robin into her home, she hid the beautiful woman in her room. She made sure to give her a blanket and some food.


Do you live on a island? At least, not anymore. I live on a ship. He saved my life several times, kept my dream alive, and gave me a reason to live. He's always making me laugh, and always giving me a reason to smile, and makes me actually enjoy my life.

But, most of all That's just the kind of simple man he is Hancock was biting on her sleeve, tears developing in her eyes. But I love Robin.

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I have decided to make her my wife. Hancock reached out to Luffy. I'll get rid of them! After all, I know for a fact After a while, Hancock had snuck Luffy into Impel Down. I thought I had to make a run for it when they weren't looking.

You really can turn anything to stone, huh? After this, they'll take away my powers with Seastone cuffs, and you won't be able to hide in my cloak. I wish I could help you more. I could never have gotten this far without you. You got me into a building surrounded by warships. You've helped me plenty already. No matter what, you can't cause an uproar here.

luffy and hancock relationship help

As strong as you are, not even you can challenge this hell. Promise me you won't cause a disturbance. Thanks a lot, Hancock! I swear I'll repay you one day. You want to be my wife? It's true that there can only be one King of the Pirates, but I can still make Pirate Queens, and give women the freedom they deserve.

She thought long and hard.