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Catholic Homeschool Articles, Advice & Resources . While Odysseus remains absent in Penelope's life for approximately twenty years Honoring her marriage and resisting manipulation, Penelope dedicates her life to the. Tyndareus was at a loss. - Odysseus would offer a solution in exchange for Penelope. - Talked to Icarius. - Tyndareus would make each suitor. Get an answer for 'Describe the relationship between Odysseus and his wife Penelope both before and after the war in The Odyssey.' and find homework help .

The suitors laughed, but were amazed to see him string the bow with ease and fire it all the way through the 12 axes. The beggar then turned his weapon on the suitors and shot them one by one.

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Penelope looked at the carnage. It is a balmy night, so let us take our marital bed, the one you built with your own hands, and put it under the stars. She is a powerful goddess and was lonely so she took me to her bed.

She is also a beautiful goddess, but even when I lay with her I could not stop thinking of you. She offered to make me immortal, but I preferred to get old with my Penelope than to live with the goddess forever.

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And then one day she let me leave, for the gods had so ordered her, and she helped me build a makeshift raft and gave me provisions for my journey. With her help I woke up on the shores of the land of the Phaeacians. They were very entertained by all my tales of giants, witches and monsters. So they offered to take me home and gave me great riches besides. But the goddess Athena advised me of the situation here and warned me to keep my return a secret.

Do you consider the story of Penelope and Odysseus to be a romantic one?

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Wait, did you say yes!? Penelope and Odysseus have been depicted over the centuries as an example of love. Yet the romantic essence of this story eludes me. I find the ethics of their love to be so heartbreaking that I feel compelled to investigate it in this short maybe too short article.

Can love be ethical? Romantic feelings and emotions arise in an uncontrolled manner. Still, we do have a certain control over them—we can choose whether we want to let them grow or to push them back.

Nevertheless, we cannot choose to feel. In that sense, love itself seems to me to constitute another form of ethics.

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In both morality and love a radical freedom is required. As Kant said, if we were obliged to behave properly, no actual choice would be left to us, and without choice no moral action actually exists. It would have to be defined as imitation or obedience. In both cases, fear seems to be the main thing that keeps us from living that kind of freedom. We decide to stick to a set of rules because we hope that then others will do the same with us, making coexistence much easier.

What would happen, though, if we got past that fear and were able to be completely free, what compass would guide us? How would we manage the tides of feeling and desire that at times can overwhelm us? The story of Odysseus and Penelope may help us find an answer.

The Story After twenty years of war and adventure, Odysseus also known as Ulysses is ready to return home. For the first ten years he fought in the Trojan War, and for the second ten he did his best more or less to resist the charms of a series of highly enchanting women and to defeat frightening giants.

He needs to find his way to the palace where his enemies have taken his place as the new lords.