Nodame and chiaki relationship questions

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nodame and chiaki relationship questions

Nodame Cantabile is about the developing relationship between Shinichi This girlfriend does not need her boyfriend to solve her problems. chiaki and nodame's relationship in the anime is basically the same as the manga. the anime let me know if you have any further questions. Chiaki's relationship with Nodame is everything I want a romance to be in Like Nodame, Nodame Cantabile isn't perfect, but the problems.

Nodame cantabile manga?

Like the way a tone is affected by a change in the weather. The two of us began… in a filthy room… with Beethoven.

nodame and chiaki relationship questions

And then two people playing Mozart in a small practice room. No matter what struggles lie ahead… this joy… will see us through. Which brings me to this: Open-ended damn right, but complete.

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Could this be love? Their hug… Oh damn, that hug. They live on forever in my mind and screen. To Nodame and Chiaki, thank you for such a poignant, heartfelt and realistic love story. Both of you are just golden in my heart and coupled with the love you have for each other and music? Nodame becomes likeable in her awkward genius.

nodame and chiaki relationship questions

It was fun to read her because that character type is usually written as a male female misfits are usually faux-geeks who just need the right dress, whereas Nodame dresses up for her competition and still looks bedraggled. I worried for her as she worked herself into a fugue to prepare for a competition with a cash prize.

I have a weakness for genius heroes, and Chiaki is an appealing and well-rounded one. Thanks to Nodame and his other friends, Chiaki learns to find feeling as well as precision in his music and acquires the social talents he needs to become the leader of an orchestra.

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Nodame Cantabile successfully transported me into a detailed world of elite music students. The characters discuss the technical nuances of performing pieces, but the text is accessible to someone with basic music literacy. As he opens up to others with much prodding from Nodamehe becomes more caring of his friends and readily lends a hand to his friends should they need help.

In university, he was extremely popular among the female students due to his good looks and musical ability.

nodame and chiaki relationship questions

Background Edit He comes from a distinguished and well-off family, and is an excellent cook although he mostly cooks Western-style food, possibly because he spent much of his childhood in Europe.

He seems to think that most "poor" people such as Sakura Saku are like the little match girl. While he dreams of studying abroad and becoming a famous conductor like his mentor, Sebastiano Viera, he must overcome his fear of flying and the sea to do so he finally did with help of Nodame's hypnosis.


His fears come from traumatic incidents in the past, one when he survived an airplane crash landing, the other because he was almost drowned. His family once attempted to drug him and bring him on board a plane, but the plane had to turn back due to difficulties.

Story Edit Chiaki was found by Nodame in front of her apartment's door when he was drunk after being dumped by Tagaya Saiko.

He is dismayed to discover that this freakish but talented girl, Nodame, lives in the apartment next door to him.

nodame and chiaki relationship questions