Nagato and konan relationship test

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nagato and konan relationship test

After Nagato's death, Konan defected from the Akatsuki. Exams were ended early before starting the finals due to controversy happening in the second exam. NagaKonan (Japanese ナガコナン) is the term used to refer the romantic relationship of Nagato and Konan. Konan and Nagato were both war orphans alongside. 1 Work in Konan/Nagato | Pain/Original Female Character(s) have to change this." ANBU Weasel finds her loyalties being tested after being sent back in time.

Had that been their home? Had they been neighbours? They'd wondered that often as their got older but neither could remember. She had no fucking clue how they'd managed to survive, two young and injured kids, only that they had, and they'd learnt very young to steal, to run, to hide. If adults had ever been safe, they'd forgotten, because adults were now dangerous and cruel. Older kids often took them in, at the start, as they took in all tiny children.

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They'd teach them to steal and then take advantage of their smallness, using the kids to steal food from markets while the bigger kids made a scene. Konan was caught once and almost beaten to death by a shop was protective over Konan from the second he'd grasped her hand and pulled her out of a burning building. She couldn't remember that beating or anything before it, probably a head injury, aside from the occasional and foggy flashback.

Konan never knew if it was reality from her past or just a dream. Her first memory, the one she remembered without Yahiko's help, was waking after the beating.

She was sore all over and was crying, but she was warm and being held against someone Her first memory of Yahiko and one that tended to replay itself everytime she got injured. Although he'd always liked her, the girl he'd found in the rubble, she knew him well enough to know that his real protectiveness over her probably was set in stone from the day she'd nearly been beaten to death. He helped a lot of kids out but Konan was special to him.

They'd found the cave when their hideout, filled with too many kids, had been discovered. She knew that a lot of her old friends had been hurt, raped, killed, tortured, she'd heard it, but Yahiko had held her and kept her hidden somewhere in the building. She hadn't really understood then, the screams over the lewd comments by the shinoi, but she understood now.

They'd ran, and ran, and ran, and hid, and ran, and hid, and ran, through the city and through the forest, and through rocks that had gaps too big for adults, till they ended up accidently finding their cave. Yahiko refused to let her leave for a long time after that, after seeing other girls used in that way, she knew he'd been afraid that they'd do the same to her.

He hadn't understood it but he'd known that it was a terrible thing and a painful thing. So she'd stayed at the cave, as he brought food back, and crates, and lanturns, and anything else found abandoned in the ruined houses. He'd learnt a lot about the world as she'd stayed in the cave, learnt about sex, and rape, and murder, seeing it, forcing himself to watch it, forcing himself to remember what people did to Amegakure. Konan found Nagato and his dog around that time and brought him back to the cave.

Yahiko trusted Konan so reluctently started to trust Nagato also. It was about that time that he finally started to tell them what he'd seen, every terrible detail, the burden too much for him to carry. The three of them shared it and agreed to share every terrible thing from then on. Agreed to protect each other. To stop it one day. They all hated being helpless, all hated being children, hated being little and unable to protect anyone.

They also hated stealing food. It was their country, their people, they hated stealing things from it. It became routine for them after a while, the three of them, Yahiko always leading, to beg for food from anyone and everyone.

Nagato and Konan backed him up as protection. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. But it led them to Jiraiya. Jiraiya had been probably the first adult that Yahiko and Nagato let close to Konan. It was a very significant thing, the trust they'd put in him, she doubted he ever really understood the big event that it'd been. Yahiko smiled more and more, Nagato relaxed again, and the waning affection that they'd been showing Konan seemed to come back with full energy as they started to understand that males and females could be friends and could be close, without there being pain or cruelty involved.

Jiraya and his female friend, Tsunade, seemed to shatter the terrible idea they'd had of being grown up males and females.

Jiraiya's pervy nature scared the boys and Konan at first, but he seemed to sense their fear of that side of life, seemed to know that they needed to be retaught about the good side of it without scaring them silly. By the end, he could pretend to flirt with Konan and the boys would just laugh.

Konan knew that if he'd tried that when they'd first met, they'd have tried to stab him and run. Yahiko kissed her for the first time during those good years. And they did it, fully aware of each other, as if they'd made an agreement to share her. It seemed totally natural to the three of them.

They loved her and she loved them. So she'd snuggle them, they'd snuggle her, she'd sleep between them at night, kiss them both, hold their hands, all of it when they were safely hidden and all of it innocent, sweet and loving.

Jiraiya knew about it. He even teased them about it. And it was when Jiraiya left that they finally both slept with her. Yahiko went first, of course, while Nagato comforted her through the pain of the first time, and then Nagato went, while Yahiko comforted her.

nagato and konan relationship test

It wasn't as bad as she'd expected. She'd later found out that Jiraiya had given them tips and the tips had made it not so bad the first time, and better and better after that. Madara had probably assumed he'd gotten her virginity, but it wasn't that, but the roughness that'd hurt her so much. No one had been rough with her. It'd shocked her too, how much it'd worked for her body as he kept doing it, like he'd train it to enjoy it everytime he made her go through with it.

Now, now that she was a full grown woman, she knew what normal relationships were supposed to be, she knew that two boys and a girl wasn't normal. But it had been natural and it had made sense.

They started to trust people and started their organization, the early Akatsuki, with old and new friends. Yahiko recruited shinobi who were sick of Hanzou, had them teach the rest, and his organization got famous as the skill of Akatsuki grew and grew. Konan, Nagato and Yahiko's relationship was impossible to hide. It was infamous amongst the early Akatsuki, everyone knew about it, but it didn't seem to offend either.

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He was still beautiful, his eyes the same as always, the expression reserved for her alone still there. He'd raised his arms for her.

She sighed and rested gently against his chest. Stay right here for now. I missed your smell.

Had she showered in the past day? She hoped he was getting her 'good smell' Did Madara miss her smell? Konan regreted thinking of him straight away. One can only obtain true peace after knowing another's pain and shedding tears alongside them. You mean in revenge? I meant in mutual understanding. No such thing exists in this world. We can't trust these guys!

You'll eventually realize it too. Later that day a group of five rain ninja were heading towards a small village. They stopped in front of the gate when Yahiko, Nagato and Konan arrived. Leave this village immediately. A fight broke out but it soon came to a stop with the group of ninja realized they were no match. Not though violence, but through negotiations!

nagato and konan relationship test

This village lies between two great nations! As long as they're at war with each other, the fighting won't end! The strong will take everything from the weak!

nagato and konan relationship test

That's how the world is! He was never this cool calm and collected before. Everyone chuckled at this. He threw the straw away. I'm just trying to say," He began again losing his cool completely. Yahiko blushed and cleared his throat. Look, we're not gonna kill you. Just get out of here! We'll do this dozens of times until you give up…a hundred times even. But just remember it'll be more painful the next time!

Thank you we're war orphans to. You appear out of nowhere and ask to protect this village. Three of the five shinobi from earlier have arrived. But we were getting sick of this lifestyle too. I looked into your eyes and began to feel like starting over again…but I don't feel like going back to Hanzo. So take us in as your lackeys!

nagato and konan relationship test

This is Nagato and Konan. If you need to gather Intel you can leave it to these fast legs.

They were running off towards the rising sun. There are more of us now. It's going to be necessary soon. So we will change this nation…no, this world, and welcome a new dawn! A few days have pasted and the Akatsuki has found a new base big enough to house all their new members. And that's something they can not have at the moment. I'll be waiting anxiously on the back terrace…Kyusuke. The girls giggled as the watch this. Meanwhile Minato Fugaku and Kakashi where shaking their heads all they could do was pity the two.

I need to go to the john! He went out back and watched Konan and Kyusuke. Running's not the only thing he's fast at! It's nothing like that! I hope he doesn't feel responsible, for her not being able to have a normal life.

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