Nico robin and zoro relationship quiz

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nico robin and zoro relationship quiz

See results from the One Piece Relationships (Manga only) Quiz on Sporcle, the who had in the past allowed __ to escape, Nico Robin where Luffy ended up after the Straw Hats were separated by, Bartholomew Kuma. Well here's my first fanfic, it's Zoro x Robin couple from One Piece, Some . He forced his teacher in Science to let him retake the quiz, Robin is waiting for him to What might this Girl do with Zoro and Robin's Relationship?. Zoro is rather reckless, sometime it helps him but other time he Now let's start with the relationships built between these two . Robin Quiz.

Being described as the "mother" by Oda she in kind has shown maternal care for others like Chopper and Momonosuke. Robin has a somewhat macabre side to her, and often points out gross or morbid facts, usually to the disgust of Nami or Usopp. Robin will usually be the first to speculate that a crewmate has met or will meet with a horrible fate, often going into grisly detail.

In other instances, she will express enthusiasm for anything with a horror theme. When Robin first joins the crew, Usopp asks her what her specialty is, to which she replies, "Killing.

When Nami asks if Zoro was eaten by the sky shark, she says that the clouds would be turning red if he was. When Nami is forced to swing on a rope past the sky sharks, Robin says the height is about 50 meters and she would die if she fell.

nico robin and zoro relationship quiz

Zoro and Nami return to the Going Merry in Skypiea but they cannot find Chopperwho was guarding the ship. Robin remarks that he may have been "shredded to pieces". Robin says, "Hopefully not a collector of rare pelts". When the crew decide on the name " Thousand Sunny " for their new ship, Robin says that she was going to suggest the "Being of Darkness".

She told Nami that she "likes thrills".

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When they are attacked by the Cerberus on Thriller Bark, Robin says that she finds it "cute". While the Straw Hats are looking for Nami, Chopper and Usopp at Thriller Bark, Robin says that they are not even able to hear their voices anymore, wondering if they were strangled. While searching for a way to reach Fish-Man Island in the Shark Submerge IIIRobin, Luffy and Brook encounter a giant sea monster that attacks them which resulted in Robin amusingly commenting on his big mouth that could swallow them instead of worrying about the situation.

While the other crew members commented on Sanji's bizarre luck in reaction to Duval's face, Robin quipped that he would certainly have an interesting death one day.

When Luffy's group went out to beat the kraken and lost their way back to the ship she mildly commented, that hopefully they would not be ripped to shreds by some monster.

As Noah approached the battlefield between Straw Hat Pirates and New Fish-Man Piratesshe wondered whether the ocean would be dyed red if everyone was smashed by it. When Robin heard the news that Nami, Franky, Sanji and Chopper were kidnapped by some mysterious men with rifles, she seemed concerned if they were already shot and had multiple holes in their body. While riding on Brownbeard with Luffy, Zoro, Usopp and Brook, she commented that it'd be nice if Nami and the others' arms and legs have not came off from frostbite.

When Usopp asked what had fallen, as the group was making its way up the left hind leg of Zunisha to get to the top, Robin said that it looked like a person that was bleeding with knives sticking out of him. When Usopp saw Wanda wear Nami 's clothes and asked for her whereabouts, Robin wondered if the Mink Tribe has a taste for human flesh.

When Wanda insinuiated that the other Straw Hats and company had been slaughtered and their bodies were in a forest in ZouRobin concluded that because their remains were intact it meant they weren't used for sustenance. Before the timeskip, she often spoke only when spoken to or if something noteworthy happened. Zoro as a man, have a pride and because of this pride there are moment which he had to makes decisions and guide Luffy as a captain.

As this person, Zoro in a way is a guidance for Chopper, to help him understand that there are time which he may not be able to do whatever he want to help. And as in guidance, that does not means road guidance but life guidance in this journey as a pirate. An example of this was during Water 7 saga.

During this saga, Usopp left the ship after picking a fight with the captain, Luffy.

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As the man Zoro was, he stopped Chopper from treating Usopp stating his points and that what Chopper was about to do may hurt Usopp pride of a man. Chopper is young so he is also quite a crybaby and the most childish on the ship, he has not really understand the pride, the responsibility and the decisions made in tough times such as this.

Chopper as a doctor, has also treats Zoro numerous time and deep down Zoro probably also respects Chopper of his job as the straw hat doctor and healer. They both have trusts and believe in Luffy a lot especially after what they went through together throughout their journey in one piece.

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I might be getting a little off topic, Chopper is the same. After having to went through a kingdom with a dictator and experience a rather painful past, Luffy seems to understand immediately and helps Chopper out as he also joins the crew.

These two have major respects for Luffy despite him being rather irresponsible and reckless at time. Perona This ship came into picture when before time skip Zoro was sent to the creepy castle where Perona and Mihawk lived. Zoro has shown no regards for her taking care of him when he landed in an almost dead state. But eventually when he lived here, they can be said to be on a friendly term. She has definitely helped him reach Sabaody at least, that too making him the first one to arrive, something Zoro takes very much pride in.

A very impossible couple in my opinion but there are people who would love to see them together. Nami Zoro will say hell no to this ship to be honest.

But nothing wrong with a fan dreaming to see their OTP come true. Nami and Zoro bicker every freaking time they have a conversation. But if you notice Zoro talks the most to her after Luffy I think. They have their drinking habits in common and everytime Nami has a problem she mostly rushes to Zoro for the solution. Zoro has saved Nami way many times and occasionally he worries for her as well.

nico robin and zoro relationship quiz

I personally love this couple cause I prefer a lively couple compared to a serious one, but that's just me. Nami may seem unreasonable many times but she too definitely cares.

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I am not fond of Zoro with either Tashigi or Perona. And I already expressed my strong feelings for Nami and Zoro, but seeing the possiblites and the hints, I will have to say Robin and Zoro for the win. It's funny how even though him being chivalrous and a gentleman like he calls himself, he still has hard time pleasing all the ladies, credits can be given to his overwhelming response after meeting a woman. But Sanji will undoubtedly will be the best man in a relationship, and let's not forget his cooking skills.

Nami One thing, Nami is the best girl here, she pretty much gets shipped with everyone.

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While Sanji keeps drooling over Nami all the time, Nami has no whatsoever interest in him. But she uses Sanji's weakness to best of her advantage. I mean that's what she is good at afterall. While these two make a good looking pair, I am not much fond of this ship. Sanji is always ready to play the role of prince charming, which we saw best in Thriller Bark, when he saved Nami from getting married to Absalom.

Let's just say he is Nami's slave. And that's why they won't work, he needs someone who appreciates him not just use him. That doesn't mean Nami has no care for him, she obviously cares for him as a crewmate, she was even worried and mad at herself for not able to stop him from getting kidnapped. Violet Violet and Sanji met in Dressrosa when Violet acted like she was interested in Sanji just to avoid policemen which was part of even bigger actshe then shows interest in him and Sanji well being the gentleman fell in love with this beautiful girl who reciprocated his feelings.

Later when she is revealed to be enemy, Sanji still doesn't believe as for him he sees truth in a women's tears. Violet then genuinely starts liking him, sadly they didn't get much time together after that. But I like these two because she is the first girl who showed interest in Sanji. And this is my personal favorite ship for Sanji. I wonder if they would ever meet again though. Pudding Pudding likes Sanji, she likes him not. What started with a hatred sugar coated with sweet act of love, later turned into Pudding falling head over heels for Sanji.

Pudding never considered him a man worth marrying her but it wasn't until he sees her third eye and instead of stepping back in horror, he tells her she is beautiful, something Pudding was never told.