Nana and ren relationship

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nana and ren relationship

Earlier in the series, Nana and Ren's relationship became a gigantic tabloid news story; in fact, Ren's car crash was caused in part because he. Early on in the series, Hachi talks about how romantic Ren and Nana's relationship is and Shin tells Nobu in a later scene that he finds their. The most irritating thing about Nana O. is her crazy relationship with Ren. The whole MOG I shouldn't depend on him and the MOG I need him.

After getting annoyed with her answer, he lost contact with her for a month. He gives her a little bit of background about his friend and even gets excited thinking they would make a great couple. Nana was not interested at this point and she was just happy at the prospect of being out. She even bought herself a gift for working hard, a red dress, which she wore to the concert. Within seconds of seeing Ren as the guitarist, she was immediately fascinated by him, and I believe it was pretty much love at first sight.

Although nothing happens that night, later on Nobu was sitting at home with Ren and Yasu, who were his friends again I will get into the details of the relationship between these three in another post and discussing creating a band together ps: Yasu was in the same band as Ren btw inviting Nobu to become the lead guitarist, with Ren at Bass and Yasu as drummer.

All they needed was a vocalist, which they all thought would be a good idea to get a girl this time. Ren however chased after and asked her to be in the band, and she accepted. They decided to call the band Black Stones after the cigarettes they smoked they all smoked except for Nobu btw — proper upbringing maybe? And this was the start of Blast — a local punk band who were rising to fame within their town, with hundreds of fans especially for Nana.

Not too long after, Nana and Ren began a pretty intense relationship, the two being completely in love with each other. They spent their days practicing, Ren teaching the Nana the guitar, eating in their house and their favourite past time seems to be taking a bath.

She also literally chains him up by buying a necklace with a lock in front, to which she locks and keeps the key. They even promise each other that when one dies, the other dies too, it was that extreme…This is from a complete unbiased point of view, but they are a perfect couple, they think alike, they speak alike, their personalities are very complimentary, I think they both loved each other equally and respected each other equally, as well as holding respect for their own selves.

This was proven when Nana says quite clearly from the beginning that all this signing was never for Ren, but for herself. Because of that, when Ren had received an offer to go to Tokyo to become the lead Guitarist with Trapnest, another local band who had received a contract, and he accepted, he did not try to force Nana and Nana did not even offer to go with him, choosing to grow on her own as a singer and to get her own record deal in Tokyo when the time comes.

Very soon after, he packs up and heads to Tokyo after a pretty heartbreaking goodbye with Nana which leaves them both devastated. The band brought in another bass player and practiced continuously for two years, until her birthday where she bought herself a ticket to Tokyo, which brings us to the beginning of the story as we know it where she meets up with Hachi.

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Her relationship with Nobu as a friend continues to the current times, and even gets stronger as the story progresses as she learns to lean on him more and more. I find that most of the times, she regards Nobu as her best friend, and whenever she is mad or upset, you find in her somewhere around Nobu for comfort. Similarly, Nana is quite close to Yasu. He is one of those big bald dependable men, who is the only one in the group who actually graduates to become a lawyer. That is why initially he was not too keen at the idea of a serious band, as he thought it was too risky of a life.

He is usually a father like figure of the band and I think Nana relied on him way too much, which as Yasu recognises later on, made her weaker. This is important for the story later on. So back to the story — Nana is now living with Hachi. Nobu however, was adamant that he wanted to stay in Tokyo and continue to grow with Nana. Yasu also becomes convinced and told them that there must be a law firm in Tokyo he could work in as well as be the drummer in their band.

Therefore, all the original Blast members apart from Ren were back together. Hachi puts up an ad for a new bass player for the band, and they get a young boy called Shin, who says he is 18 but is obviously not older than 15 or Hachi, not knowing the history of Ren and Nana, corrects Shin by telling him that Ren is actually the lead guitarist, not a bass player in Trapnest, to which Shin replies that he was in his old band he also does not know.

Because of this, Nana makes Shin promise them that if he joins the band, he has to surpass Ren as a bass guitarist. Shin quickly agrees, and we now have the new the Blast band for the rest of the show. Later on in the story, Hachi has won tickets to the front row seats to the Trapnest concert, who were doing a tour around the country, with one stop in her hometown. Nana refuses at first, and Hachi upset, tells the other members. Yasu and Nobu try to explain to her about her relationship with Ren.

With Hachi now knowing the truth, she felt bad about asking Nana but was determined to make her go so that she could re-unite with Ren once more. She did not need much convincing however, as when she brought it up again, Nana accepted to go to the concert with her. Nana is enamoured by the normal family life Hachi leads at home with her parents and sisters — a life she never got to live. During the first night, Hachi confronts Nana with her fears that Nana does not trust her and therefore does not want to share anything with her.

Nana feeling upset told her that she could ask her anything at all and she would answer, and Hachi feeling encouraged asks her if she was still in love with Ren. At that point Nana knew that Hachi had found out about her previous relationship and that this trip was meant for her to see Ren again, something she was grateful and scared about. She never answers the question, but as they head to the concert, Nana excuses herself for a smoke until it begins.

The show begins however, without Nana there. Just as Hachi thought that Nana was not coming back, she sees her running in and staring at the stage, or at Ren in particular.

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When Hachi looked over to Nana, she realised that she was crying silently while looking at Ren and held her hand for the remainder of the concert. Not once did Ren look at them. A discouraged Hachi leaves with Nana to their house again.

Meanwhile, while the band were taking a break, the bass guitarist and Trapnest band leader, Takumi was criticizing Ren for messing up while playing.

Ren ignores him and run to the bathroom where he calls Yasu and tells him that he just saw Nana. Yasu confirms that she is indeed there and gives him the phone number of Hachi Nana does not own a phone for most of the show. On the other hand, Nana Komatsu nicknamed Hachiis a clumsy, cute and spoiled girl who loves feminine things and who depends on others, while Nana is more independent. Hachi is a person who needs love and easily falls in love in order to function normally, while Nana seeks fame and recognition, mostly because of her tragic past and childhood.

The plot in Nana revolves mostly around their love lives and relationships, and some of the most notable relationships will be covered in this article. Nana and Ren Nana met Ren for the first time at the gig in Meguro, their home town. Her high school friend Nobu took her there because he wanted to show her how cool Ren's band was.

The moment she saw him she was captivated with his aura and later on, when she was invited to become their band's vocalist and when Black Stones BLAST was formed, they started going out and moved in together.

Ren was a laid-back and cool type who perfectly matched Nana's bold and direct behavior so their romance was very strong. However, everything changed when Ren was offered a position as a guitarist in a popular band, Trapnest, in Tokyo. Because he grew up in an orphanage and his dream was to make it big, he didn't want to miss this chance, so he invited Nana to go with him.

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She refused, not only because of her pride, but also because she had dreams and ambitions of her own and she didn't want to be just a popular guitarist's girlfriend. Even though they still loved each other very much, they knew that maintaining a long distance relationship was pointless, so they broke up.

nana and ren relationship

They meet a couple of years later, thanks to Hachi, who buys the tickets for a Trapnest live show and goes with Nana to watch their performance. Nana and Ren get reunited that night and continue their romance. However, it is hinted throughout the series that Nana has never really forgiven Ren for leaving her behind, probably because her mother abandoned her as a child and she has a huge fear of losing someone close to her again.

They are one of the most sincere and intimate couples in anime. Hachi and Shoji Hachi is a person who can be happy only if she is in love, and she is known for falling in love with men quite easily.

Her first serious relationship was with Shoji, a handsome and reliable art student. Before meeting him, she'd had an affair with a married businessman, Takashi Asano, who left her heartbroken until she met Shoji. They are both from the same hometown, but he moved to Tokyo because of his studies and part time job.

Hachi went after him and stayed with him. However, Shoji criticized her for being too dependent and that is when she decided to find her own apartment and job. That is when she met Nana for the second time and became her flatmate in the apartment Nana also means seven. But besides those…jerk moments Ren is a decent guy. Granted they are pretty big jerk moments…but I am grasping at straws to like someone.

Ren having a drug problem surprises me. Ren being the only one with a drug problem does. I wish we knew when this little drug problem started. Was it after his marriage to Nana O and she was being the biggest bitch in the world?

Or was it the only part of the glam life he gave into? But Ren had a drug problem. I am not sure why his manager was supplying him with the drugs but maybe it was safer that way. In any event I think that had Ren lived he would have kicked the habit. I think out of all the characters in this story he was the most loyal and had the best potential as a human being.

I think he was going to tell Nana O to stop acting like such a bitch and be the support she needed. Or tell her he did have a problem and that he needed her help.

Despite having a drug problem he is one of the most rational people in the series We will never know how things would have gone as Ren died. I think that he was my favorite character for quite a while but then it exploded into hatred.

Why do I hate Nobu so much? Um because he is sleeping with a porn star. Not that I hate her because she is a porn star but I hate her because she is one. Oh because Nana broke his heart! And he made a mistake by turning to Yuri after seeing Nana K.

Okay I can get down with that. Not really but I can see how a broken heart can make you do something really stupid like sleep with a porn star one time. But then he decided to have a relationship with her? Did the people in this manga not get the memo that just because you sleep with someone it is not true love?! Of course I think you should only sleep with people you love but that is not the point.

If he actually moved on with Yuri it would be different. I would still hate him because I want him and Nana K to be together but I would understand he needs to move on. He has not moved on with his life. He wants them both to become cheaters because apparently being so close to Nana K is too much.

I am against cheating.

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Sometimes you have to put your big boy pants on and deal with a sticky situation. Also I think Nobu is utterly stupid for not know Nana K was unhappy with Takumi but most boys are stupid so I guess I will let that slide. Hello, which is it!? Do you want to be with her or not? Either you are happy with Yuri or you are unhappy because you are not with Nana K.

Make up your damn mind! Maybe things would be different if Nobu stepped up and fought Takumi for the baby. I am not saying that Nobu would have made a good father but he certainly would be a better one than Takumi. I think the most sensible plan would have been to tell Takumi to back the hell off until it was proven whose baby it was.

Because when Nobu gets older and a little wiser he might regret his actions and resent not having a relationship with his son. He was shocked and probably pissed off that Takumi knew about the pregnancy before him. He was confused and acted a little bit crazy. So even though I want to be mad at him for not playing a more active role in the pregnancy it is hard to just blame him. There were some really sweet things about Nobu. He tried to lead Shin on a better path in life him and Nana K being the only ones who really tried.

He has a passion for music and he is afraid of letting people down. It is a shame that I hate him now. And it is also a shame that 10 years in the future he and Nana K are still not together. Or they are and are cheaters. Either way it is a shame. Shin is an adorable kid. Except the fact he smokes, is a prostitute, has a minor drug problem, and is being statutory rapped by a woman he now loves.

But still the idea is creepy. He is a rich kid who wanted to be cool and got caught up in a tough situation. It is the people around him who are more at fault. His family for not coming and rescuing their child from this prostitute lady. His band mates for not keeping better track of his coming and goings. Reira for not being more bothered that she was sleeping with a 15 year old and paying him to do so. All the adults around Shin suck and they should be thrown in jail for contributing to the delinquencies to a minor.

But Shin could only be helped if he wanted to be helped. He is not blameless in this all. He could have been stronger and not followed in the path of these loser adults. Since he was acting so grown up he should have been more mature about certain situations. I wanted Reira and Shin to be together despite how their relationship started.

I wanted them to wait the two years and do things the right way. In the future he seems to be okay and he is not suffering from the scandal that happened to him when he was younger. I am glad he got his act straight. She is a famous singer and the best she can get is a paid 15 year old prostitute? While I am on the subject I hate Reira. She was okay for a while even though everyone was falling down to please her and give her undying love.

But her flopping around from loving Yasu to loving Shin to them always loving Takumi was annoying. How can you be in love with three people at once?

nana and ren relationship

Yeah you are a slut too Reira. I can see her having lingering feelings for Yasu. I can see why she has a problem letting Shin go. But I hate that she throws herself at Takumi. He is married and that is supposed to mean something. So congratulations on being the other woman. Also congratulations on being his whore as he explained to you that you would only be one of his many lovers. If you are going to be involved in an affair I think that love should be involved. But when she tried to tell Nana O about why Ren was driving that was selfish.

And I am glad Shin told her so. In the future it is unclear if Reira is better. She is around the baby Ren and will only sing for him. I get that Ren was her band mate and someone really important but I think the only person who is allowed to be bonkers if Nana O.

Which is how it should be, I am glad he did not lower himself to be with her. I think Yasu is a victim of too many people depending on him. Girls are crying on his shoulder all the time and all the guys are coming to him for advice. Always the one who had to be there for other people despite the fact he is suffering too.

That is because he understands how to be a good friend. He does have feelings for Nana O but his relationship with Ren is more important to him. He chooses not to get back with Reira because she is a dirty whore.

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That and he knows he would just be second to Takumi and he knows a healthy relationship should not be based on settling. Miu is was a 27 year old virgin and has no past with anyone.

nana and ren relationship

Clearly she is a catch. They are seen later in the time skip and it appears they are still together. Which I hope they still are. Junko is the worst best friend on the face of the planet. There is being concerned over your friend making stupid mistakes all the time and being a bitch. She tries to come off as knowing more and just trying to give Nana K helpful advice but it comes off more as cruel.