Oedipal relationship in sons and lovers


oedipal relationship in sons and lovers

The Oedipus-Complex in him destroys him emotionally In Sons and Lovers, Lawrence incorporated the stream of consciousness technique. A triangular relationship grew between Lawrence, Jessie and his mother and that become the theme of Sons and Lovers which remains the most compelling. Comment on Oedipus complex as reflected in Sons & Lovers. The relationship between Paul and his mother is a case of “Oedipus Complex”.

 Oedipus Complex in Sons and Lovers

He painfully watches how his mother suffers when Mr. Morel does not come back home from work. As a young boy, his greatest joy is to please his mother. When he reaches for blackberries in chapter 4, he would rather die than disappoint her. Morel accepted from Paul a spray of wildflowers in the tone of a woman accepting a love token. As her sons go out into the world, Gertrude Morel sees them as a reflection of herself. She wants for her children those things in life that she felt she had been denied.

After Williams death, she shifts herself off from daily life and continues to brood for a long time. The over-possessive mother exercises an unhealthy influence on the emotional development of the growing boy.

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But he fails to give Miriam all his love because half of his soul he has already given to his mother. Therefore, she does her best to break their relationship. Se, with all the passion of her strong heart, begins to hate Miriam. Paul is aware of his need for both of them but can give himself wholly to neither of them.

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The result is intense heart-breaking suffering. This conflict in the latter part of the novel is replaced by the conflict between Miriam and Clara. Paul is incapable of developing any satisfactory relationship with any woman because of his mother. The Oedipus-Complex in him destroys him emotionally. Morel is wrong in being too possessive. Morel and Miriam want to possess the soul of Paul. Morel failed to realize this truth and so ruined the life of Paul.

The tragedy occurs from the damaging influence of a mother on her son. The illness of Mrs.

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Morel brings out the true parental love in Paul. This is the basic motivation that allows the oedipal attachment to form in the two boys.

Comment on Oedipus complex as reflected in Sons & Lovers.

He buys two egg cups from the fair for his mother. Morel does not like his female companions and becomes jealous and he finally moves to London.

oedipal relationship in sons and lovers

William meets a beautiful girl named Lily. They become closer friends but Mr. William is not happy and he has a misogynistic attitude towards her. It is very clear that Lily does not have the good qualities he sees in his mother and it angers and frustrates him. William shows classic symptoms of dissatisfaction. William voices his dissatisfaction with Lily and his mother asks him to reconsider marrying her. All these conflicted moments and feelings that William is experiencing are a sign of his apparent struggle to get rid himself of the oedipal complex then William eventually gets sick and dies.

This action compels to think a person that she may thought of him as a suitor. This is proved when she accepts a bottle of perfume from him. When Paul reaches at the age of sixteen to twenty adulthoodit is clear the Oedipus complex has taken him over chapter 3.

His relationship with his father is deformed and he becomes jealous of him. He hates his father too much and He even asks his mother not to sleep with the father anymore. Young Paul meets Miriam Leivers, he likes her and he is repeating the same misogynistic behavior like his brother William did with Lily.

He thinks that he would be betraying his mother by loving her. But the idea that Paul is interested in someone other than his mother shows an attempt to break the oedipal complex he has. But the mother foils this attempt by making him feel guilty for wanting to be with miss Miriam. Gertrude Morel reinforces the Oedipus complex within Paul by suffocating him and in a elusive way asking him to replace her husband. Later in the novel we come across that Paul does become physically intimate with Miriam but it is short-lived because Paul will not marry her.

oedipal relationship in sons and lovers

It also shows that Paul suffers from a fear of closeness and affair as he continues to remain emotionally detached from Miriam. Paul, once again gives in to the oedipal attachment for his mother. Paul does have an affair with a married but separated woman named of Clara Dawes. In relation to Clara Paul allows himself to have this relationship because he is well aware that realistically this relationship can never go anywhere.

Clara would never be divorced her husband.

oedipal relationship in sons and lovers