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money and relationship forum

3 days ago I've read a number of blog and forum posts and they all seem to only talk about how the budget doesn't care where the money comes from. How long you been going out? What have your financial decisions been so far? it seems you are a serious relationship. How old are you both. If your relationship grows on how much money the other has or how good the sex is, the relationship almost seems artificial. Personally, I would.

August 8, The Scoop: April Masini has spent the last 15 years sharing empowering dating advice. Her tremendously popular online relationship advice forum, RelationshipAdviceForum. She has answered over 27, questions on the forum.

Money controls our lives. It's time to rethink our relationship with the almighty dollar

Students graduate from high school knowing how to calculate the hypotenuse of a triangle, but they often have no idea how to figure out if someone likes them, how to flirt, how to date, or how to have a successful relationship.

Then they go out into the world and struggle with dating, relationships, marriage and family because they were never taught the skillsets they need for relationship success. April Masini recognized that deficit in relationship education, and she filled in the gap. She has spent years studying the dating scene, and her knowledge, experience, and advice have helped singles, couples, and divorcees solve their relationship problems. April Masini is the hottest dating and relationship expert, fitness advocate, advice columnist, and author.

For April, it all started with a phone call. She never considered a career as a dating and relationship expert — until the the Learning Annex in Los Angeles invited her to teach a dating course for men. And I was in. Date Out of Your League, sold out. Men flocked to hear her advice and her secrets. Modern relationship problems require a real person, giving real advice to help modern people date smart and make wise choices in relationships.

money and relationship forum

That person is me! Singles can also subscribe to the premium private package to ensure only April can read their queries. Plus, you get me! Lots of my clients have urgent questions and they want quick, frank responses. Others want to know how to save a relationship or deal with cheating, porn, addiction, financial betrayals, adult step-kids and mothers-in-law, as well control issues, abuse, and depression in relationships.

My parents paid for most of my college, I've been given some stock from family members, and most importantly, I was raised to be very fiscally responsible. My boyfriend hasn't been so blessed. Great job on your start!

money and relationship forum

The debate of "nature vs nurture" will never end - but IMO, who you are is largely based on your genes. You can have some adjustment in your traits and personalities by your environment and with things like abuse, you can have substantial impacts to one or two parts of your life You might not fully understand yourself until you grow older, and are exposed to different situations where you take notice, but things don't change much.

Which means that, despite your fortunate childhood, and your boyfriend's less-than-ideal past, neither of them are reasons for why you are in your fiscal situation, and why your bf is in his. This is a critical thing to remember for both this situation and other future situations.

Case in point - I am almost a spitting image of my paternal grandfather, for both physical appearance as well as his many personality traits and fiscal habits. My parents are both frugal and fiscally prudent. My 1 brother and 2 sisters, however, are all over the range, with my one sister as much of a spendthrift as I am a frugalite. My siblings and I are who we are fiscally because of who we are - not because I was on the street without a dime to my name for 6 months, or because my sister never had to work a day in her life.

Jack Ma: You're Supposed to Spend Money on Your People

Each of those scenarios could influence things, but they won't create you. And without a serious and severe situation, your bf won't be influenced or slightly change either. I didn't want either of our situations to effect our feelings.

money and relationship forum

Finance finally came up Basically, quite some time ago. That's when he told me about his situation. He said he was working to make up for the indiscretions of his youth, and I trusted him.

money and relationship forum

I didn't want to nag him about something that, really, isn't my business, and I figured it was such a manageable sum that he would pay it off easily. Turns out I assumed wrong.

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Congrats on actually talking about finances. Many couples don't before marriage.

money and relationship forum

Many don't even after marriage! They then have fights about finances without ever confronting the issue. More bad things happen. They end up divorced or stay unhappily married thereafter. Weed is a bit of a sore spot for us; although MMM has professed that he has indulged, it is not something I personally condone.