Mario maurer and bai fern relationship counseling

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mario maurer and bai fern relationship counseling

Baifern Pimchanok (born: September Dusit District, Thailand) is a Thai actress Beautiful Baifern Pimchanok:: Then and Now:: YouTube Mario Maurer, Then. Explore Khin Thiri Ko's board "Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Idol, Mario maurer and Thailand. Helped by her three friends, Nam follows the advice of the guidebook Nine Recipes of Na-Sakonnakorn, Wasin Pokpong STARS: Mario Maurer, Pimchanok.

Padayhag, Rob Gonzales August 24, - The globally competitive Cebuano fashion brand —to the delight and luck of Cebuano fans—brought the two in Cebu last week for their second Fan Conference in the country.

mario maurer and bai fern relationship counseling

Mario, who has a Filipino best friend and even did a movie with actress Erich Gonzales, has been exposed to several Pinoy traditions, like cooking adobo—his favorite Filipino dish. The Penshoppe icons are out to prove they are more than just pretty faces and good artists they even have several awards to prove it! What are some of your most memorable moments during your visits?

Everytime we have an event for Penshoppe, a lot of people surprise me. There are many fans here and they really surprise me and come attend to the event. The same thing as Mario, the fans. They have been telling me that they are waiting for me. They will go to the airport and go to the event. They always keep the promise.

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They always support me. The most impressive thing that happen everytime we come back here is the fans. Aside from being in showbiz, what are your other interests? I want to do business, sell something. My family owns a family business and one day I will take care of my family business. Aside from being an actress, I am helping our family business. If you would follow my Instagram account, you would see that there are creams, gels and other products.

They are very good products, go check them out. Have you tried our world famous lechon? We are going to try it today. My other favorite food is adobo but I would suggest to eat balut. I will try lechon later tonight. What are the highlights of working with Penshoppe?

Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok’s cute chemistry — and style

Each time is exciting and very nice. When you are not dressing up for work or for the camera, what do you typically wear? I wear jeans, T-shirt and shorts. Anything that makes me comfortable and makes me feel confident in them. How is it working along with each other? We did campaigns for Penshoppe twice. Mario is very professional and he is always very helpful. What is the most challenging aspect of being a young Asian superstar?

Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok Invade Manila

The role in the movie is always challenging. I try to push myself because people have a lot of expectations from my work. I push myself to work good and satisfy my fans and viewers. What inspired you to try acting?

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I went to a movie show and I met my teacher. He thought me about acting. You have to give your time and study about it. I started watching actors and actresses on TV at the age of five. Nam is uncomfortable with the situation, especially when Top kisses her suddenly when the two are attending a friend's birthday party, during which Top shares the story about a promise he made with Shone: Meanwhile, Nam's increasingly close relationship with Top, Shone, and their associates has distanced her from her three old friends; the four barely talk with each other anymore as they enter their third year.

Unable to repress her emotions, Nam breaks up with Top shortly before the finals, in which she ranks first, making her able to settle in the United States.

She then has a tearful reconciliation with her old friends, who help her to do the "10th recipe" of the love guidebook: However, to her dismay, Shone reveals that he is dating Pin, a mutual friend. That night, Shone comes home to find out that he is accepted into a trainee program in a professional soccer team, and has to leave for the camp the following morning.

mario maurer and bai fern relationship counseling

He goes into his room and takes out a diary containing all of Nam's photos; Shone has always loved Nam, even before her transformation, but never manages to gain the courage to confess. He leaves the diary in front of Nam's house; at the same time, Nam is shown mourning his rejection in her bedroom. Nine years later, Nam and Shone have become successful fashion designer and photographer, respectively.

Nam returns to Thailand to attend a variety show. She gets a surprise visit by Shone, who reveals that he has been waiting for her after all those years. Cast[ edit ] Mario Maurer as Shone, a 10th grade boy who is a star of the school.

Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok Invade Manila | Candy

He is a son of a retired soccer player of the town who missed his penalty shot which costs the team their national champion title. From that incident, Shone is frequently teased as "the boy whose father missed the penalty shot".

Shone nevertheless plays soccer at school although he refuses to shoot any penalty shot and thus is not part of the school team despite his high skills. Shone's other interest is photography; he is good enough to win a contest. Pimchanok Luevisadpaibul as Nam, a 7th grade girl with dark skin, thick glasses, and a school-conformed haircut.

Nam hangs out with three close friends; they are often considered as an unattractive girl group in the school. Nam places average in her class rank; the only subject she is good at is English. She is also a caretaker of the school's English drama club, albeit its low popularity among students. She seems to be close to the superintendent that he tasked her to find a replacement drum major, where she chooses Nam. She eventually found love at the end of the story with the new P.

Tangi Namonto as Teacher Pon, a P. He is pursued by both Teacher Inn and Teacher Orn, although he seems to show no preference between the two. Pijitra Siriwerapan as Teacher Orn, a caretaker of the school's Thai dance club, which is very popular among female students and is believed to be the pool of all pretty girls in school. She, like Teacher Inn, seems to be flirting with Teacher Pon although she chooses a more subtle way.