Mongolia and korea relationship trust

Mongolia’s role in relations of South and North Korea highlighted

mongolia and korea relationship trust

Other countries have ties to North Korea, but Mongolia is highly country that both North and South Korea can be said to trust," Armstrong said. To make progress toward this goal, Mongolia, a trusted near-neighbour to North Korea that maintains good relations with other countries in. Inter-Korean relations have been marked by significant setbacks in recent years. designed to “foster trust, mutual understanding and cooperation in Northeast.

Deep ties that resulted from the safekeeping of thousands of North Korean children in Mongolia during the Korean War have endured.

mongolia and korea relationship trust

Relations are cordial and include personal contacts between officials. Any North Korean participation in discussions in Mongolia will benefit from a basic level of trust for North Korean participants.

Moreover, Mongolia enjoys friendly relations with both South and North Korea. Mongolia is considered a facilitator of dialogue with North Korea, having hosted several bilateral meetings between the officials of Japan and North Korea, countries that still do not have formal diplomatic relations.

That is not just a theoretical assertion: The most relevant event demonstrating this relationship has been the Ulaanbaatar Dialogue, which met for the first time in as a forum for regional security dialogue involving government officials as well as scholars and international civil society representatives.

mongolia and korea relationship trust

In Junethe fourth Ulaanbaatar Dialogue convened more than participants, including individuals from all stakeholders in the Korean Peninsula tensions. After initial opposition from the US, American participation has grown, and Global Affairs Canada sent a delegate from Ottawa for the first time in Apart from public sessions that were the formal program of the Dialogue, Ri was seen entering private meeting rooms with representatives from virtually all participating countries, including Canada.

Yet a breakdown was avoided, demonstrating the level of trust that North Korean officials seem to have with Mongolians.

mongolia and korea relationship trust

Canada and Mongolia worked together between and as part of the Canadian-led North Pacific Cooperative Security Dialogue, which also involved North Korea and the other members of what later came to be called the Six-Party Talks. Given the still-unclear Canadian initiative toward North Korea, all options should be considered.

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A degree of reliance upon Mongolia as an intermediary and potential host has some promise to sustain a constructive contribution to the North Korean challenge, whether through an expansion of the Ulaanbaatar Dialogue or through further Canadian initiatives. It does seem like missives from Pres. Given the concurrent shift that is signalled by the election of Pres. Of course, Korea North and South is of significance to Mongolia.

Any notion of a Northeast Asian region includes the Koreas, whether it is the Greater Tumen Initiative, or any other conceptualization of the region. Clearly, South Korea is an important Third Neighbour and commercial partner.

North Korea Turmoil = Mongolian International Relations Role

Some years ago there were even some tentative attempts to establish commercial relations with North Korea. But it is Mongolia that may be important to the world in the context of concerns about North Korea.

Over the years, there have been various meetings of this kind with U. This could be the case even if the South Korean government under Pres. Moon also chances its stance. Any such shift might even be followed by Japanese PM Abe who could see this as an area for constructive collaboration with the U.

Mongolia's special relationship with North Korea pays economic dividends

Discussions could come in formal contexts like the Ulaanbaatar Dialogue that was initiated by still-barely-President Elbegdorj and is set to meet again in Juneor through less formal, more direct contacts. If, on the other hand, the situation becomes more confrontational, North Korean trust and comfort with Mongolian officials could be a lifeline — literally — in the event of some kind of crisis. As I wrote in the earlier piece, however, given Trumpian volatility, it is not clear that Mongolian policy makers should wish for the attention that a shift in relations with North Korean might bring.

mongolia and korea relationship trust

Mongolia is quietly huge for US in the region. The US seems to be leaning heavily on allies to cut all ties with Pyongyang. For example, in Berlin — where I am based at the moment - a quiet scandal has been brewing over some weeks now linked to the hostel that the North Korean embassy runs on its ground in central Berlin. Apparently, the hostel finances embassy operations, but the cause for the scandal seems to be the fact that the embassy has neglected to pay taxes on this enterprise.

mongolia and korea relationship trust