Noctis and stella relationship marketing


noctis and stella relationship marketing

For Final Fantasy XV on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Noctis and Stella, How do you want their relationship to be. Yes it's about crystals, Noctis and his friends. But what is his relationship with Stella? Why is Etro constantly teased in the Versus trailers, who is. So, my own guess is that it might have been just a way to market Lunafreya. ONE in the team knew what to do with Luna or her relationship with Noctis. ( This is a scene from the trailer where Stella and Noctis get ready to fight each other).

Noctis absorbs all the remaining energy from the Lucis crystal, causing the four crystals in the world to break, which causes many people to unleash their emotions and turn into demons. The area around the Lucis crystal turns into a gateway to the Kingdom of the Dead, drawing everybody in. Etro is sleeping same pose as the logo and Stella pleads with her to wake up, but Ardyn arrives and says that it is useless, as Etro no longer cares about Eos or its people. Ardyn then attempts to kill Etro to take revenge, but is instead absorbed into her.

This causes Etro to wake up, who is horrified by what has happened to Eos, but is happy to finally be reunited with the Nox Fleuret Stella.

Etro asks Stella to stay with her and leave Eos behind, but Stella refuses, causing the Ardyn part of the Ardyn-Etro hybrid to grow in prominence, and absorb Stella too. Noctis emerges from his trial to find the Ardyn-Etro-Stella hybrid. Now reunited with his party, he fights the hybrid, first destroying the Ardyn-Etro-Stella hybrid, then a Etro-Stella hybrid, and then finally a solo version of Stella final boss fight. Noctis fuses with Etro, and then opens up a gateway pushing Stella and the rest of the party to the other side.

Ardyn, in his human form, fought with a gun hidden in his umbrella. He looked different than in the final version. Some things i would like to note are that this person wrote this info in May of one month before Episode Prompto was released in June There are also other things noted that have physical evidence such as Gentiana having Umbra and Pryna being able to shapeshift into human form. There is an old storyboard photo drawn by Ferarri from squareenix of Noctis talking to a human form of Umbra.

Idk theres just a ton of things in this that make sense to me and get me excited because of how fleshed out the story actually was.

Why the Final Fantasy XV team hates Stella so much?

Just my opinion anyway. Instead they had to make a whole list of new characters, Nyx and his crew, then they had to make a whole featured-length rendered movie to re-write a small scene from Versus.

I have no idea how you can continue the story with FFXV's ending. It's a no brainer for a company to make sequels using the exact same models and art assets from the previous game, it takes less effort than to create a new game from scratch.

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For a game with so much finished content, story, world, characters, environments, I find it strange how they would want to just throw away everything. Sleep has very little to do with FFXV.

The Lucis ring and the crystal, weren't as important as they seemed to be in Versus. Characters were never shown. Motives seemed completely skewed. I'm thinking they intentionally re-written FFXV to have very little to do with the Versus project, probably to be used in a later project. Stalling time for better hardware. It seems like the game Tetsuya Nomura wanted to make was too taxing on the hardware.

Footage from his trailer showed a lot of frame drops. But his footage also showed a lot of finished content. Also the developer who leaked information said the footage from the original game was running on a high end computer, not a console. If they make good o extending the life of the game with lots of quests before and after you beat the game via DLC, then good.

Yuntu Not really, Yuel was someone that could see the future and Luna is someone that can talk to the gods.

Stella's removal from Final Fantasy XV further explained - Nova Crystallis

The facts actually prove that girl is Stella because the design of Stella and Luna is both identical with only a slight difference. After the E3 trailer reveal, Normura had been interview multiple times, and in one of the interview he mention about changing the design of Stella again finally into one that he likes.

Here is the link to it: Then at TGS in they finally release a new trailer that showcase the car, the bromance theme, a second trailer with English dub, and the first reveal of Luna.

From this we can assume that in when the decision to make Tabata director of FF15 that was when Tabata started making changes to the story, character design, bringing in his own team, and so on. Therefore, Normura never once mention any story changes or talk about Luna when the first reveal the trailer rebranding FFVersus 13 into Also, in the January ATR we finally learn the reasons as to why the story been change, why Stella was remove, and so on but no exact confirmation of the date by Tabata himself.

Here is the article written about Nova Crystallis themselves: The facts clearly support that girl is Stella and we hardly even know anything about Stella and Noctis relationship as a kid. Yuntu Yeah nobody knew her exact role, yet many people had a clear image in their had who Stella is roughly. And that was the problem for them, they had to rewrite the character … so that imagine some people build up for years would completly crumble.

noctis and stella relationship marketing

Yuntu As far as I understand it only the first part whatever HT meant by that is going way more realistic because they want new people not to be overwhelmed and slowly drift into the fantasy as the story goes on.

Doubt that really ruined that much, what is more important for all the story changes is the fact that SE wants to remove this game as much as possible from the FNC to not get any of that negative energy the XIII trilogy has into this game … because that affected how the powers will work out for each character.

Cael Sounds like a bullshit excuse to me. I like Cidney and Aranea more anyway. They had little, if any time at all, to work on the game due to these things. It kind of got left in the dust of other games SE worked on. Vallen Are people still complaining a character who had 2 minutes of screentime, no voice, no background, no developed traits, no abilities, no alliance, and no concrete roll in the story was removed?

Just get over it. Cloud Strife The only role that we knew Stella had was one of betrayal. Grow up yourself instead of living this life of nothing matters.

noctis and stella relationship marketing

This game just took 10 years, a whole generation to exist, and is possibly the Last for not just a few people. Just deal with it, Square.

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Stop working for disney. But I already have one. Maybe I can get a. Tabata said they change the character completely, because she would not fit in the current version of the story and you think they just changed her name? Kaizokugami Maybe not a fortune, but still a lot of money. Final Fantasy XV is at least more than that when you take into consideration the open-worldness of XV, all the details and things you can do, and the amazing graphics.

Not to mention the marketing etc. They made a new female character named Luna.

noctis and stella relationship marketing

Wazi the pa It makes sense. This is why we decided to change the character completely. This game was so interesting to a point that it make people buy PS3 just for it. I know people almost shed some tears becasue SE didnt release it on PS3.

The game was supposed to be dark, evil dark. Stella was the white part of the story, and instead, was in the enemy side.