Pros and cons of student teacher relationship

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pros and cons of student teacher relationship

adults online. The pros and cons of the law are considered below. . Con. Exclusive teacher-student relationships are inappropriate. Charol. When deciding between a student-centered or teacher-centered approach to classroom learning, teachers should consider the pros and cons. I personally am in the 7th grade and like to be friends with my teachers which is a relationship in a way just not one the cons over there say it is. Say your in.

Since many middle school students are under 13, parents should be informed if you are open to connecting with students through usual social media channels.

However, you can use social media to support current lessons. For example, if you are a science and math teacher, you may choose to follow notable publications that speak to the subject, like National Geographic or The Science Channel. Students who follow would see the information that posts to your feed and may get them interested in something new based on the posts they see.

Alternatively, you can use it to send out messages to relevant links that support the subject being studied. High School Once children reach high school, they generally meet the age requirements for maintaining their social media accounts on their own.

pros and cons of student teacher relationship

The ability to share information that supports the topics being taught still exist, so that benefit remains. It can give you an avenue to connect students to current events that are relevant to their education without the delay involved in waiting for the next class.

In fact, the risk of maintaining a somewhat social relationship may increase.

Should Students and Teachers Be Online "Friends"?

Whether a connection is deemed appropriate may be in the eyes of the beholder. The Take Away Social media provides an avenue for connecting with students outside of the classic school day paradigm. However, maintaining a social relationship with a student must be treated with care. The teacher can claim that students who first came to him, or even moving to her students was launched.

But the fact still remains that the teacher over everything, including emotions knowledge, understanding and possess a high level of discipline is expected. She loved getting involved with the student to understand the risk before it starts to put a stop to it should be able to be able to.

pros and cons of student teacher relationship

To avoid certain behaviors or conditions Student and teacher being an inappropriate teacher student on how to avoid doing wrong as can be? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Teacher to avoid certain behaviors or conditions and to help the student if he wants to be the last connection. A law that students driving or having lunch with her teacher to stop. But two persons of the opposite sex being a loner too often taking the risk of the possibility for opportunities to each other or at the very least to draw praise another, others misinterpreted by the public outrage caused subjecting.

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Being branded as inappropriate There certainly is nothing improper about true love. If it's true that love takes a teacher to his student, he knows that true love can wait. Teens rely heavily on social media for communication, so many teachers see this as an opportunity to engage and motivate students. However, social media can potentially provide teachers and students direct, unsupervised contact beyond the classroom, which poses risks and could lead to misconduct. A teen who has a question about a homework assignment may be able to get an answer right away by messaging his teacher.

A teacher can communicate with the class quickly if they realize they need to correct a mistake, change the homework assignment, remind students of an exam, or provide last minute instructions. This can be especially useful if the teacher unexpectedly needs to be absent. Social media interaction provides a real world example for teens to learn about respectful communication, setting the stage for them to communicate properly with the adult world.

Students and teachers can participate in discussions that add value to the lesson and encourages the sharing of ideas. Learning can continue outside of the classroom. Online communication can also help shy or quiet students to participate in class discussions in a way that feels more comfortable to them.

Social media encourages virtual study groups. Social media interaction can inadvertently cross professional boundaries. Private conversations about personal problems or family activities may ensue. According to a Canadian program, students who were issued cell phones by their school to improve communication with teachers did better academically, but they also discussed personal matters with their instructors more often. That can develop into a relationship, emotions get involved, and the situation can evolve into something inappropriate.

pros and cons of student teacher relationship

Unfortunately, a small minority of teachers have used social media as a way to strike up sexually explicit conversations with students.