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Detective Inspector Thomas Lynley is — says Detective Sergeant Barbara And, as always, the relationship between Lynley and Havers takes. But her emphasis, of course, is on Lynley and Havers, as the latter's off-the-rails This time, the widowed Lynley is exploring a relationship with. There was something about Barbara Havers that had fascinated him from the moment He'd read that in her kiss; in the way she held him; in the way she'd tore.

And thirdly, it is likely that the scene was staged to look like a murder. He claims he only did it for the money. It seems the PM's wife paid handsomely to pursue her specific needs. Five hundred pounds per session, twice a week. The chauffeur claimed most of it was hush money. Mrs Watermain was apparently quite faithful to the PM in that it appears there was limited penetrative sex other than with vibrators and other objects.

Stoinis what quite clear that he had never had direct intercourse with her. Just stating the facts. Hillier recovered his demeanour.

There was no splatter, drops or spread of blood and it was a neat circle of blood. Around a body you expect the pool to be more uneven as body part divert the flow. This was too even.

Yes, it does sound suspicious. And why on Earth do you think you're being spied on? The PM tried to use a private conversation between Barbara and me to warn me to keep my place. It was a discussion we had in the car travelling to Downing Street.

Speculation about the case? It was a personal conversation. Colour then flooded his face. He had not sanctioned the bugging or been aware of any of the overheard conversation. Barbara and Tommy exchanged a few thoughts in their unique style.

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I did not volunteer any information at all. We were suspicious about the circumstances of the case. Something didn't feel right, so we decided to test that out. No offence Havers, but for Lynley and you to be Anyway, with Watermain, I acted affronted, which should be expected. After we left, we drove to Battersea Park to see if we were being followed. Just in case anyone had eyes on us we kissed.

Sweet mother of the saints!

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I didn't need a demonstration. Let your Sergeant go for pity's sake!

  • Lynley and Havers return in ‘A Banquet of Consequences’
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I summise that my car was bugged this morning at the crime scene. There were plenty of spooks in and out. It would have been relatively easy to pretend to look at a classic car and slip something inside. We are not in the middle of a James Bond movie! I asked him to find the device but leave it alone. They can listen to workshop noises for a while or try something else. In the meantime, Barbara and I need to keep up our ruse.

They might have my house bugged too, but it would look suspicious if we didn't stay there. So, if Sergeant Havers will agree, I think she should move in with me until the case is over. It might help flush it out. What are your thoughts, Sergeant? I don't know how you think people will believe you, but you do have a history of bedding anything that moves, so I suppose people will just assume it is a fling.

I doubt anyone here is watching you, so there is no need for a big show. She texted Tommy for the third time. Worse than a dentist.

He replied straight away. Wish I was with you. She was about to reply when her phone rang. It's about your tenant. Is there a problem? The tenant wants to make an offer to buy your flat. It's an offer above market rate. I would consider it very seriously. That's 30, pounds above the valuation. I need to discuss it with my She and Tommy were inseparable. They were happier than either of them had ever been, and she was sure their relationship was stable.

Her concerns about making love had been completely misplaced, and her abdomen knotted in anticipation as she remembered that first night when she had gone to his room. Tommy had been tender, patient and loving. He had kissed and explored every inch of her body and encouraged her to do the same.

She had melted under his lips and moulded to his body. The final act had felt so natural that she had not even realised it was happening until they were screaming each other's names. Since then they had been almost insatiable. Sometimes she wondered if poor Denton might have a heart attack hearing them, especially when they were in the sauna or the gym, but Tommy had assured her that his valet's rooms were soundproofed.

Barbara had not yet asked why. There were some things she did not need to know. She had no intention of ever returning to Chalk Farm, and she knew Tommy would hate it if she did. He had been so much happier that even his mother had commented.

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Dorothy had been very accepting of her as Tommy's partner, perhaps too much so. She had insisted that Barbara's name was included next to Tommy's on the annual invitation to the Howenstowe Spring Ball next month. Dorothy was even coming down in two weeks to take her shopping for a suitable dress. Against all her instincts, Barbara had agreed, but only because she knew showing an interest would delight Tommy.

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She had been right. The look he had given her had been worth the future humiliation. The thin young woman wore designer everything. From her ultra-fashionable Scandinavian glasses to her Jimmy Choo shoes, she looked as if she had stepped out of the latest Vogue. Benson smiled as she took Barbara's blood pressure then measured her height and weight. You borderline overweight, but if you pass your test, it will just be a recommendation to lose them, but nothing more serious.

He had also lost weight and was back to looking as good as he had in their first years together. While she loved what it did to his body, she resented that he could lose it without effort, and had told him so on more than one occasion. Benson gestured for her to take a seat. Tommy regularly joked that she was very active and told her how much he enjoyed it. Are you using a diaphragm or condoms?

I don't think so. Are you in a relationship? Or are you a hookup Charlie? At your age, I wouldn't leave it much longer. Benson pulled on a pair of blue latex gloves with a snap. She took the sample to the sink, dipped in three sticks and waited. Barbara held her breath. Although she had said she was not pregnant, there was some doubt in her mind. She and Tommy had only been careful when she thought it might be dangerous. It was a very ad hoc method, and she knew they had avoided talking about the future because they were so focused on the test.

You're not pregnant, and there's no blood or protein.